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Hi. So I'm giving this a try. I've only done it once before and it did not work. Maybe this time I'll be more specific and find the right partner.

My free time varies, some days I have a lot of time on my hands, other times I barely have time to sit. This is why I always say posting is once a week. And given that the holidays are around the corner, I probably won't reply as fast as I usually do. But, if the story is too good and my partner is inspiring me with his/her replies then I'll write more often. I write at advance level, between 3-5 paragraphs, usually. I dbl check for spelling errors and do my best grammatically. English is my second language, I'm Latina, so I ask that you be a little patient if you noticed any errors. Feel free to point them out so that I can make corrections.

If you need extra time to reply, be courteous and let me know, so that I'm not left wondering if you have disappeared on me. I do check the site daily, I'm pretty good at replying to questions and private messages fairly quickly. Replying to roleplays takes a little longer, like I said.

  • I prefer our roleplay be on the forum. I don't use PM's for roleplaying only for plotting and discussion.
  • I'm not into smut writing. I rather not do it so don't ask me please.
  • Romance is okay but it should never be the main plot. It can be part of the character's life, like having a husband/wife/boyfriend, but properly discussed before we even get into it.
  • Physical intimacy between characters, if it happens, should fade to black. Suggesting it happened is fine, describing how it happened not fine.
  • And last personal preference is that you be 18+ plus. The older you are the more comfortable I will be.

Having said all that, let's talk about what I promised in the title, plot candies: These are plots I really want to roleplay. But if you have an idea of your own feel free to share it.

    • Apocalyptic: One of, if not, my favorite genre. Why? Because is like a sandbox, there is so much we can do, and so much emotion can be explored with characters living in this environment.

    Plot (Zombies): I'm a huge fan of the TWD so naturally I want to do a zombie apocalypse. But I want to do it like Fear The Walking Dead instead. We play a family trying to survive the onset of the zombie apocalypse. We'll each divide family members, family roles, and play them against this unfolding plot. Additionally we'll be living in NYC. I just have this vision of us running through the NYC subway - imagine how scary that would be.

    • Sci Fi: My second favorite genre. I like sci-fi-horror themes too.

    Plot (Destiny): What would you do if you discover a time machine? Would you go to the past and try and fix the one thing you think ruined your life? Or, will you opt to go to the future because the future is so much more promising? No matter what you decide one thing will follow you, Destiny...and He is very angry with you. (I'll play destiny).

    • Horror-Drama: Combining genres is always fun. I'm craving to play vampires, but I want to play vampires based on the Ann Rice vampires. If you are familiar with the books and then you might like what I have in mind. Also, for the sake of added drama we'll both be playing males.

    Plot (Vampires): Two newly made vampires find themselves wandering the world alone. Unaware of one another by chance they find one another, or rather one finds the other and begins to stalk them. I'm not sure what will happen here, the plot is open for development.

I'll update as needed.
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Hello fellow Latina!
I'm interested in the vampire plot. I love Anne Rice's vampires.
Lestat lover here! I've read every book although its been a while since I last read them.
Vampires are my favorite to RP so shoot me a PM when you can.
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