Plot Challenge: A Dark and Winding Path

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: A Dark and Winding Path
  2. A group of college students made camp in a mysterious forest for the night. It was Halloween that day and the thought of going into a forest alone was all they could come up as some 'fun'. They had heard news of the forest being haunted but what they didn't know is what hunted the forest. The setting is at night day just when they arrived and excited to do some searching these group of friends decided to do some 'exploring'. They came a cross a really dark path in the middle of the forest and stopped...Suddenly aware of the noises that filled the once still forest, and also the shadows that began to dart around the small group. No one could see anything solid. These monsters have been hungry for a long time and here these kids were, making a meal of themselves.
  3. The trees creaked ominously in the strong wind as he crawled in the dirt, his battered body shooting agonizing signals to his brain as he tried to find shelter. He knew he should have listened his mother, that he should not have strayed from the path. Now the forest was against him, the previously wide and bright path leading to the village not narrow and dark. He was lost and the forest was decidedly intent in becoming his grave.

    He only wanted a short-cut to get back home earlier, but now he would never again see the light of day. As a great root strangled the poor, foolish man, the old Forest of the Lost made another victim.
  4. I've been down this way before, Red.
    No, its not dangerous. Promise. Plenty of times, stop worrying.
    No, we're not lost. There are a bunch of trees that look like that.
    We're not lost, I know where I'm going.
    Sure? Of course I'm sure.
    Of course the area doesn't change after dark. Where did you even hear that?
    We're nearly there, okay?
    What do you mean 'it all looks the same?' Of course it does, its a forest.
    Okay, we might be lost.
    I know, I know. We should've taken the long way.
    Well, at least we don't have wolves in this forest.
    What do you mean 'heavily populated?'
    Did you hear that?
    I don't know, anywhere, somewhere they can't reach.
    That tree, right there.
    What do you mean 'you can't climb trees?' You better learn fast, Red.
    Come on.
    They're getting closer.
    Red, They're under us.
    Be quiet! They might hear you and try to climb the tree.
    What are you taunting them for!?
    They can't climb but they can wait for us to get down.
    Red, what are you doing!?
    I thought you said you couldn't climb?
    Wait, don't leave me up here!
    Red!! Come back!
    At least bring me something to eat!!
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  5. She'd run away. Couldn't take it anymore. So much yelling. So much fighting. It never ended. She didn't know where she was going. It was cold, but it was quiet.
    She jumps. She didn't do that. Who did then?
    She looks to her left. They're all around her.
    A cry is heard through the wood.

    She's not dead? They watch her. Is she supposed to do something?
    This pain. What is it. She's changing. Into a monster? No. Something better than a human. A werewolf.
  6. A dark and winding path

    Once you seek it, you are already lost.

    Only if you are truly desperate or utterly apathetic will you find the unique weave around this trunk or that, drifting and spiraling until you've left the physical world behind altogether.

    At the first footstep upon the true path, you've yearned for something more in your life. What is the void? What is pulling you on, do you even know?

    After a minute, you look about, pleading for some ethereal being to come and show you the way. Someone IS watching you, no? You feel as if all this journey was meant to be.

    Once you can no longer see the daylit real world back from whence you came, you are sure the forest or its guardians are calling you on, welcoming you and urging you to become one of them.

    When you've lost track of how long you've been walking, on and on amid the grey without time or tire, lost in the peace of the damp and gloom, you no longer care whether the spirit of the forest has you for its chosen cherished one or its prey.

    By time you believe the path has no end, you are already one with oblivion.

    (( Ode to what I wished would happen during a walk, when I was in junior high ))
  7. A traveling man passes by a small town, barely scarce except for a few villagers.
    They warn the traveler as he passed through, to beware of the forest
    He did not listen, for he had to pass through it to go on.

    He came to the end of the village
    At the bottom of a mountain
    A long and winding path
    Leading to a dark forest.

    He tread on

    .... Out of the Village
    .... Up the Mountain
    .... Down the Path
    .... Into the forest

    The darkness in the forest grew and grew
    Swallowing him up, the darkness around his eyes grew

    He was in the forest
    Silence hugged his ears
    He stared down the path, a dark figure he had seen
    He approached eagerly, willing to meet another soul engulfed in the darkness.

    He came closer to it, and as he did to his surprise was nothing more than a tree
    A tree shaped as a mans skinny figure. Observing the tree he noticed its bark made a horrible face, as if in pain, howling to be free.
    He left the tree where it was and continued forward.
    After what felt like hours walking through the path he had seen a dark figure....
    It possibly couldn't be.... He ran to the figure that was of course the tree once again, greeting the traveler with the same agonizing face.
    The traveler runs through the path, meeting the same face a third time around.
    He decides to go back in the direction of the village, but to see him once again was the tree.

    The traveler spent what seemed to be centuries....
    Forever trapped
    Running through a Dark and winding path,
    Only to be met by his friend
    The tree with a pain graving face
    Every. Time. Around.
  8. I walked down the darken path.
    There I saw the aftermath.
    Grass one high; now laid bare.
    Forever gripped by harvester snare.

    A windy path riddled with loss
    Between a rock and some moss.
    A sign of life the; sycthe had spared.
    Meant not for any man to bear.

    Two flowers grow by the creek.
    A subtle sight, beauty meak.
    Petals unfurled I listen to scythe.
    Though he be far we share this life.
  9. Deep inside an underground complex, two women and two men stood in front of a large terminal, their figures obscured by the combat armour they were wearing. While the shapes of their armour was the same, the decorations on them were different: one of the men had glowing, yellow stripes running all over the surface, giving him a futurustic appearance, while the other had intertwining, blue rings painted on his armour that weaved a chainmail pattern. One woman had red highlights on her armour in strange places, making it as if she was only a ridiculously well-decorated and well-scaled doll, while the other had green shapes running all over her gear, creating frighteningly strange pictures. Because of this, they seemed as if they were a part of a greater whole, while being individuals in their own right, which was not far from the truth.

    "The analysis should be complete in a few minutes," said the man in the yellow-striped armour. "But I do not think that the results will be statisfactory."
    "Whatever results we get, it will be statisfactory," said the woman whose armour was decorated by the green shapes. "There is simply no way that so much data and so much invested time will not have a reward."
    "I think he is talking about something else," said the man with the blue chainmail pattern on his armour.
    "Oh yes," agreed the woman with the doll-like armour. "He refers to the fact that the simulation will have unexpected results. Not the fact that it will be a failure."

    The man in the yellow-striped armour simply nodded to that statement, which caused a pregnant silence to fall on the group, as everyone was wondering what were the results going to be. Were they going to be favourable? Horrible? Perhaps even-world-shattering? They had simply no way to know until the world's first accurate fortune-teller program continued running on the world's largest computer, probably the only machine that would ever be capable of running it. Of course, all four people knew that to predict the future perfectly was simply impossible, yet, they have still attempted to do it in the light of recent events. For one year, they have worked on this program, gathering data and running simulations of the past events with it, making sure it would be as accurate as possible. They have poured all their expertise and knowledge into it.

    Then, the results arrived, and the mysterious figures could not help but stare at the display in front of them with sheer disbelief. The results displayed there were not amongst the outcomes they have predicted. After all, nobody could have predicted that the current state of the world would eventually result in a nuclear war in merely about ten years' timie. Nobody could have even thought that the ruling parties were as short-sighted as to allow something like that, but despite all evidence, the results of the machine displayed just exactly that.

    "Is this really accurate?" asked the man with the blue chainmail pattern on his armour.
    "Yes, of course it is," answered the man, whose armour was decorated by yellow stripes. "I have made sure that I entered the correct factors and I triple-checked the program. There are no glitches that I know of, nor are there calculation errors. This is the state the world will end in if there is nothing done against it."
    "But what can we do against the whole world?" asked the woman with the green shapes on her armour.
    "Simple," answered the woman with the doll-like armour. "We must become the enemies of the world. We must create a threat that is greater than any of the major players on the field. We must teach everyone how to cooperate."
    "Yes," nodded the man with the yellow stripes on his armour. "But it will not be an easy road, for even though many have started along this path, they have never made it to the end. They always fell to the world somewhere in the middle of the path. We, though, have to make it to the end, for if the world has no longer anything to fight against, then it will fight against itself."