PROMPT Plot Challenge: A Mattress and Peas

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A PLOT CHALLENGE is where you are given a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a setting and you have to come up with a plot idea that is inspired by those words!

The object is to THINK FAST and share the first ideas that come to mind. It's an exercise in quick creative thinking. You can do this challenge any time. Or multiple times!

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it! You are to write down a plot premise or basic idea. This isn't about writing scenes, this is about writing up a setting!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you ask permission or give credit to the muse.

Challenge Phrase: A Mattress and Peas



Sanguine Bile, Troll and Boy
Rather mature suggestion:

Guy's a free stud, makes love with many women, a different one each night. Gives them a golden pea to remember him by. Knows how many peas he gave. Eventually leaves this life and gets married. Hides this life from his wife. Wife discovers, is peeved, leaves. Wife tells him to give to her all of the golden peas he gave away in order to win her back. Guy is persuaded by friends to just leave his wife, and return to his old life. The first woman he beds other than his wife post-marriage turns out to have one of his peas. They play games with the peas. Mature games. The girl tells him that the girls with the peas formed a club. He plays games with them using their peas, then takes the peas from them. He's missing one pea though, and they all don't seem to know where it is. He thanks the girls, then tells them he's going back to his wife. He takes the peas back to his wife, gives them to her, then pleads to her to let him continue his life with her. She then reveals to him that the last owner of the pea is having relations with her, because of her distress with her husband. They then have a party using the peas. Guy and wife get back together.


Silvan Blacksmith
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Not sure if the spoiler is necessary but, I'd like to be safe and considerate anyway. ./////.
It kind of turned into a scene, but I wanted to share anyway if that's alright?

Giggling could be heard through the halls of the lavishly built complex. Movement from the room cast shadows about the room as two bodies shifted around in the dying light of an autumn sunset. Everything was cast in a warm orange glow, setting apart Khonsu's platinum blonde hair, and the curled tresses of Rumeric. One looked almost angelic, and the other demonic as he settled against Khonsu's chest comfortably.

The smaller male smiled to himself and tangled his now free hands into those thick locks, petting through his hair contentedly and tracing around the base of Rumeric's velvet-coated antlers. The stag hummed happily at the attention and nestled into his room mate's embrace further, "You have all of seven years to stop what you're doing," he mumbled against sunkissed skin. He could lay there in a puddle of contentment for literal years and never complain once, he was sure of it.

The petting stopped and Khonsu tugged playfully on his hair to urge the other to look up at him, "You spilled my dinner," He chastised softly, pointing at the overturned bowl of mixed veggies and grilled chicken strips. He watched Rume's hazel eyes look over, unapologetically, at the bowl before shrugging against him. Khonsu sighed and tugged on his earlobe, "The bed is a mess, and I'm still hungry. You should go make dinner for me." An adorable pout graced Khonsu's lips and Rumeric watched him for a long breath.

Rumeric stretched a hand up and flicked a pea away from them before bracing himself up on his elbows to stare down at Khonsu's relaxed face. The blonde Jackalope stared up at him with burnished gold eyes, waiting expectantly even as Rumeric silently pleaded with him. It was clear that this wasn't working. He tried a different tactic and pressed his forehead against the other's, "What if I distract you from the hunger in your stomach instead? Will you let me stay here for a while longer, my treasure of silver and gold?" If flirting and sweet names didn't work he didn't know what would.

Of course, Khonsu smiled like he was going to accept the offer, even laced his fingers behind the warm, caramel tan neck of the man caging him in, "I'm afraid that won't work. If you make a salad you can be back here in eight minutes. I'll even be nice and change the sheets while you're gone, and clean the mess you've made." Rumeric closed his eyes in defeat and melted back against Khonsu's body for a few moments. Truly, he did not want to leave just yet, but if it would appease his bedmate, he would.

He slipped off of the bed and out of the sheets with a grace that kept Khonsu's attention on him. That stare followed his naked form even as he moved toward the doorway and something inside of him felt pride at the idea that he was the one who had been able to ensnare the beautiful creature in his bed. He stopped and looked back, taking in the low slung sweats Khonsu had put on for modesty, "I'll make a salad if you share," He grumbled petulantly. Khonsu's smile brightened before a hand quickly covered his lips to hide the amused chuffing that threatened to spill out.

"Make it with thousand island ranch and extra lettuce and it's a deal. I'll even feed you." The last thing Khonsu saw was a pleased, thumping deer tail and a wisp of dark hair as the other whipped out of the room like a man on a mission.


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A clever charlatan drove his wagon of shoddy goods into a fancy walled city. Seeing the pride of the people he smiled and began to offer his wares. One lovely young woman approached, not to buy but out of curiosity. "What have you sir?"

"I have pearls, and opals, and golden baubles," he lied, "But for a beautiful young lass like yourself, I have the greatest treasure of all." He pulled out a small dried pea and handed it to her. "If you sleep with this beneath your mattress, you will awaken even more beautiful and the first man you see will fall madly in love with you."

She looked at it and then him, "And if this does not happen as you say?"

"Then return to me for a full refund."

She agreed and paid five golden pieces for the dried up pea. She told another and another and soon he had every young woman standing at his cart demanding a dried up pea. He appeared reluctant to sell them as a ruse, but they begged and pleaded until he feigned to be overtaken by their pleas. The girls all left him then and went to sleep with the shriveled peas beneath their mattresses.

The charlatan sped away under cover of darkness making off with one hundred pieces of gold.

The young ladies awoke the next day, believing themselves to be even more beautiful and so they were of bright countenance and happy demeanor. Every woman found a man who fell instantly in love with them and all were happy.

Moral: It costs a lot less to believe in yourself from the start.

Doctor Jax

Lord of the Mice
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"I am so sorry."

The prince rubbed his face as his guest - a poor girl who'd shown up at the gates with only a dead cell phone and nothing else - looked up at him with weary blue eyes. The skin beneath was bruised with sleeplessness, her smile just barely hanging on.

"My grandma - she takes the story literally, and sometimes that means she does some things that don't make sense," the prince stressed.

"No, no, I get it... dementia does some weird things," the girl said, nodding her head along. "I do have to admit that sleeping on cans of peas was not what I had envisioned my first night in a castle was going to be like."