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  1. I've had some plot bunnies I'd like to do. If any of these interest you let me know so we can get something started. I would like for these to be plot heavy and while sex will be a part of it, it will not be the point of it.

    1. Set in the world of Fallout, an androgynous individual who goes by the name of Zombie catches the attention of your character while heading to Megaton. Zombie has an unusually cheery disposition for someone who lives in the wastes and this intrigues your character. Zombie is hired by a man in Megaton to deliver a message to Tenpenny Tower however he request that the man hire someone to go with him due to how far away the tower is. Your character offers their assistance and they adventure together. This could also be tweaked to be a group RP.

    2. A group of wildly diverse characters find each other, decide there's strength in numbers, and run from their own individual problems. These characters can literally be anything and so can what they're running from. I would like for at least one anthro character because the world this would be set in would be a futuristic type society with a number of humanoid races. The group becomes very close and romance happens.

    3. An any pairing RP that revolves around a budding romance with two very awkward people. They could be just weird people with weird habits and personalities or awkward stuff just happens to them. (Braces catch in pubic hair, accidentally sends a sext to an ex, trying to RP in bed and failing, )
  2. I would love to do your third idea ^^
  3. Great! Could you tell me what part interested you? The weird people idea or the awkward accident one? Also, do you have an idea for a character?

    Also, to anyone else I'm still open to do the other RPs.
  4. Honestly the thing that drew me to it is that it reminds me of how me and my bf met to awkward people ^-^ So i thought it would be rather fun to do.
  5. Haha! By the way, I'm new here and I'm not completely sure what the next step for this is. Do I created an OOC thread? =w=;;
  6. it's fine ^^ I will start a pm for us and we can chat there and I am happy to help you set up anything on the site I more or less know how everything works ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.