Plot candies (mxm)

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  1. -none atm-
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  2. Hiya!

    I would be interested in either the first or third idea if you haven't found another partner for them.
  3. They're both free
  4. Ok, I think I have a character for the the first idea that would fit nicely. Would you like me to send you a character sheet?
  5. sure, which character would you be playing? and what is your fancy, mxm, fxf or mxf?
  6. I would like the assassin if that's ok?

    as for pairing, I'm better at playing male roles and I really don't have much interest in fxf, so I would prefer mxm if that's alright?
  7. all sounds good to me, would you like me to play seme, uke or seke
  8. I think seke would fit a little better then a straight one or the other. ((And I begrudgingly admit that I had to look that last one up lol))
  9. that's okay I only know it because yaoi's always been my fav to rp ^^
  10. lol, Yeah I only really started doing mxm a few months ago and quickly fell in love with it. I'll send you the character sheet momentarily.
  11. If the plot 3 is still open, I'd like to try ^_^
  12. Plot 2 seems quite interesting. :)
  13. @Kyrion Plot 3's yours if you want it just tell me what pairing you'd like, what role you'd like to play and if you'd like it to be mxm, mxf or fxf

    @That Butler plot 2 is open so dido to what's up there ^
  14. Thanks, I want it! Do you prefer discussing the details here, or through PMs?
  15. I'd like to be the magician, and I'd prefer MxM. I'd also like my character to be the more submissive of the two when it comes to activities in bed, but otherwise he won't be acting all that submissive. If that's all right.

    Basically, I'm swinging it as the magician being an inhabitant of the world he sent your character two.
  16. sounds cool
  17. UPDATED! ^^
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