Plight of Orien, the lost son

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  1. Good Evening/Morning. I am Nighteh, and I want to introduce a roleplay I have been planning for almost two years now and it's just in the birthing stages so bare with me. My plots, when created, don't come to life until I think I have come close to perfecting it. So, here it is, and PLEASE do not steal my ideas.


    1785; a dark time on the planet called Orien. Unlike earth's creatures, the animals and species that live upon this planet would be seen as myths on earth. The creatures that dominate are called Esperners, their blood running various of colours. It's capital country, Allorian, is under a tyrannical king Ladar, who over threw the loved King and Queen Greyfond. The night the Greyfond family were slaughtered, Marlynn, the King's oldest son, Taliek (Tah-leak), fled with nine year old Marcus, his baby brother. He knew of his parent's fate and knew he had to save his bloodline. The two brothers had ran for almost three years without being caught, working as rangers alongside their teenage leader Darious Knight, a daring and brave man. One night, Taliek finally earned his ranger name and went on the rebellion raid with Darious. But things went wrong, and Taliek never returned. When Darious and what was left of the raiding party returned, it was a woman named Aria Wing that informed young Marcus, while supporting a heavily injured Darious. From that day on, instead of hating Darious, he vowed he would either save his brother or avenge him. He trained hard, and for thirteen years, Darious, Aria and Marcus worked as a team, building an army strong enough to over throw the king and send Taliek into his rightful place as king. But the battle would be gruesome, and many many loses would be felt. Families will be shattered, torn, and destroyed. This world might end up in the fate's hands, or be destroyed all together. But light must be lit in total darkness. Already much blood of this world has been spilled, the
    rebellion losing. The rangers are being sought out and killed, informants are everywhere. Soon, it is only the three rangers and four others, refusing to give into the wrath of Ladar. They now stand in between Ladar and his plans to destroy this world and the next. Now Ladar knows that there is another son of Greyfond alive, he eagerly seeks his blood.

    Marcus and Aria are open to play, though you may create your own character and I urge you to.

    The one who plays as Marcus; you are not more powerful then any other person. You just play a key role in this roleplay.

    Aria; just a warning; she is Darious's love interest and hinted that he is her's. I will be playing as Darious.

    I'm not going to ask if you want to post a background, those are best roleplayed out.

    Light: Against the king
    Dark: With the king


    Mages (all sorts are welcomed)
    Paliden (dark and light)
    Dark Knight
    Death Knight
    Any type of mage
    Any others you may come up with that are not listed.

    Simple form to fill when joining (just post on this thread):

    Side(Light, Dark):
    Eye/Hair Colour:

    Here's Mine:

    Name: Darious Knight
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Side(Light, Dark): Light
    Eye/Hair Colour: Blue/Redish brown
    Race/Species: Elven
    Class: Ranger
  2. May I ask, cause this is interesting and I'm rarely interested in historical fantasy, What are the abilities of a death knight, dark night, thief, and ranger?
  3. Ooh this looks cool. Can I join?
  4. Of course! The more the merrier
  5. D'evil:

    Death Knight: Is not evil nor good. He/she is kind of like a paliden, only elite and very powerful. They are the equal mix between a mage and a warrior, and have untold dark and light auras.

    Dark Knight: The purely evil knight, reverse of that of a paliden. Same thing as a dark paliden, they cause chaos and are generally really strong, and hold the abilities, however not as powerful as that of a death knight's, of mage and warrior

    Thief: These are tricky classes, there are many forms to them. They are best at well, thieving from people and are cunning tricksters, with a lot of dexterity and agility. They've speed on their side.

    Ranger: The good doers. They are often portrayed as honourable thieves as well as rebellion. They hold a creed, a strict one at that.

    I am adding new classes soon.
  6. I see alot of new blood here, and a decently straightforward goal outlined. If this takes enough interest, i might just have to lend my expertise. Good job, Nighteh.
  7. Hmm interested. And who you calling new blood desaecula. O.o
  8. Though I thank you for your compliment, I am far from a new blood.
  9. Your stats say otherwise, But I won't question that, or repeal that i love this Rp Idea.
  10. My stats on this site. But I've roleplayed other places, thus why I said that I am no newbie to roleplaying.
  11. i want a part of ita
  12. That's great, can you fill out the form?
  13. Hmm, I'm not sure who I want to be. :P
  14. Hm, what peeks your interest the most? I can help you build a character.
  15. Alrighty I shall have a profile up soonish hopefully :)
  16. Name: Bo'ssa Barbarus
    Gender: Male
    Side(Light, Dark): mostly Light
    Eye/Hair Colour: One crimson, one Violet
    Race/Species: Orsimmer ( Orc )
    Class: Deathknight-
    Other: Bossa doesn't care much for haveing to make choices. light or dark, magic or melee, pork or beef. Irritable on the best of days, the man just doesnt care much for people... except when that people is a tyranical overlord killing HIS people... then bossa gets angry, goes to war, almost get's killed, and winds up employing magic instead of just might to save his green arse. a few months after that traumatic experience finds him with the only group still willing to bury their swords in Ladar's scrawny hide.
  17. Name: Valdeka Lightfinger (Val for short)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Side(Light, Dark): Light
    Eye/Hair Colour: Red hair, bright green eyes.
    Race/Species: Human
    Class: Fire Mage
    Other: Val is a very powerful mage, however he can't control his spells too well and can usually end up simply blowing something up instead of having his fire do what he wants it to.
  18. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................
    Sounds good to me.

    : Name: Samuel Ivory
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Side(Light, Dark): Dark
    Eye/hair color: Red eyes, silvery hair.
    Race/Species: Human
    Class: Dark mage
    Other: Samuel is an extremely powerful mage, working straight from king Ladar's orders. He is most skilled at defence, using his opponent's attacks against them, and manipulating the shadows. He is not, however, skilled at direct offensive magic.