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  1. Hey everyone. Like most of you I am looking for a new roleplay... or three... or five. ^_^ I can be pretty active at times but due to school and work there will be times when I won't be able to reply quite as much but I will try to warn you if that happens.

    There are a few plots that I'm interested in trying out but other than that here are some pairings that I want to try out with almost any kind of plot. The ones I'm most excited about are in blue. The person in the pairing I'm really hoping to play though this can be discussed and changed are in fuchsia.

    Oh! I should mention that I do all types of pairings and character types. Meaning I am not against furry, yuri, yaoi, straight, or a few things. Just let me know. :D

    University teacher x student aide
    Teacher x student
    Teacher x mentor teacher (a teacher put in place to guide a new teacher)
    Vampires x almost anything
    Werewolf x almost anything
    Nobility x peasantry
    Childhood friends
    Will consider others :D Throw them at me people!

    Possible Plots:
    In the School (New student x current student) : Taking place in a new, dorm style school. Entering a new university/school (depends on ages of characters) is never easy. It is even worse when you move to a new country. Will the new student be able to find a confidante in their new roommate/classmate, or will they be left to their own devices?

    Knightly Honor (Female knight x male knight) : In a time when women knights are slowly being shamed into the noble lady’s position at home—Enter Name Here does not bow down easily. When she is put under the command of a male knight with much less experience than her, she must either do as he says or risk losing her shield and her title. Will she bow or will they find an uneasy truce in which both are given the respect they deserve? When she is wounded by a stray arrow during a battle will he stand up for her against the critics that jump up and accuse her of being too weak for battle, or will he keep his silence because he may not want her around for a reason he doesn’t want to admit?

    Queen's Favor (Queen x lover) : It is well known that Royal couples are not always loyal to each other. When a Queen chooses to take a lover when her King starts to ignore her just to pay him back, what will happen if they begin to fall in love with each other for real? Will their relationship become more than queen and lover, or will she cut it off before it pushes her husband to some unwelcome reaction?

    Noble's Folly (Noble x Rebel Noble ) : Noble houses have married one another for ages. It is expected for many young nobles to spend time together and choose another house to join with their own in marriage—for the betterment of both houses, of course. What happens when two young nobles make a pact to marry one another even if it wasn’t for the best of both households because both are suspected of traitorous acts against their king and country? Will this bring the wrath of the king upon them, or will a simple vow of marriage protect both from a larger truth—that one of the houses is in fact planning a rebellion?

    Do I know you? (amnesiac x __________) : They can’t remember anything about their past. Clean slate as some say. When they go to a health spa in the middle of nowhere so they can try to remember their past, they run into the owner who swears up and down that they know the amnesiac. As they stay at the retreat, memories do start to return. Is the owner telling the truth, or are they just saying it to keep them there for some other darker reason?

    Vampire's Trust ( vampire x shapeshifter) :
    Date: December 12th 2019
    Vampires have appeared on the streets, officially becoming one of the Ruling Race as it has been renamed. They live much as any human would with one exception—their day is human’s night. Along with their revelation they reveal the race of shapeshifters that they have been using as guardians and slaves. Despite large outcries by the human population, they are here to stay. The next day vampire hunters from all over the world began to form groups and hunt the vampires that were most publically seen. Hundreds died during these, both innocent humans and vampires.

    In an emergency meeting the 7 Continent Nations (SCN) welcomed the vampire into the world and set up laws to protect the new species of creatures on their planet. While Vapmires hunters were regulated to go after only vampires that were seen taking blood for the joy of it and not for feeding purposes in a secure location, this did not stop many from attacking and often times killing vampires and humans they felt no longer were working for the good of the world.

    Shapeshifters, male and female humans with the ability to shift into the form of a different creature, were also regulated. They were not given the same status as that of the vampires (as actual races) and were often thought of as only slaves to the vampires. Will this be the case with a vampire that is saved by a rogue shapeshifter one night when she has all but given up on immortality?
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  2. Queen's Favor has truly caught my interest.
    I'd love to play the queen. :)
  3. Whee, I'll take more! :D Come one come all I'm not that scary I promise.
  4. im interested in rping with you :) pm me so we can discuss a plot for a Nobility x Pesant rp :D
  5. I'm interested in the Knightly Honor RP ^^
  6. Bump bump :D
  7. If you are interested we can discuss Vampires Trust.
  8. Urgh, you got me with Knightly Honor, m'dear, even though I promised myself to wait a bit until going down the smutty route O.O
  9. I'm liking the amnesiac idea, drop me a PM to talk it out?
  10. I'm interested in roping with you. Though it looks liked everyone else took the good plots pm me to discuss a new plot?
  11. Any chance you're still interested in the Vampire's Trust plot? :) I'd love to do that with you ^_^ PM me if you'd like to
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