Plot Challenge: Birth of a Beast



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Challenge Phrase: Birth of a Beast


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A bunch of scientists stumble upon this freaky looking critter and do experiments on it. Turns out the beast is sentient but doesn't know how to communicate with these people and views the experiments as torture. It gets free and ends up multiplying and wages a war on mankind. The origin of the beast is unknown, maybe another scientist created it a long time ago and has failed to come forth and claim it due to a taboo practice.

The prophecy is coming true. A woman is pregnant with the child that will bring the devil to earth. The child is born and grows up to be an adult, the whole time people are trying to assassinate him but he has the devil's favor and things seem to wrong where they can to interrupt any assassin's plan. The whole while the spawn is mustering an industry that will allow him the power and influence to bring about terror and doom. Toilet paper.