PROMPT Plot Challenge: A Deserted Highway

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    Plot Challenge: A Deserted Highway
  2. the year is 3010, and the planet is being ravaged by war. A radical group, in an attempt to "save the species" has decided to take a group of children randomly selected from cultures all over the globe and drop them in the middle of an abandoned highway miles and miles and miles away from anyone or anything familiar to them. They must work together in order to survive. Can they build a civilization free of the corrupt politics and religions and mindless bureaucracy that has plagued their ancestor
  3. A mile marker, a compass bearing, and a distance. That's all they had to go on. So they set out for a deserted stretch of Highway 129, out in the middle of the Nevada. A treasure, the note had said, buoying their hopes. What they found surpassed even their expectations. A bunker, constructed and stocked by some long dead - or long imprisoned - survivalist. And, in the very back, glimpsed through a crack in the reinforced Concrete, a doorway to something...else. When they finally got through, they found themselves somewhere entirely unfamiliar. And the door was gone. Now, they must make their way in this strange new world...because the only way forward.
  4. Every year, a group of friends (and sometimes lovers;it changes) drive out to the middle of nowhere and pay homage on a deserted road to a deceased friend who meant very much to them..and the adventures they had together. But this year..The people she died fighting..are back. The Einherjar are reawakening, KRONOS station is being rebuilt, and nightmares are being made manifest again..And who is the masked woman that leads them now? It can't be her...right? Oh, of them is a mole.
  5. It was abandoned at the start of the year. With the introduction of flying cars and teleportation, nobody needs the highway anymore. But one night when a couple is too lost, they landed on the deserted highway and drive home. Little did they know, there was a reason that the highway was abandoned. It was the highway to Hell.
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  6. From horizon to horizon, barren desert stretched out beneath a serene blue sky, belying the smoldering heat of a merciless sun. Not a moving thing was to be seen, not even so much as the faint rustle of a small cactus in a gentle breeze. The only interruption to the endless waste was a road, a broad highway cut bravely across the still, treacherous expanse, the only hope of salvation for the lost in search of a way out. Yet any who found themselves there might have wept at such a false hope, for an abandoned road of endless miles was as much a sentence to death as the wilderness to either side of it.
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    A World of Darkness scavenger hunt for 5 thrill-seekers

    Highway 14, New Mexico, a back road to Santa Fe. The Turquoise Trail, some people call it, after the minerals mined here since the 1800s; a stretch of ghost towns and beautiful, lonely landscapes. A lost route even for the locals, but no place is too remote for geocaching.
    "When you see sharp peaks piercing the sky, look for me under the juniper tree 35.382553 -106.170845"
    Turns out WalksLikeThem sent the PM to all five of you, and is the reason for your meeting IRL, the reason you're out on this baking stretch of road in DarkMatter's jeep, straining against fading light to see when the Sandia mountains come into least HurricaneJane is sure it's the Sandia mountains you guys are looking for; she grew up in Santa Fe you see.
    Scylla has been checking the forums incessantly since the PMs; she's the most concerned out of all of you. WalksLikeThem hasn't logged on since he sent the messages. Come to think of it, you're not even sure if he's a he. You spend a good deal of the journey in speculation, and sharing what you know about Them. Dark points scratch at the horizon. Aviator says you're nearly here, according to the GPS; he leans out the open window looking for a spot of dark green.
    "Guys! Check your messages!" exclaims Scylla. Everyone but DarkMatter scrambles for smartphones - he's busy navigating onto a dirt road towards a little copse.
    "You're too late, but I left you a little something. If you hurry you'll find me with the Nimerigar."
    Another message. Another set of coordinates. A little something indeed glints bright and white among the scrub grass, and suddenly everything feels less like a game.
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  8. In a Mad-Max like setting, a cruel warlord rules a group of wasteland tribes with an iron fist. When a rebellion is crushed, and his wrath is kindled, he leaves each tribe with an ultimatum: bring forth their best Road Warrior to compete in a death-defying tournament of roaring engines and screaming metal, built along a winding highway. The winning tribe will be spared, while the losers will be destroyed. The result is a chaotic mess of alliances, deceptions, sabotage, post-apocalyptic violence, and human determination.
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  9. The highway between Odessa and Midland Texas is a long stretch of road, flat and straight with nothing in sight but cactus and scrub oaks for as far as the eye can see. During the day it is a long stretch of nothing that most travel as fast as possible to get to the other end. At night though, it is eerie and the sound of far off coyote calls and scampering things is distracting even over the sound of a car's engine purring along at high speeds.

    One night I was making that drive from my college campus to visit a friend in Midland, when I got a flat tire. It was nearly ten PM and there were no other cars on the road. Grabbing my cell phone I made a call to my friend and then to AAA. I sat in my car listening to the sounds around me afraid to get out because...spiders...BIG spiders. Just sitting there though was just as bad since my imagination tends to get a bit out of control when I'm alone. I was sure there were aliens watching me by the time the AA guy got there. It was by far the longest twenty minutes of my life.
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