EXERCISE Plot Challenge: A Kiss' Reward

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  1. To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it! You are to write down a plot premise or basic idea.

    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..."
  2. (sorry I couldn't really think how to say it in a normal plot type thingy, hope this way was okay. If not feel free to delete)

    "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..."

    "W-Wait, what?!"
    Roa took the tiny kid dressed in a disturbingly adorable dragon costume, holding it at arms length as if it were a crazy animal or something.
    Eyes widening he watched as the other guy started walking away.
    "Ah hell no!!!"
    Running back up to him he grabbed his arm and yanked, throwing the guy off balance, forcing him to stumble backwards.
    "Dude, why the heck did you just shove a baby in my face?!"

    Turning around the other guy glanced away hesitantly, then grinned at Roa.
    "Uhm, cause I have to go do something and it's really really important! So I need you to watch him, pleaseeeee?!"
    Rolling his eyes Roa sighed and was instantly glomped by Zack.
    "THANKS! I'll be back for him tonight!"
    With that he bolted, not even giving any instructions or anything.

    Staring at the kid tucked under his arm now he frowned.
    God, he didn't even give him a name to call the brat!

    "Guess i'm babysitting a dragon tonight."
    Shaking his head Roa stalked back home, setting the kid down on the table.
    "Time to feed the kid~."

    Unfortunately as time went by there was no sign of Zack again.
    It was like the guy dropped off the face of the planet...until one day Roa got a letter in the mail;

    Dear Mr. Ziles, we are saddened to inform you that Zack Alexanders has passed.
    We had no knowledge of this until he was found two days ago, if you have any knowledge of where his child is, please contact child services immediately.
    Sincerely, JDP

    The story would basically go on to him adopting the kid and one thing leads to another and he finds someone who's willing to love him along with his best friend's kid.
  3. "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..." She bit her lip and giggled.

    "B-but Princess? There is no dragon." Vic stuttered and looked at the ground. He had traveled ten hundred miles for this Princess. He had gone through scorching deserts and endless blizzards. Just for this beautiful "Princess". And, now she wanted to talk about a...DRAGON?

    "You didn't think you could just wisk me away, did you?" Princess Harley smirked.

    "Well...I...uh...maybe? I went through-

    "Scorching deserts and endless blizzards, yeah yeah I know," She rolled her eyes and sat back down on the bed, "But you can't 'rescue' me until the dragon is slayed. Which. Has been...quite unsuccessful."

    Vic gulped and realized all the dragon drawings that the Princess had in her room. Maybe she had drawn them as a child. Maybe she found them. Or maybe...just maybe..."You're the dragon. That's why." Vic finally got out the words out.

    "You are clever, Vic....but you still can't have your kiss until you take care of me." Princess Harley slowly whispered into his ear.

    Then afterwards, Vic would 'slay' Princess Harley and she would be a normal, non-satanic like girl again and they'd go back to their kingdom and faill in love and make babies yay.
  4. "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..."

    Those words rumbled all over his head, reminding him how everything began like a simple game and how this would most assured be the end of his life. A life of great achievements and magnificent battles, of beautiful conquests and outrageous defeats. A life he would never regret living, a life which will always be empty without the woman he so eagerly have fought for since the first time he saw. Of course, nothing seemed to matter right now.

    "You can't beat us, mortal!"

    The breath of the dragon was hot, even if that thing was just talking. A huge monster of disproportionate measures, of crimson scales and ripped wings, eyes injected in blood and claws the size of horses. It was clear no man in earth would be able to even scratch that dragon, but for the love of the princess, our hero would do anything. Even if that meant to meet with the Maker.

    "Surrender human! Many have tried, but none has ever walked out of here victorious!"

    The dragon mocked at him, looking at our hero from above, with a pleasant grin in his face, aware of his own victory. But our hero didn't backed down, not even thought about it for a single second. Beaten, his armor long time broken, his body battered and his muscles tired, the only thing holding him was his unbreakable spirit and his loyal sword. Stepping forward, our hero thought for himself his last prayer and dared to look at the dragon into his eyes, staring at the very soul of evil and not taking away his eyes from it.

    "I won't. I came here with a purpose, and I won't leave until my quest is over."

    "Then, face your fate, human."
  5. "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..."
    The young tamer was an adorable girl. Eyes that sparkled like the early morning sun on a still lake, a personality so sweet you could swear you had sugar on your tongue, a heart so warm butter melted in her presence, a dragon well over fifteen feet in length…
    Yep, she had a dragon. And, though bigger ones had been felled by bold knights, this scaled monstrosity was well over three times as long as he was high, probably weighed more than he could fathom, and thought it was a pet dog. A large chunk of earth was turned over as it rolled onto its back, roaring, small flames erupting from its maw.

    “Aw, look, he wants a belly rub! Come on, don’t be shy. Remember, you’re not getting anything until you agree to take care of him while I’m out!”
    With a smile that only made the boy’s face sink further, the beast tamer handed over the leather lead, attached to the steel collar around the neck of the reptile. It was strange – this beast of legend, supposed to terrorise villages and incinerate entire cities, was roaring continuously because it wanted someone to rub its belly. With a look that was quite plainly exhausted, he decided to take the lead, in the hopes he would survive with anything on his body not being singed.

    This hope was quickly dashed when a jet of fire eft a scorch mark on his right sleeve.
  6. "Sure, I'll give you a kiss. But first, you have to take care of this dragon..."

    Perrie's eyes grew wide, "What Dragon?"
    The messy black haired guy, with two sharp pointed fangs smiled.
    "You didn't think I really led you here because I liked you? Pathetic, I only needed help."
    "You're a sick person!" Perrie growled, raising her hand to slap him.
    He quickly grabbed her wrist and shoved her through a door,
    "This sick person's name is Clause, and your going to kill the dragon for me, or be killed."
    The cheshire grin never left his face as he closed the door,
    "Hurry up and clear the way, elf warrior."
    Then the door slammed shut.
    Perrie ran and clawed at it, trying to open it, but to no avail.
    She slowly turned to see a giant beast, blue and scaly glaring down at her.
    She unsheathed her sword, and ran forward.
  7. "Sure I'll give you a kiss, but first you have to take care of this dragon. . ."

    Alexis' stare upon the Grand Lady began to fill with anger. "My Lady, please. I have traveled far and wide to obtain your kiss. I passed through the trial on Anahur. I have been deemed worthy by the High Templar."

    "You'll forgive me, but times are dire, young templar. In any other case, I would pass my gift of kiss to you, granting you access to the ascension archive. However, there is a class C Dragon tank approaching the city. I believe you may be the only one close enough to handle the situation. You have proven yourself, yes, but this is a personal request. If you are not willing to go the extra mile for your kiss, then perhaps you are not ready to read the archive." The Grand Lady spoke, her voice full of wisdom, her words full of meaning. Alexis knew he must do as she asked or he would never ascend.

    Alexis bowed once more before the Grand Lady. "I will do as you request, My Lady. Consider the Dragon slain." he said with a final bow as he turned to leave, heading the last location of the Dragon Tank.

    (Dragons are a class of mobile weapon, also referred to as tanks. The Grand Lady's Kiss is a DNA implant required to grant someone access to the Ascension Archives, which they use to ascend to a higher plane of existence when their time comes.)