Plot Challenge: A Weapon of War

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: A Weapon of War
  2. War, the farther it progresses the more it tears away the soilders humanity. He begins to go piece by piece, his sanity, his perception, so on.

    After a long war a soldier trys to get back life, he strives for normality as in before, but he cant so he makes up for it the best he can.

    A solider goes to see the king and is conflicted to command the kings army or do what he think is right.

    I just noticed its a woman, lol. but those idea came to mind...
  3. A woman entered the army twenty years ago, and today, when she was promoted to High Commander of the entire Circle of The Verdant Flame, she has revealed to the world that she is not a man. What follows is a civil war that threatens to rip the circle and the nation it protects into several factions vying for ultimate supremacy. Some men will never follow a woman. It's up to her to make sure they don't have a choice.
  4. A weapon of war... she had never considered herself that, she was only doing her duty, after all, but now, she was being called a weapon.
    Duty had seperated her from civilian life for many years, but she had never noticed just how detached she'd gotten. People used to call her a hero, brave, a defender, and that was all she wanted to be, after all she had given up so much for this, had given up a lover, the promise of a loving safe family, all for the possibility to defend the country she loved.

    They called her a traitor now, she'd heared. Maybe she was, but to be honest, she didn't care. It didn't matter. If they were right, the damage was done and if they weren't, there were enemies left to fight.
  5. In the deepest parts of the huge complex that stretches through the whole crust of the one and only fortress planet, a scientist has just finished his creation. He has worked on this project for countless ages, completely sealed off from the surface, his existence forgotten by all but those who still remember the events of thousands of years ago. His lifespan was prolonged by medicine and the machines that still cling to his body, devices which are now on the brink of failure, threatening his fragile life. But the scientist cares not, for he has created the perfect weapon, the perfect sentient being that would restore the empire to its former glory. It was truly a beautiful creation, intended to destroy and utterly humiliate the enemies of the empire.

    He looked at his creation, taking in every single inch of it. It looked just like a human, just like a young girl, its skin felt just like that of a young girl, however, its potential in battle was unmatched. It was capable of defeating a whole army, and turning everything upside down. However, when the scientist tried to activate his ultimate creation, the doors of the facility were blown off by an all-too familiar weapon of the empire's enemy. The plasma charges melted the metal and the air, turning the underground facility into a hellhole. The machinery that kept the scientist alive failed all of a sudden due to the changes in the atmosphere, but the stubborn man still clung to his life despite that his brain stopped functioning. With sheer willpower, he tried to pull the switch that would activate the machine, only to be shot through by the soldiers.

    "Burn everything," said the commander of the soldiers. "But rescue the girl. We will need her."