Plot Challenge: Engineering the Perfect Child

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: Engineering the Perfect Child
  2. [Inspiration from the book 'My sister's keeper :c]

    It is 2046, and technology is at its greatest. Humans now go to specialists to choose how their child would look and be like. Many are against it but many more are supporting it. This subject has created an issue that has go on for years. It is not the fact that this is completely wrong and non-human. But the fact that numerous of this kids that grow up are looked down upon by the very people that are against them. This genetic human beings did not ask for this. "You can not agree with this!" Dr. Rods scream as she banged her fist into the table out of frustration."Do you have any idea that many of these kids are used as guinea pigs?! Thousands are created for the purpose of donating their organs to the ill! It is not right! Its inhuman!" she continued as she looked at the court ahead of her. "This is not about creating the perfect child, is about what they do to them..." she said her voice hoarse and dried after hours of arguing about the issue. For one last time she pleaded "Please your Honor, this is not to be take lightly. I myself am a product of this. Since a kid, I was in hospitals more than I can count. No one asked me if it was alright to give my blood or kidney away." With that, she sat down on a chair slowly and waited for the final decision to be made.
  3. I have to say, umbilical cords are actually really disturbing. So I'm disturbed that I thought of this in the first place...


    A small group of doctors have learned how to tweak the umbilical cord to tweak a child. Doctors can change personalities, appearances, eliminate mental disorders and possible health defects. This, however, can only go as long as 1) the umbilical cord has not been cut, and 2) the mother still has energy and life to supply the changes to the child. Often, mothers and babies are left tied together so that the parents can ensure the perfect child.

    However, there are many who are outraged that people would try to change God's gift. There are those that would go so far as to pose as nurses and sabotage expecting parents by cutting the umbilical cords before they are satisfied. And there are those who would go so far as to target the doctors with this special knowledge. Those that know the secret to engineering the perfect child have to hide, but they can make thousands if not millions of dollars off of just one birth.
  4. The laboratory was filled with the foul scent of chemicals, the cold, emotionless chatter of the scientists, their incomprehensible theories, and their even more incomprehensible dreams. The world had cast them out a long time ago, for they have meddled in what they should not have: they tried to create life, but not just any life. No, they had to create the perfect life, a person who would outperform every single human being in existence, a person who would bring about a new golden age. They wanted to educate the child themselves, teach it how to interpret the world according to their views, and then tell it to take revenge on those who cast them out. It was the perfect plan, or at least, they thought so.

    For years, they have been working on tracing every gene in the human body, mapping which one controlled which attribute, which combination of genes resulted in beneficial conditions, and which one resulted in illnesses. For years, they have casted aside the children who proved to be imperfect, leaving them behind mercilessly. If the children became too attached to them, they even resorted to extreme violence, and went unpunished. After all, nobody ever visited this small, insignificant planet, shrouded in darkness, and they thought that this slight mistake would be the one that would end the empire. Nevermind the civil war, nevermind the countless species at each other's throats, the empire would die at their hands, such was their vow.

    And now, their project, their ultimate revenge on the empire that called them freaks, was nearly complete. The child, who was currently being engineered would be perfect for their needs, it would be capable of bringing ruin to all civilisation. But alas, they could never see the fruit of their work, because the minute they were finished with preparations, alien soldiers stormed in by the dozen, pointing the business end of their rifles against the scientist's heads. The soldiers seized the facility in a matter of minutes, and then smashed every single console, every single computer in the building while the scientists looked in horror, but the soldiers did not even touch the machine, in which the experiment was progressing.

    Instead, the leader of the group told the scientists to make the machine portable so that they could take it to the capital of the empire. Grief swept over the scientists as they realised that even in their attempt to get revenge, they were only serving the empire, and have doomed the whole universe to be a slave to the empire's power, gained through the knowledge of this perfect child.
  5. Arguably, the only true role of any living organism is to reproduce, to pass on its genes to the next generation. The human species had this nailed down a long time ago. But .. what if? What if?

    Clack, the sound of an enter key being hit. Faces huddle in close, lit by the ghostly glow from the monitor. Text rapidly scrolls along the screen.

    "I ... "

    "I ... "

    "I .. !!"

    The monitor is filled with garbled text as one of the researchers slam a large, red 'abort' button, the torrent of gibberish abruptly cut off by the blinking cursor for terminal input:

    >> |
    >> |

    "His Id imploded again."

    "There must be a fault in the Freud-Jung inhibitor."

    There is a shuffle of lab coats as the humans return to the whiteboard to sketch out ideas, pore over their designs.
  6. **as a note I did not read any of the previous posts before writing this. Any similarities are just coincidence..and yes I can vividly imagine this and actually giggled while writing it...DEAL**

    We enter and the setting is a lab somewhere in a remote area. Outside it is storming like crazy and the ambiance is that of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. The camera zooms in as we see lab assistants running to and fro between machines and objects diligently working and jotting down data. Meanwhile the main scientist is busy working at his lab table. Bags are under his eyes from days of going without sleep, perhaps even weeks. The scientist is muttering nonsense, at least to the outside world. In his own head thoughts are flying a million miles a minute as he calculates what he needs to. His hands work steadily and quickly as he takes a bit of this, a dab of that, a piece of this, mix, swirl, simmer, work work work.


    lightning blasts and thunder roars as the laboratory shakes, but onward the madness goes. Finally it seems that the scientist has come to the final touch of his madness. "It is done!" he shouts as he holds up his creation in the vial. All work halts as his voice carries out over the entire lab. Eyes are drawn toward him and the vial within his hands. A small embryo hovers within the mixture, and a faint glow is ever present.

    Carefully the scientist takes the vial and makes his way toward the human specimen laying upon the cold slab of metal. Unconscious for now it is the form of a female. Young, beautiful, full of life, and full of fertility. The scientist has come to call her his Eve. "It is time to awaken, Eve, and bring forth this blessed miracle"


    The scientist pours the vial of liquid down the woman's throat and for a moment nothing happens. All breath is held in quiet anticipation to see what will happen. The camera zooms in upon the sleeping face of the peaceful female until suddenly her eyes open wide and a gasp escapes her lips. Her hands and feet are bound as she struggles against her bindings. The scientist steps back with a maniacal grin. Everything was going so perfectly. The woman thrashes about trying to free herself as screams of horror and pain echo through the lab. Her abdomen begins to swell and the skin shifts with movement inside. She continues to scream like a banshee as her stomach continues to inflate. Suddenly there is a squishing noise and a tearing noise as her stomach is ripped open and a small hand appears.

    Laughter combines with the screaming as the madness ensues. Shadows creep across the lab portraying the gruesome ritual of life. With a final scream the woman falls back and remains motionless, lifeless. For a moment silence falls and then suddenly there is a crash of lightning and soon it is followed by the soft wails of a child. The scientist steps forward to peer down at the creation. A small child, covered in his mother's blood, and curled upon her remains whimpers to new life. The scientist cuts the umbilical cord and cleans the child up a bit before swaddling him in a blanket. "Another perfect specimen" he says with a grin before handing the child off to an assistant. "Take her away and bring in the next one" the scientist says.

    Going over to his clipboard he crosses off another name from the list and moves on to his next. Such is the life of the new-life breeder who creates the perfect child individually for each of his clients. Another day, another perfect baby.
  7. This is what came for me as I read the title and I hope a non science approach is okay^^ This concept is taken from a famous Norse book serie spanning 47 books, Sagan om Isfolket, though I changed it here and there, I just vaguely recall this part of the books so I don't really remember the details, I just like this idea so much that I borrowed the basic concept:)</SPAN></SPAN>


    Far out on the icy, windblown tundra a small group of people treaded across the barren earth making their way west, their fur hides keeping out the brunt force of the wind but everyone from young to old could feel the biting cold that sneaked in no matter how much clothes they wore. Among them a proud woman stood higher than the rest, it was easy to see that she was not originally from this land, her features different and as cold as the land they walked through, her black eyes as deep as a bottomless hole. She was once a powerful woman in her country, of wealth and status, her thirst for violence and her sharp, twisted intelligence scared even the men around her even though her beauty was rivalled by none other. She was sent away as a traitor without money and without the protection of her old ranks when she killed her brother that had been the lord of their province, the woman thought him weak minded and frail because of his love for peace, she had no chance to take over her brother's place before she was hunted out of her home and left to fend for herself in a land inhabited by people that hated her.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Her lonely, arduous journey took her across the great ocean to another land and beyond it to a barren wasteland with piercing winds chilling her bones, no food to sustain her and no people to help her in her greatest need. That is when a migrating clan happened by her and moved by the beautiful and exhausted woman the kind people took her in and helped her recover a decision they would regret later. The woman instantly got along well with the shaman of the tribe a man as cold as herself, eyes and hair as black as the night sky and a heart cold as ice. They shared a lust for power and wealth that was not obtainable in this barren land, the shaman and the woman planned to become great and the man also thought the foreign woman his secrets as a shaman and she showed surprising talent for it.</SPAN></SPAN>

    As they came closer to the west, across a mountain range and reached a friendly part of the tundra where some scarce trees grew, in summer flowers bloomed for a short month and animals lived to be hunted, close to an inland shore with fish to be hunted. The clan, tired of walking decided to settle down for now to see how the land was to live in. At this time the shaman and the foreign woman were wed during the ceremony to honour their new home and the nature's spirits that would help them, this was a great honour to be wed under and the shaman and his wife felt that now the time to realise their dream had come.</SPAN></SPAN>

    With the woman's beauty, cunning and twisted intelligence and the shaman's magic skills, evil intent and connection with the Spirit of Stones, also the spirit of the dead and all non living, they knew that their child would be the greatest dark sorcerer in all the lands. They conceived their child under dark rites and spells, using runes, symbols, chants and rhythmic songs calling the dark powers. The woman became pregnant and after nine months she gave birth to a stunning boy, pale skinned and dark haired, even as an infant to boy's black eyes pierced everything, sending shivers down his parents spine's. The small family became ever more estranged from the rest of the tribe with their dark magic and evil intents, the shaman was just as cold against his son as he was against all else and the young boy, named Thail, was from a young age a thing for his father to vent on, his back showing a long scar from when his father kicked him when Thail was three. Thail's mother was just like her husband, she may not have abused him but her lack of emotions and her cruel mind was just as bad.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The shaman and his wife had succeeded though, in their eyes Thail was the perfect child, dark minded and intelligent with a violent temper and an amazing talent for magic even at a young age. Thail was feared by the other children and even the other tribe members, and though his parents didn't say anything they too had felt the shiver of fear under Thail's gaze. Just after Thail turned six, his cold exterior and angry tantrums only broken by his study about shamanism, his father came home in a bad mood, he regretted conceiving his son as Thail had grown worse than his parents and his relationship to his wife was only held together by thin lines. Angrily the shaman kicked his son out of the way and in a flare of rage the young Thail drove a knife through his father's back, killing him instantly, his mother who came into the tent just as her husband fell down on the floor held back a panicked scream. Thail however just glared at her with his empty black eyes, his mother would be safe from harm, at least until Thail had grown old enough to not need her anymore.</SPAN></SPAN>

    The foreign woman, scared of her own son and feeling some sort of sadness after her husband's death, took greater care for Thail now but he just brushed her efforts off and she feared the day she would be seen as unnecessary. But she and the shaman had succeeded in their goal, creating the perfect child, cruel and emotionless with the intelligence to do whatever he wanted and the power to go through with it as well, few people would be able to stop Thail when he grew to a man. Thail himself waited for the moment when he was an adult, when he could take over this tribe and leave this horrid place, to find a more populated land where he could use his powers to rule the world, nothing was out of his reach.</SPAN></SPAN>