Plight of Orien, the lost son

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  1. Good Evening/Morning. I am Nighteh, and I need a roleplay partner. Preferably one that isn't too relatively new to roleplaying (though I have no problem teaching newer roleplayers the ropes of roleplaying). I want to introduce a roleplay I have been planning for almost two years now and it's just in the birthing stages so bare with me. My plots, when created, don't come to life until I think I have come close to perfecting it. So, here it is, and PLEASE do not steal my ideas.


    1785; a dark time on the planet called Orien. Unlike earth's creatures, the animals and species that live upon this planet would be seen as myths on earth. The creatures that dominate are called Esperners, their blood running various of colours. It's capital country, Allorian, is under a tyrannical king Ladar, who over threw the loved King and Queen Greyfond. The night the Greyfond family were slaughtered, Marlynn, the King's oldest son, Taliek (Tah-leak), fled with nine year old Marcus, his baby brother. He knew of his parent's fate and knew he had to save his bloodline. The two brothers had ran for almost three years without being caught, working as rangers alongside their teenage leader Darious Knight, a daring and brave man. One night, Taliek finally earned his ranger name and went on the rebellion raid with Darious. But things went wrong, and Taliek never returned. When Darious and what was left of the raiding party returned, it was a woman named Aria Wing that informed young Marcus, while supporting a heavily injured Darious. From that day on, instead of hating Darious, he vowed he would either save his brother or avenge him. He trained hard, and for thirteen years, Darious, Aria and Marcus worked as a team, building an army strong enough to over throw the king and send Taliek into his rightful place as king. But the battle would be gruesome, and many many loses would be felt. Families will be shattered, torn, and destroyed. This world might end up in the fate's hands, or be destroyed all together. But light must be lit in total darkness.

  2. Hey, I'm interested in this :) mind telling me a bit more plot wise like how it will start and progress?
  3. Not at all.

    More about the plot?

    This dates back to 1785 in the world and universe of Orien, one universe away from earth's. Only their time difference is great; say it's 2012 here, it would be 1785 there. The same time of their plight of wars.

    Basically, Marcus Greyfonds (which I will not be playing him, I'm Darious in this) is the last of his bloodline after Taliek 'disappeared'. the battle rages between light and dark, and there is much more darkness in this world. Everything depends on assassinating King Ladar, whom is a viscous and cruel man. To fight him, what is left of the rangers have to gather up yet more allies, but on this planet, it's almost impossible. The army of Greyfond must join together to either kill Ladar or watch their world be destroyed by fire.

    There's action, obvious fantasy, romanc in it (however not mature if you are under age, or if you simply don't want a mature rp).
  4. Okay, so is it a onexone or a group? I'm actually in the Mature[A] membership so it can be mature. So who would I be playing as a female
  5. It could be either one on one or a group. Rather it be one on one, I can post on the mature rp. I'll send a link to the thread, I have to create it first.