Plot Bunny Wars; The Miki Awakens.

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Should I force myself to become more active?

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  1. Yes!

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  2. If you want to, sure!

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  3. Eh... Yeah...?

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  4. I really couldn't care.

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  5. Not really, no.

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  7. Oh look, button.

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  1. Ae'yup, we're at this page again.

    I honestly won't be surprised if this hurr' request is near-identical to another one I stuck out there somewhere but muhh!
    MUHH, I SAY!

    Anywho, basically I'm just taking some time to get down a real quick request before I head on to sleep for the night. More or less to see if the possibility to create a Roleplay is still available to my feeble existence.
    Yeah, FEEBLE!

    It's no secret I am prone to very long, very random spells of inactivity and not-responding-ness.
    Please note; that is not of my own fault.
    I blame the Ferrets, they always eat my internet.

    As things stand, I have not once dropped a single roleplay in my entire career, a solid...
    Twenty minus...
    Well, maybe when I was the usual newbie. (Not implying anything, I swear it!)

    Regardless, all of my interests are forthemostpart on my Roleplay Resume, though as things stand I'll likely upgrade that in the morning.

    Finally! The end!
    If thou, the reader, has any questions, concerns, or a random fish slap to the face, you may contact me via whatever means are most comfortable with thee.

    And for those of you in the EST time zone at the time of this post.
    GO TO BED! D:<
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  2. I should go to bed, but...meh. Why can't I ever listen to sound advice?

    Anywho, nice to meet cha! I read your Roleplay Resume, and since I also tend to go MIA, I thought "why not ask this cool sounding person to do an rp with me?" (feel free to call me a kiss-up). Therefore, following that train of thought, the idea of a fantasy-apocalyptic rp sounds interesting to me- what do ya think?
  3. ...
    Ye' Kiss up, snoogin' up to someone who hardly even understand what they're talking about, how dare you!?

    Enough of my horridly processed insults, whichImean100% I suppose it's time we get down to business, Ja?
    I know I already seem rushed, I'm actually doing a bad thing and sneaking in some Iwaku time while at work.
    Don't slack off at work, kiddos. It hits ya'. It hits ya' right in the paycheck.

    I would honestly prefer that we start the planning and whatnot in a Conversation, for ease of access really, though that's entirely up to you.
    I do have a character I've been using a lot recently out of site, and if you would permit it, I'll go on ahead and edit her to the point where she actually applies to Iwaku.

    I don't know at this very moment.
    Very hungry.
    Can't brain.
  4. What can I say? I'm a risk taker~

    Starting a Conversation would be fine, and you using the pre-made character is also permitted! (since i'm just a big softie).

    We'll figure it out together
    I hope you've eaten

    I should be writing an easy right now
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