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  1. Okay, so I had(/have) a few plot bunnies stuck in my head for a while and I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in roleplaying them with me? You don't have to, but if you could, that'd be wonderful! I'd love to make some new friends here, and some new potential roleplaying partners. I accept any form of coupling, be it hetero or homosexual. Here are a few of my plots (warning, some might be overused and clich├Ęd):
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    Character A and Character B are friends (how close exactly is up to my partner). A has been hit by a vehicle of some sort on B's birthday. Before B gets the call about A, they were actually wondering why A wasn't at their party quite yet. When B arrives at the hospital they began to grow increasingly worried. B is constantly visiting A and B soon realizes their true feelings (strong platonic or romantic feelings are up to my partner, but romance with me is preferred.). B is relieved when A wakes up, and soon has a rather deep conversation with A. If romance has been chosen, feelings are confessed after a period of time.
    Homeless Neko (or a kind of -mimi in general)​
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    Character A is a neko (or any kind of -mimi in general) and is homeless. Character B is on their way home from work when they notice people ridiculing A for being inhuman and so B stands up for them. Afterwards, B starts walking home again and A starts following them. After failed attempts of B trying to get rid of A, B begrudgingly takes A in and takes care of them. (Blossoming romance is optional.)

    I Beg Your Hate
    {Based off of [K] / K Project a little}
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    Character A is obsessed with Character B, but B wants nothing to do with A despite the fact they used to be best friends. A one day finds B getting in a fight with someone A knows B can't handle. Before B can get beaten up, A runs in and takes all of the blows for B. B must take care of A for an allotted amount of time whether B likes it or not because they owe A big time. Whether romance becomes an issues for B is optional. (I think you can see the recurring theme here, I love and am best at romance. But once again, I will not force it on my partner).

    Have any other ideas or plot bunnies to throw at me? Go right ahead! You're also more than welcome to add to my plots. :3 I hope to roleplay with anyone of you soon!

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  2. ... I can't explain it but I am inexplicable drawn to the homeless Neko plot. (Probably because I have been itching to role play as/with a Neko because it's something new!) Mainly because I instantly though of my character Vincent ( ) just randomly showing up at his home with his new friend. Much to his father's annoyance. I think since I have never played a Neko it would be best if I played the human who's learning about them as we go ya?
  3. I'm fine with either character being played by me, so if you'd like to be the human, that is fine. //smiles; So, before one of us starts, would you like the coupling to be straight or homosexual? As I said in my first post, either is fine by me. And who would you like to start? If you would like me to, it might not be until tomorrow that I can start it, so that's why I asked.

    Vincent's rather attractive, by the way! I like the way he looks. You don't really see very many tan characters (at least if you're me anyway.), so it's a refreshing change.
  4. Well that's up to you as far as pairing (yay romance possibilities!!) because Vincent (aka Vinny) is bi. I normally go for mxf but if it's alright I'd rather it be mxm. Seeing as Vinny's parents think he's straight. I'm thinking a journey about Vinny helping your character get on their feet and building their confidence up. And your character help him come out to his parents.

    We can start it tomorrow, since I have to get to bed soon. I have work in the morning so I wont be able to write an opening post either. >_< I just saw your post and had to reply! :D So it dunna matter who writes it.

    And yus. :3 I have seen a surplus of white characters. Vincent is half white, half african american. I'm glad you think he's attractive in the pic! =^_^= I'm not overly fond of the art myself but it was the best scribble I had of him uploaded lol.
  5. M/M is a-okay with me (it's actually what I am most comfortable with/prefer)! And I'd like those ideas of yours to be added onto the plot, it'd most definitely spice it up.

    And yeah, I have to go to bed too (ugh bedtimes). But then again I love sleep, so why am I complaining? //chuckles; Anywho, I'll write the opening post as soon as I can since you have work, if that's okay.

    A lot of my characters are Caucasian or Asian or a mix of both. I don't know why, that's just always been the case. But yeah, I genuinely like Vincent. I can't wait to get to know him in the roleplay. And that art is just fine, it's better than what I can do anyhow. C:

    Well, I must take my leave for the night. Sleep well and have a good day at work tomorrow! I'll write the starter asap and see you then. Bye!
  6. i like the Coma one a lot.. though i'm not sure how charie A will have much to rp.
  7. Good point. I actually got that plot from a story similar to it, and I know the person in the coma had somewhat of a part in the story... I think we'd have to discuss it and make it work somehow? But I'm glad you like the plot. C:
  8. haha Yay.. well.. my idea was that A kind of has a out of body experience.. (OBE for short) while their in a coma
  9. Out of body experience is a wonderful idea. By an OBE though do you mean they're outside of their body and watching the events around their body occur or...?
  10. yeah basically their spirit is watching and they can't really do anything. Their like a ghost but not really.
  11. Sounds good with me~! c:
  12. do u mind being and and would u post first?
  13. are you still interested?
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