PROMPT Plot Challenge: Lake Superior

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    Lake Superior
  2. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald The plot is the last hours of the sailor's lives
  3. Lake Superior freezes over allowing a secret Canadian military to cross unhindered into the United States to take over Wisconsin and Minnesota, starting a war between the two countries
  4. A small cabin, in the middle of Lake Superior on a island a few miles from shore. You're stranded there and the island is haunted. You're hearing strange and weird things when you sleep at night, and you're unable to sleep for the most part of it. Though, the sleep deprives you; you have to figure out what it is that's so creepy about the island or the cabin itself.
  5. Aquaman and Namor verse each other in an epic battle!
  6. A desperate search is started after a group doesn't return from a boating trip on Lake Superior
  7. Lockeness monster versus captain Ahab...
  8. The lake, iconic, serene. Harbors deadly secrets like no other. Once every 500 years a the Land Kracken emerges to feat on the souls of mortals..... Awakened by dreams a group of children have the power to defeat it once an for all, but can they figure out how in time of will the beast feast?
  9. Lake Superior was always reserved for the superior of each clan. But the inferiors have had enough of their greediness! A battle ensues after the superiors refuse to share the lake and it's magical properties with the inferiors.
  10. A routine clean up of a chemical spill within Lake Superior, in which nanobots are used goes awry when the nanobot's programming malfunctions and they begin to turn all carbon into more nanobots
  11. A couple. Lovers. Parents. These were things that Martin and Sheila were no longer, but the anniversy of the horrible accident reunites the two broken people once again as a twist of fate may take another stab at their lives as the salavage crew finally unearth the wreckage that was their family boat and what was their lives...
  12. They call it Lake Superior for a reason. The monsters that live below its surface are too much for any normal human to defeat. They lie dormant for now....but soon the ice will flee, and they will rise again.
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  13. The Endless Boreal Valley
    A Changeling the Lost game for 5 warriors of the Summer Court

    Pukaskwa National Park is over 1,800-square-kilometres of beautiful wilderness, sitting on Lake Superior's remote northern coast. Sandy beaches, campsites and scenic hiking trails welcome families and backpackers to a place that seems wild, and untouched by human influence, yet safe within the bureaucracy of Parks Canada.
    Rafe knows better than to assume safety in a place so touched by an other world. He's been lighthouse keeper on Otter Island for near 30 years now, and is well used to scooping terrified young Changelings out of the lake every few years. He sits them down, warms them up, and congratulates them on the strength needed to escape the Halcyon Mistress; just like he did himself decades ago. He still dreams of her lands; the rivers of acid, twisted thorny wolves and endless frozen pine forests. Those dreams have increased in frequency and horror as the disappearances started. A lone child here and there at first, never too many to draw unnecessary attention, but now a bus load on a camping trip have vanished without a trace - their adult chaperones torn apart by wild animal attacks unusual for this part of the world.
    A strange mist seeps from Otter Cove by night, only visible to Changeling eyes, and thorny underbrush from the Endless Valley is starting to find its way through to the human world. Otter Island is growing in size and strangeness and Rafe can feel his former Mistress hunting, building towards an emergence, sending the Hedge ahead of her. Using his membership in The Iron Spear, he has called other protectors to the island to launch a hunt of his own, hoping to bring the children back before she robs them of their humanity.
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  14. Tap. Tap. Tap.


    "Wake up sleepy head...we need to get on the road if we're going to have any daylight left at the lake."

    "Lake?" came the foggy reply and then "Oh the lake!" Sitting up quickly in her bed Kayla rubbed her eyes. She knew they were going to the lake today, but that book hadn't let her put it down.

    Her father chuckled outside her door and went back to packing the car. Her mother was in the kitchen packing the basket of snacks for the day. Kayla bounded down the stairs as she looped a pony tail holder around her long brown hair. "Morning Mom..sorry I overslept...that book was know me..."

    "Mmhmm...couldn't put it down. I know dear."

    She grabbed an apple and a few granola bars and shoved them in the side pocked of her backpack for the ride to the lake. She had a swim suit and another book in there as well, just in case it rained and she was stuck in the tent all day. Sadly that happened pretty regularly.

    The drive to the great lake was uneventful, but odd things began happening once they got camp set up. Things moved. Her mother's pan was suddenly not on the grill over the fire, but on a log near the woods. Kayla's book was not in her pack but under a bush, not something she would ever do, ever. Her dad's flashlight was deeper in the woods and turned on. Giving credit to some mischievous kids, ehr dad blew the odd occurrences off as boyish pranks, but Kayla was spooked.

    The next morning Kayla woke up and unzipped her tent and frowned when she was greeted by total silence. She tapped on her parent's tent but got no answer so she unzipped it and found it empty. Maybe they went to catch some fish before breakfast, she thought. She followed the trail toward the big lake and had the eeriest feeling she was being watched. The short hairs on ehr neck were prickling and she felt a cold shiver move over her. When she got to the small dock her dad had built, she didn't see anyone and that was swallowing her and making her mind even more terrified than she already was. Where were the birds? The rustling of little animals?

    She looked out over the water and there was a heavy fog dancing jsut above the water's surface. She frowned and peered at the fog, sure she had seen something. Then she saw it, a woman walking atop the water, no floating above it. her hair was white and flowing behind her like wind was blowing it, but there was no wind that morning. Her eyes were bright blue and glowed as if lit from within from her face. She felt panic well up, but her feel would not move.



    "Come to me Kayla..join your family..."


    "They are with me...come...they miss you..."

    Oh no...what happened...was she dreaming? Please be dreaming. She pinched herself but nothing happened. The floating woman was getting closer and closer, she was beautiful until Kayla started to take steps backward away from her. Then her face turned into a hideous monster with sharp teeth that began to chase her as it roared.

    She ran back to the car and locked herself in, but the woman passed through the metal of the car as if it was not even there. Kayla Screamed and then was gone.

    Rangers found the abandoned camp two days later. There was no sign of the family, or of a struggle. To this day, it remains an unsolved mystery.
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  15. Everyone always talked of how we know so little about our own oceans, so much more than our own moon. Well, there was another place mankind hadn't exactly explored which ended up becoming a problem: Lake Superior. The largest freshwater lake on the border between Canada and the US immediately became contentious when a signal began to broadcast from the bottom of the lake, one we couldn't really understand.

    The Lakemen emerged not a week later, dragging people into the water, from children to old men. There was no discrimination - only that you had two arms, to legs, and opposable thumbs. They never bothered with pets, a fact that animal control was not all that happy about. Not long after that, a quarantine was imposed, standing at 50 miles all the way around.

    The military's mobilized to make contact with the Lakemen and see what they want, but there's no telling what we'll find.
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