Plot Challenge: A Gentleman Pirate

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: A Gentleman Pirate
  2. Plot Those damn Pirates have finally done it. They've over thrown the goverment, ceased control of everything and captured our lands. My daughters have been killed my live stock captured. There is nothing left for me to do but joint he resistance. What resistance you ask? Why the Queens Royal Resistance of course! After the fall of the Great City she fled and into into hiding gathering every nobleman and guardsman she could locate. The resistance is massive and now we are gooing to so those scally wags what the meaning of revenge is. We will plunder, loot, and kill. We will desolate their households and leave them with nothing. We won't rest until EVERY LAST FILTHY PIRATE IS DESTROYED . We do not sleep, we do not need food, we do not forgive, we do not forget. We will make them regret the day they challenged us, we will make them pay! Come my fellow nobles, yes even you peasants, arise with me in arms. Grab your knife, unsheathe thine blade! Clean your muscuat and wheel out the cannons. We've taken the royal fleet with us and we CAN do it. For Land and for Queen, for the Lord God standing above us all we WILL BE VICTORIOUS!
  3. Somewhere deep inside the sea, a thousand leagues under the surface of the raging torrents of water, lurked a beast of steel, a magnificent creation of humans, a submarine, at the core of which was the most terrifying invention ever made by man. The nuclear reactor pulsed as if it was a heart, moving the non-existent blood through the non-existent circulatory system of the vessel. However, hundreds of pirates did move up and down the whole ship as if they were the red blood cells carrying oxigen through an organ made out of metal and hard, sweaty work. If one were to carry the metaphor further, one could assume that the defense systems of this organ or organism were fighting against an invisible infection, eating the enemy that attempted to attack them, except that none of them actually died. This was merely the preparation for the battle, after all, the introduction to the attack that the mind, the captain ordered.

    Even though the seas above were roaring with the fury of a thousand storms, he decided that this would be the best opportunity to raid the large supply ship he and his pirates have been tailing since the morning. No ship would see them ths way, and the crew was more likely to cooperate if they saw a frightening beast of metal raise from the sea instead of a mere ship approaching. He chuckled at the thought of the crew abandoning their ship due to the sight, but then dismissed it as completely impossible. Even with his modifications to this outdated nuclear submarine, it did not look enough scary to cause something like that. Suddenly, two knocks interrupted his thoughts, and his trusted second-in-command, Anna, entered into the cabin.

    "The storm is starting to die down, captain!" said Anna, to which the captain nodded silently.
    "Good. Take us up to the surface and assault them as soon as the men are ready," said the captain as he got up from his old, wooden chair. "Tell them to not harm the crew if it is possible."
    "Aye!" said Anna, and then left the captain to himself. The captain then turned towards the small wardrobe located in his cabin, and started to search for some appropriate clothes to wear, until he found what he was looking for. It was an old-fashioned suit from at least two centuries ago, with all the frills, elegance and quality that meant. With practiced movements, the captain put the suit on, which made him look like a gentleman from the old times, then he noticed that his pipe did not recieve too much attention lately, so he stuffed some tobacco into it, then lighted it with his zippo.

    After a few minutes of calm relaxation, he heard three knocks on his door, which meant that his time has come. He stood up from his chair, then went into the command center of the submarine to direct the assault on the supply ship. Under his lead, the enemy crew surrendeered soon, and no casualties were suffered on either side. He made sure that the crew of the supply ship were treated respectfully, and that his crew left enough supplies for the supply ship to reach its destination. And after making sure that everything was in the right place, the captain recalled his crew and retreated into his quarters to enjoy the compay of his pipe again.