Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Iwaku Community~

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  1. Pleasure to meet you all~

    I've been role-playing since I was fifteen, three years now so I am eighteen of course and, since the forum I come from, a place very dear to my heart is quiet often I figured I'd join up here and see if I can't improve myself during the slow period and meet new people aside from our small community.

    You can call me what you please, my name though is Zachary.

    English, Irish, Italian, Dutch is my heritage.

    Erm... Big interest in all warrior classes and a bit of a history buff on them depending on which I've studied up on.

    D: holy hell is that an auto-save feature as you write? <3 I love this place already.

    Anyway yes, excuse my random side-note there.

    Not quite sure what else to add to this.

    Martial Arts is my life, huge passion for writing, mainly tragedies. Something about how you're left deep in thought with a funny feeling, some how bittersweet? Is perhaps the word.

    Any advice is very much appreciated and I look forward to crafting grand stories with you all.

    I prefer realism role play though I'm not opposed in the least to a good fantasy story so long as it is well thought out.

    Cannot stand text talk and... Yeah that is all I can think of.

    Once more, an honor and a pleasure to join your community.

    ... And for those who know it. :"< You're gonna hate me already, The game. <3
  2. My My! Such words! :D

    So, you're like a kick ass, martial artist warrior of role plays? ...Yeah. You're in the right place. Welcome, by the way! I am Iliana, the Goddess of Fire whether you like it or not! >:]

    Auto-save is not the only awesome thing we have here! You haven't even scratched the surface! (yes, i am enjoying bragging. don't judge me.)

    If you need anything or just wanna bother me, swing me a message of sorts! Until then, enjoy all Iwaku has to offer!
    And yes, yes iwaku is the most awesome place on earth ^^ *Not bragging just saying facts*

    Welcome to iwaku, it seems that I don't need to hope for you to enjoy your stay here because it already seems that you are enjoying it xD hahah I'm certain that you will find some good role plays to join soon ;)

    You can check out the jump in section and see if you can find something funny to jump in to :9
    Or you can search for one x one partners in the one x one request thread.
    Or you can search after / create some roleplays in Sign ups and plot discussion or roleplay talk :9
    Or you could just surf around on the site and get to know it before doing anything ;)
  4. I don't have any useful advice, but welcome to the community anyway! >:3
  5. xD Thank you kindly my dear Fire Goddess, I've no complaints there~ And I wouldn't say kick-ass, maybe omnipotent warrior of role-plays? -Coughs into sleeve, talking self up.-

    Any-who! thank you~ I'm sure I'll love it here in Iwaku, and I'll probably be bothering you a fair bit, so please forgive my being a burden and thank you once more for the warm welcome.

    D: and Miss RedBlood, it's okay for her to brag! Tis a wonderful thing for one to take pride in what they are a part of and hook us newbies. -Wise nod.-

    I feel like a broken record with all the thank you's, xD but once more the welcome is very much appreciated Miss Diana.

    I'll be sure to look around and get acquainted with the forum, and there isn't a doubt in my mind many a topic on here shall catch my fancy.

    And once more, my apologies for not replying individually to each of your posts and so late. I was raging on LoL. Q.Q I lost. 15/7/2 and my team abandoned bottom lane to double mid. :"< yes enough of my geeky game-nerd talk.

    >:"O I... dunno what else to add so, once more a broken record. Thank you, and I hope I can at some point take part in a grand story with each of you.

    Have wonderful days, and have fun!
  6. Oh my~ He is Italian? X//x -weakness of the charms of Italians-

    Well, Welcome to Iwaku Zachy! My name is Satrina and it is a pleasure to meet you!
  7. Why thank you miss Satrina. xD And yes, Italian on my mothers fathers side. I'm a bit of a mutt.
  8. -blushes- ehh eh.. -at a loss for words-
  9. lol, Quite the charming lady. You've made my day. ^.^
  10. Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    We'll kidnap you to us before you even know it~
    You'll crave roleplaying here. ;]

    Anyway, since you're new to us and I don't know what style of forum you hail from, I shall provide you some help!
    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting!

    This isn't everything that the site has to offer (as Iliana said, you should explore!) but it's a reference for good places to start.
    If you have questions or need help, please feel free to ask.
  11. -gulps- A-anytime dear, I can not wait for you to come up with a Rp idea. I will be more than honored to be in it
  12. Thank you kindly miss Kitti. I'm glad you put them in links. This forum is much different from the one I learned role play on, and have felt a bit intimidated. Feel like a country kid on his first visit to a city. The forum I come from is strictly realism and known as Aloria, it is it's own world with a timeline of what would be the Meiji Era in Feudal Japan.

    It's quite small and more a close-knit community. Only a handful of members, all good friends. :") I hope to make many friends here on Iwaku.
  13. It may take me a short while before I'm accustomed to things and feel comfortable enough to begin posting, ^.^ but it would be a great pleasure if you would join in on what topic I start in the future.
  14. -nods slowly- Will do. You just have to let me know
  15. I most certainly will. Thank you kindly miss Satrina.
  16. Welcome to the site, again. Or did I welcome you before? I don't remember, anyways. If you need any help we can all help you out in any way possible, at least I know another Italian upon the site besides myself, makes me feel all comfortable and what not. Yes, quite tired right now so excuse my very, very dull post.
  17. Welcome to Iwaku. ^^

    I hope we aren't too intimidating. XD Iwaku too, has their own storyline, although we mix it up as well with other roleplays. I'm not too familiar with the story since I've just recently joined. But if you care to research it, check our Iwaku Mythos. Just a fair warning though, there's a lot to read. >.<

    I hope you'll feel well at home here.
  18. Thank you kindly Miss Clover, and not a dull post at all. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to write up a welcome for me while tired from your day. Thank you again, o.o and you didn't know I was part Italian?
  19. xD Perhaps a bit overly intimidating since I feel like a small-timer but, I'll adjust, and I very much appreciate you linking me to the storyline. It may be a lot to read, but I rather enjoy reading long subjects and thick books.

    Also, as you're new as well, though quite late, and odd coming from a newbie like myself, welcome to Iwaku and it is a pleasure to meet you Zen, and I must say I adore the name you chose.