Plot Challenge: A Gamble Worth Making

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: A Gamble Worth Making
  2. Rayven looked at the facedown cards for the last time before she decided to bet the last of what she owned. The large man that sat in front of her was sweating profusely creating circles of dampness under his arms and down his chest. His very presence disgusted her. She kept a calm cool demeanor on the outside but on the inside she was screaming. This was the very same man that killed her parents ten years ago while she hid silently in the closet her father had thrust her in. She remembered her mother's scream as her father was shot to death and then an ugly sound of gurgling and choking and then silence as the man slit her mother's throat and left her for dead. He had no idea that they had a child and now she was back for her revenge. Her plot was simple. First, take everything he owned from him. Disgrace him in front of his people. Then she would kill him. And she would do it slowly so that when she stood over him she would be able to see the life drain from his eyes. It would not only be for her parents but for the life he robbed her of. She had survived by becoming a pickpocket and hiding with the other homeless people that scattered the city.

    She tossed her head to the side effectively swaying her short black hair out of her eyes in that provocative feminine way as she stared at him. He had already bet all his holdings on this meager game of Texas Hold'Em and she would see it hers. She only held the queen of spades and five of hearts, which made for two pair. The five cards splayed before them could possibly hold a straight for him if he was hiding a jack of any suit in his down turned cards. She only prayed that he would not call her bluff.

    "All in," she said confidently to the dealer as she swept the two grand she had left into the center of the pot.

    The man's gaze flicked behind her where she knew his informant would be standing. She had calculated for that and had only looked at her cards twice during the whole hand so quickly that he couldn't have possibly gotten a glimpse of her cards. When he looked back at his cards defeatedly she knew he had nothing to go on. And then he said the words she dreaded most.

    "Call," he said loudly as he smirked at her. Her brain was screaming at her. She was almost one hundred percent sure she had lost. All of her dreams of revenge were swiftly fleeting as she revealed her cards. Two pair. That's all she had.

    The man's face twisted in fury as he threw his cards at the dealer. He only had a three of clubs and a six of hearts. He had nothing! She refrained herself from leaping for joy and crying out her victory. Instead she very calmly scooped the winnings into her satchel as she left, smirking at she came to the door as he started screaming at his informant. The first part of her plot was a success. Now she could plan his death.
  3. It was all worth it.
    At least I can say that now that its over with.
    That part of my life, I mean.
    Tell you? Why would I do that?
    Isn't it enough that I'm here of all places?
    Officer, I'm not being uncooperative.
    I didn't kill him for no reason.
    I can't tell you.
    Because I promised myself.
    Of course it matters.
    And he's dead anyways.
    So what does it matter?
    Its not 'a matter of national importance.' I took care of it.
    Of course it was worth it.
    Why? He killed my entire family and left me to eventually kill him.
    He told me so, right after he killed my mom.
    The police? You guys? I've been trying for years to get you guys to do something other than sit on your asses all day.
    How long? Four years. But nothing happened.
    It was in the news for a few months, but then something else happened and it was all forgotten.
    And a little kid, no older than 10 has to go from foster home to foster home, all over the country because he doesn't have any family left.
    Because he's known as that one kid who's family was murdered in front of him.
    And the state couldn't be bothered to get this kid some help, because everyone forgot about him.
    So, what happened to the kid he was before? Some might ask.
    He's dead, Officer!
    He died with the rest of his family that night!
    And what's left?
    An empty shell of a person that can't feel.
    What does a person like that do? Well, I'll tell you. They gain as much knowledge as they can so they can track down a killer.
    They only focus on that goal.
    And how great they'll feel after its done.
    And can you believe it? Guy lives not four city blocks from a police station, this police station.
    He was under your noses for 18 years and you still couldn't catch him!
    You know what else? He didn't even recognize me.
    But.. You should have seen his face as I reminded him of exactly what he did to my family.
    You saw the body, you know what I did.
    You know, the worse part was probably when he begged me to let him live. Because after all that he still wanted to live. And you know what I told him?
    I told him that my family had wanted to live as well.
    But it was liberating, you know.
    I was free of that huge shadow over me.
    And now its gone because he's dead.
    So you ask if it was worth it.
    I say it was, every single second of it.
    And I can say all of it with out even a fraction of a doubt.