Plot Challenge: A Dubious Treasure

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: A Dubious Treasure
  2. I grabbed the dubloon, greedily stuffing it into my jacket. The gold, the silver, the jewerly! It was enough to give us the largest feast we would have in months! The ship had been abandoned for what seemed to have been years ago! None of my crew could explain why though. Stupid Slackers.
    Yes! We were pirates and I, Jane Peacock, was the captain of this crew. Granted, most of my men aren't the strongest, or the wisest, but having a crew was all that mattered. I was the captain, and I, Captain Jane Peacock, have trained my men in the skills of swordfighting and theiving.
    The ship we were currently on was The Jolly Roger, and we had no idea that it had so much treasure! The loot we were getting was more than any other we had collected before! We would be the richest pirates!
    "Captain!" One of my men, Smee, called to me.
    "What is it!?" I barked, annoyed that he wasn't getting his part of treasure.
    "There's a necklace held in a skeleton's hand! And none of yer' men can get it out!" He exclaimed looking worried.
    I scoffed, "You all are a bunch of racals, being weak and what not. I bet I can get it out."
    He showed me to the captain's room where a skeleton lay in a chair, leaning to the right a bit awkwardly. it was true, in his hands lay a gold necklace, with a large red pendant in the middle. My eyes grew wide, and I knew I must have this piece of loot.
    "Move out of the way!" I yelled, and the men standing quickly made a passageway to the skeleton.
    I walked up to the skeleton, confidence brimming. This necklace was mine.
    I reahced my hand down to the pendant and yanked with all my might. The necklace wouldn't budge. I yanked again. It stayed.
    My breathing became heavier as I became more and more angry when the necklace wouldn't come loose. Finnally I dropped the necklace, and left it sitting in the Skeleton's hands.
    "Why won't it come out!" I screamed, frustrated. My crew looked at me as if I was about to go on a mass murder. Only, one young boy, who I had recruited just a week ago, raised his hand.
    "Capn'?" he asked timidly.
    "Yes, Boy?" I glared at his sudden interruption of my anger.
    "I think this might be a cursed ship."
    You could hear a quil drop; the boat became eerily silent.
    "What do you mean?" I asked.
    " My dad once told me that there was a pendant, more beautiful than the sea itself. It gleamed red, as if filled with the blood of souls. Only, it was cursed pendant. The pendant would make any person lust for it, and if they managed to get there hands one it. They would become a pile of bones," He explained. Then added, "Don't you see! We can't take the pendant! You'll die, we all might die!"
    I laughed at the boy, blinded by greed, "Yeah right. Boy, that's just a legend."
    He began to protest again, but stopped when the tip of my dagger found his throat, "Listen, this pendant is mine, and no sotry your father told you will stop me from having it."
    He nodded and I took away my sword. I finnally decided to cute the finger bones from around the necklace. I walked over, with my sword high, and began to swing. Slash after slash, I chippped away the bone, until the necklace was left laying on the floor, still as beautiful as before.
    "It's now mine!" I exclaimed, hurrying to pick up the pendant.
    Suddenly, the pendant was swiped up, out of my grasp. I growled and looked up to see the young boy, clutching the necklace to his heart.
    "I'm sorry Captain!" Were his last words. The next thing we knew, his skin was ripped from his body and his skeleton fell to the floor.
    Then, one by one, each crew member discovered the same fate as him.
    I, Jane Peacock, was the last to die.
  3. Those who dare to think that physical forces are the greatest constant in the universe are horribly wrong. The greatest constant in the universe, is, in fact, coincide, or as some people like to put it, chance. It was by pure chance that the universe was born. It was by pure chance that the solar system was formed as it is today. It was by pure chance that life could withstand the cruelty of the Earth before the planet could protect it fully. It was by pure chance that an asteroid eliminated nearly all life on Earth. It was by pure chance that Man rose from the ashes left behind by the devastation and have ascended to such a level of technology that they could mold nature to their percievedly superior image. And if chance, or, coincidence is the greatest force in the universe, then I must ask you a question: What is the greatest treasure in the universe?

    Those with shallow minds will answer that the greatest treasure in the universe is a machine that can control chance, and could not be farther from the truth. Those with brillianty shining souls will answer that the greatest treasure in the universe is Fortune itself, and are right. Mere machines can not stand firmly in front of Fortune itself, the concept that allows this universe to exist in the realm of nothingness. After all, there is always a chance that a machine fails or breaks down. But not too many know this truth, and a once-famous pirate, the name of whom is never to be mentioned because of his foolishness, was also one of them. He sought a weapon, a machine with which he could control Fortune, not paying attention to the warnings that have been there all along.

    Of course, when he found the machine, he was overjoyed, and he managed to establish an entire empire due to his control over the machine, but as always, he made an error. He trusted his lieutant with the machine, who stole it from him, and then used it herself to alter every single chance in the universe and turn the empire into hers. A massive war erupted between the two of them, and the machine switched hands so many times, that after a while, it started to tire of its purpose. It slowly gained sentience and realised the foolishness of the pirate and the lieutant, so it made a choice to show them what sapient beings with real knowledge are capable of, and started the Age of Endless Massacres, forever damning Man to fight amongst themselves.