Plot Challenge: Damsel in Distress



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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Damsel in Distress


Dear motherfuckers, I'm teetering if you must know
A group of foreign adventurers hired by the crown to rescue the realm's princess from an evil wizard's fortress realise just how much they've been played for suckers when they rescue the princess... only to discover she's an irate twelve year-old with a temper that makes a dragon seem positively friendly.

Now they are forced to escort the little horror back across hostile territory and through dangerous landscapes, facing down dangerous monsters, roving bands of creatures and even the wizard desperately seeking to re-capture the princess.

Handing her back over to him is starting to look tempting...


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The luxury superliner Damsel out of Tau Ceti has the best safety record in history, with twenty-five years operating without incident. Ah, well, it had to end some time. Now Damsel is stranded in deep space, and nobody'll hear her distress beacon until long after the ship's last system fails. With the passengers' help, though, the crew just might be able to pull off a miracle!