Plesse help me.

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  1. I'm schizophrenic to the furthest degree.
  2. Then you should talk to a psychiatrist. o_o
  3. Er, yeah, the Counseling section is for seeking advice or a shoulder to cry on or a place to vent. If you feel like you have a serious mental health problem then you should seek out professional help rather than random people on the internet.
  4. Reiterating what @Jorick said, our Counseling section is not equipped to handle or tackle serious mental issues. All we can offer is our concern and advice that will likely not help you. Please seek out professional help - they are the ones that handle serious problems, not random strangers on the internet.
  5. Tch. I have 3 pyschiatrist and take powerful meds, chill.
  6. Forget this was ever posted, I was born alone, will die alone, but will always be Queen.
  7. I just want to point out here that you posted a thread called "Please Help Me." The content within said thread had one sentence. Hardly enough information to go on. The members on Iwaku are not qualified to handle these types of issues. Therefore, Kagayours, Jorick, and Hana were correctly handling this by explaining that if you truly feel like you have an issue and need help then you need to seek professional help. There would be no way for us to know you are already speaking to one or more.

    Furthermore, spite rating the posts isn't really necessary nor appropriate. If you wish you can delete this thread since you seem to no longer want it here.
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