Plot Challenge: A Letter To Yourself


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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
A Letter To Yourself
I wrote myself a letter. Told myself what I was doing, and why. And what to do next. At least, that's what the letter says. I'm not sure I believe it. Or maybe it's not mine...maybe it was written by someone else, for someone else. I can't get things to mesh in my brain. Too many contradictions. Fuck it. Let's get a roll on. After all, if what the letter says is true, I have a revolution to join.
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Matt sat at the dining room table, waiting for his mother to get home. It was midnight already, where could she be? Matt watched the clock with a close eye, and kept his cell phone near by. As the night began to drag, the more worried Matt got. His mother had left at five that evening for an appointment at her doctor's. Matt began to pace around the house hastily, as then he got a vibe. He ran into his mother's room, and there on her mirror, was a letter. Matt took the letter and read over it. He felt bad for being in his mother's room and reading something that he knew wasn't meant for him to look at. As he stopped reading, he realized: It was a Letter from his mother to herself. It was a suicide letter.. To herself. . .
Unhappy successful middle-age woman in a bad marriage somehow get a letter she sent to herself when she was a kid and realize that she need re evaluate her life.
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Mine would be a person getting a letter from their alternate personality who takes control of their body at night. could get damn weird, with fighting vampires and werewolves, or just have the dude beat up gangsters. said gangsters/vampires are not going to just try to defeat their enemy at night...and the alternate personality is kinda a dick.
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What do you do when you have to write to yourself? How could you possibly explain what you need to do in the past, to make sure this history doesn't happen? What could you possibly say to convince yourself that the letter you're sending them... is from themselves?

Well, I sent it, but nothing's changed... maybe I didn't listen... or maybe they haven't done what I asked them to do, to the T.

I sent another letter, and finally, things started changing.... but for the worse.
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Writing a letter to myself? I am not crazy. No shrink is going to tell me to write a letter to myself. Maybe I will, just for the hell of it. I'll rip it up. But I now strongly feel the urge to write it. And I don't know why...
"The body will be hidden in the basement, away from the children,"
What body? I am not writing body, as in human, am I?
"I'm writing this letter to remind myself where to find it, I would hate for my wife to find it first,"
Wife? I don't have a wife, I only have a girlfriend, and we've been going out for two months, why am I writing this?
"It's special, It's for our daughters, Lisa and Haley, they love him."
Him? This is insane, I should stop writing for today, I must be drunk...
"Niall Horan is his name. Or his original's name."
Original? Is he a clone? Why can't I stop writing...
"He is just a cutout you are working on, sorry, I remember the questions I asked myself when i recieved this: What body? I am not writing body, as in human, am I?, Wife? I don't have a wife, I only have a girlfriend, and we've been going out for two months, why am I writing this?, Him? This is insane, I should stop writing for today, I must be drunk..., Original? Is he a clone? Why can't I stop writing..., and the one you haven't asked yet, How do they know this? I am you, from the future.
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"This letter came for you today dad." The lanky teen said as he handed his father, Dameyen, the letter. Dameyen pulled himself away from the motorbike, having just been working on it. "Who's it from?" He said sitting up and taking the letter from his son. He paused as he stared at the lettering, a soft scoff escaping him. "This a joke bro?" Ject turned and looked at his father curiously. "You forge my handwriting and write me a letter man?" Ject looked at his father as if he'd lost it. "Ugh no dad."

He opened it, although quite skeptical. The letter was also written in his hand writing but it was the words that brought a chill up his spine. He scurried to his computer and scanned the document, analyzing it's writing. Checking it for forgeries but this letter was in fact written by him. Only he didn't remember writing it.

"Sup me. This is 'D'. Don't bother tracing this cause all you gonna find is your finger prints. And possibly traces of weed since I'm a little stoned right now. Anyways, I'm gonna get in a shit load of trouble for contacting you but you know what? Fuck it. You know that new bike your building for Ject? Yea take a vacation and finish it later man. Or like just don't let him drive it on the 13th of July. Peace bro."

A cold chill ran down Dameyen's spine as he glanced at his son, then back at the bike meant for his son. Who wrote the letter? And how was it in his hand writing. Ject looked over his bike in progress and a bit of anticipation. "How much longer will it take you to finish the bike dad?" He said casually. Dameyen looked away and hid the letter from his son's view. "Uh... I've uh gotta wait for a part to come in... Might... Might take me longer than usual." He didn't understand the letter, not at all but the only reason... If this really was him writing a letter to himself... the only reason he'd write a letter like this was because his son would be in danger with the bike.
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