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  1. Hello, everyone.

    The first post is always a complicated matter for me, thus please excuse the classic and most likely unoriginal style of my introduction.

    Alright, got that out of the way~ Glad to be here and meet your all! I hope this site will become one of my daily stops when strolling around the Internet universe and I will be sincerely happy to become friendly with everyone.

    If I had to describe myself, the first thing that comes to mind is "unrealistically realistic dreamer". I love imagining various worlds, characters and situations, but I may become chillingly serious a split-second later.

    I love animals and plan on becoming a veterinarian either with wildlife or domestic companion animals. That will not, however, stop me from getting published as an author! Hehe, worry not, for I will never steal anyone's idea, not intentionally of course. I use role-playing as a means of practicing either a concept for a character I wish to get used to, to further improve my writing capabilities or simply to relieve some stress off my shoulders. Regardless of my personal reasons, when in a role-play I tend to devote a part of me to it, a part of my heart, so to speak.

    Other things I fancy are anime, manga and languages. Lately I have been lagging behind in the anime department, yet I am an avid manga reader, with my current number one being "MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic". As for languages, I simply love exploring new cultures and their systems of communication. Thus I am open for a friendly conversation with any person from any corner of our little planet. Currently, I'm interested in learning Japanese and Czech and in improving my Russian skills.

    This post has gotten rather large for an introduction, thus I leave it to you to read through my profile regarding my role-play preferences. The only fact I wish to note is that I do not wish to be hassled to post on a tight schedule. So long as I am not pressed into a corner, I will make time for everything. We Sagittarians place freedom on a pedestal =3

    For the finale, I would like to say that I have the tendency to share at least one song per day in my posts and since I repeated one particular song while writing this, please, enjoy!

    ~Thank you for your time~
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  2. Let me just say that your introduction is ten times better than my own XD
    And welcome to Iwaku Headphones, awesome username btw!~
  3. Wow, I was actually meaning to respond to your return post after dinner. o.O Thank you very much for the compliment! I wish you the best of luck with your singing career! If you have a youtube channel with some of your songs, I will be glad to lend you an ear.
  4. And I weren't supposed to record my singing XD Well I only spoke the truth~
    Thank you very much^^ ah... I don't have a youtube acc where I upload my singing atm...
    But i have a soundcloud acc...
    I know it's not the best collection of the best songs in the world but they are nice^^
  5. Hallo there headphones, welcome to the site ^o^
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