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  1. As I'm really bored, and would like a darker slice of rp, I have a few plots that anyone can fill~
    Both are fairly dark in nature, so be wary if you want fluffy happy romance adventure.

    Plot one-

    Most have heard the story of Bloody Mary, the fictional entity that resides behind the mirrored images, waiting for the chant to release her spirit on some unsuspecting victim. But do you know the real Bloody Mary? In the older ages, there once was a woman; so malicious was she, and so deranged was she, that she gave way to her nickname, being known for kidnapping young women to drain their blood and bathe in it. She was no woman, in fact, but a monster. A monster in human form, although as such, most monsters are, in fact, human. However, this woman is dead. She has been long dead. There is no paranormal entity here..or so it seems.

    You see, a month ago, young ladies began disappearing again, from around the country of France. All are around the same age, late teens to early twenties, and they all seem to disappear around the same time each month. Around the nights of the full moon. Is this a strange coincidence? Possibly. But the locals have begun to fear for their lives, as men even began disappearing, all still around the same age. And it isn't uncommon to find droplets of their blood around where they slept the night before. Strangely though, the only DNA they pick up from it is from the people who disappeared..

    This is where our story begins. Its dark. So dark. It reeks of metal and the grime that covers the walls of where you are is becoming unbearably thick, turning once clean skin into a grotesque show of brown and black. Bars cage you and another into your cage, and this other person can either be an asset to your mental health, or be the thing that tears you apart; mentally, or physically. Screams can be heard down the hall that leads to such a dark dungeon, and sometimes the people are led back, looking much worse than before. Some aren't led back at all. You don't know when you will live or die, or where you are or why you are here, but you do know one thing. You're next for whatever lies behind these halls of terror. Your screams will be what paint the room with disgruntlement. Mayhaps you shall find the one doing this, or maybe even escape, but it is unlikely. One thing you should remember though: Don't let them drain any of your blood.

    So this one will be between a man and a woman. The man is crazy and believes in reviving madam bathory (bloody Mary) by using the blood of those he kidnaps. He kidnaps this woman, however, and becomes obsessed with keeping her alive, never quite killing her as he tortures and plays with her. No horribly torturous play here though. Ripping out things and using horrible pain are no nos. Anyway though, ideas are welcome on this one.

    Plot 2-
    (This one is shorter and simpler)

    A slave girl in a fictional universe is found by a group of ruffians who take her and use her as they please, forcing her to cook, clean up after them, and more. One of the men takes a liking to her and tries to help her escape, failing to do so. He ends up killed and she ends up in the hands of a cruel leader, who keeps her in their hideout bound and unable to leave, due to her constant attempts at escape. Love can either befall both in a strange way, or they continue to go against each other until one gives in.

    Any other plots are welcome. I'm looking for a M, as I play female. Pm if interested.
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