EXERCISE Plot Challenge: A Potion in the Soup

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    A Potion in the Soup
  2. Oh...dear. It's not like there wasn't supposed to be a potion in the soup. Just not that soup! A disgruntled chef and part-time warlock accidentally turned his wife into a frog instead of his boss! The cure? Well...it involves quite the journey...
  3. A single man, how much can he do? Is but a single grain of sand in a storm, or is he a cure, a potion in the soup. Can a single man stop the slow death of a civilization?
  4. Sammy had no idea that placing a love potion in Tina's soup would be ineffective. He wasn't a food mage and assumed that he could just throw it in. Little did he realise that the inclusion of the soup's ingredients into the mix would cause unforeseen results.
  5. It tasted like any normal soup, but the guests were reacting strangely. What's the reason? That's what Leander had to find out. What was in the soup? Why were the guests slowly falling asleep.
  6. The bowl of soup... a single portion of gormet fair... ignited the world on fire. Poisoned, but by who and why? Can the answers be found before the war begins?
  7. There was nothing sinster planned at all that day. The chef merely misread a bottle label as he pour into the content into the royal meal, no one would have expected that such an innocent mistake could unlease such bedlam. A Wicked witch. A Huffing, Puffing Wolf. A Bridge Dwelling Troll. A royal family's chaotic adventure to find the cure for their strange curses while igniting histories most beloved fable while searching for a cure.
  8. Suddenly the king started to cought and then he fell down on the floor, many people ran towards him but it was to late, he was dead. Someone had potion the soup he had been eating. But who would do such a thing? No one could leave the castle before they had find the culprit.
  9. Myrlyth liked to hum when she cooked - old songs, new songs, bad songs, good songs, songs she made up on the spot, even medleys of many songs all at once. She was't particular in her humming, for she simply did it a little too much to be selective. Humming was just an idle habit to her; it was the cooking that she truly enjoyed. Her dishes were her darlings, a pride and joy as dear to her as a child might have been had she been fortunate enough to ever marry. The perfection of her temporary artworks was perhaps the most precious thing on earth to her.

    This, of course, made it impossible to convince her to slip a potion into the delicacy prepared for even just an inconsequential stranger. Blasted inconvenient, but not an impossible difficulty to overcome. Willing participation was never something a good assassin should expect. It was unfortunate, really, that the old woman enjoyed her humming so much, belting out the off-key notes with such gusto. Otherwise, she might have heard the quiet tiptoe of an unwelcome stranger slinking up to the pot on the stove, or heard the quiet splosh of three tiny potion drops falling into her turtle garlic soup.
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  10. Chandra flipped the pages of the book frantically searching for the right potion. Time was running out, and she needed to find it. Tears were threatening to spill as she turned page after page scanning and rejecting each. She had been so foolish as to think she could change fate, especially her own. Now so many would suffer if she could not reverse what she had done.

    Her gaze lifted from the book to the man chained across the room. His eyes were full of rage and the words he spoke, gracious they were vile. Henrdrick was such a kind soul, a man of honor and duty. And she had changed him into a monster. one small miscalculation and this was the result. The crown prince of Lemuel was reduced to a slobbering, raging madman on his wedding day.

    Just as she was about ti give up the door opened and she jumped back in surprise both hands covering her mouth as she cowered in fear.

    Her father looked from her to the prince and back, "What have ye done Mara?" he asked crossing to the prince and looking at him closely. Then he went to her and grabbed up both her arms and pulled her up to his face until their noses touched, "You fed him the soup dinna ye?"

    She could only nod and with a loud groan he tossed her to the chair and went to work crafting the antidote. He yanked the Prince's head back and poured the potion down his throat and then waited for it to do its job. Soon the prince was calm and sitting looking about in utter confusion. "Merlin? How did I get here?"
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  11. Potions were very tricky things. There were so many different types, and sometimes, it was not easy to differentiate them. When a young lady came to Alana, an amateur witch, looking for a love potion, she had thought nothing of it. After all, girls from the town used to come all the time to her mother, who owned the shop before her, looking for something to get their fancies to like them. But when she finds out that she accidentally sold the wrong potion, and the king has recently fallen ill due to something placed in his dinner, she is left wondering if she was the cause, and what the true intention of the sale was. Who exactly was the customer, and what did they want with the heart of the king?
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  12. Down in a bar at the lower end of Arelleton, they serve a special kind of brew - a soup with a chaser. The proprietor of the place found that certain potions pair quite well with leek-and-butter soup, or with mutton-stew, or with other kinds of fare, and it is his bar's gimmick to show you the best that the apothecary has to offer.

    However, he gets a doozy when his normal batch of potions - meant to be just a set of party-trick style potions - is swapped with a more volatile set of buffer potions that was meant for the military. Each person who ordered that night got a set of potions giving them abilities beyond their wildest imaginations, to go with their soup.

    Now, he has to help the constabulary track down each of these empowered people, as well as explain how the heck he managed to get his hands on such potent stuff.
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