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  1. (For any confused with my feeble attempt at a witty title, it's an Oliver Twist reference)

    Greetings to any willing artist that has stumbled upon my request! I'd hate to be needy, but I would be delighted if anyone was willing to draw some of my favorite original characters of mine. I am alright with most art styles and do not ask for color or digital if that is too much of a burden. I only draw the line at manga/anime looking characters, as I do not really like that style. A more subtle manga like style is alright, but I don't want full on manga style where the character lacks a nose and has giant eyes. Also, I would never steal or falsely claim your work and you can keep an obvious signature on it. If present it to rolplaying friends you will always be credited and shown copious amounts of gratitude. Seriously, I will speak incredibly highly of you to anyone that will listen.

    My standards aren't high since I request these merely to enjoy them(whether they are equivalent to my mental picture or not) and allow artists to have opportunities to practice their skill.

    Completed Characters

    Xena Bixby

    Drawn by the wonderful vo_dcc!
    Rhea and Astra
    View image: how far does a dog run into the forest

    Courtesy of the lovely Vermiciro!
    Arilith Razalath

    Courtesy of the spectacular Alekto!

    Characters that I'd love to have drawn:
    Rhea Denholm
    A lot(pretty much all) of information on Rhea can be found on Charahub by searching the full name, or just going to my Showcase thread, WRITING - Eternal War: Sin and Salvation |

    Gender: Female

    Appearance:Standing at a height of 5'5", Rhea has the height of an average female. Slim and sleek, her shoulders are narrow and her muscles are lean. Her fair skin is dotted here and there with freckles and covered in plenty of tattoos. A sharp jawline and nose give her a more harsh appearance despite her soft, brown eyes. Clearly caring about her appearance, Rhea wears black winged eyeliner and light mascara. Her medium sized lips are a black from lipstick. A small, silver colored septum piercing connects the inside of her nostrils. Her straight hair is dyed a midnight blue color and a few loose pieces hang in her face sometimes, her part on the right side.

    Rhea has narrow feminine hips and an average sized bust. Although she is generally slim, one can tell that her body holds more strength than first assumed. Through movement, her biceps make a presence and display her strength along with well toned calves. One can compare her body to that of a runner or a gymnast. Most noticeably, large feathered wings attach near her shoulder blades. Rhea's feathers are black and white with a mottled pattern, black being the dominant color.

    When Rhea dons armor, she wears plate armor. Shiny black, her chest plate is relatively smooth with layered triangular pieces on the stomach and chest that give the illusion of plates on the underbelly of a dragon. Deep blue metal trims each triangular plate to make it pop more.The chest piece accommodates her curves, but does not accentuate or make them obvious as if it were male armor. Her shoulder guards are layered as well and sharp at the ends with small uniform spikes on the tops. Her tasset, or thigh and pelvic guard, is layered and black just like all of the other pieces. Rhea wears black pants as well just to conceal herself better. Plates strap to each knee cap and skin, but not on the backs of her legs. Knee high leather boots attach to her legs. her wings protrude from slits in her chest plate and she wears no cloak. Rhea's helm is alike to an ancient Greek hoplite helmet in design, but lacks the fringe. Instead, bleached white, long ram horns are attached to either side.

    When dressed in casual attire, Rhea prefers to wear regular dark colored pants held up with a belt, boots, and a half shirt or vest with no shirt underneath. This exposes her various tatoos. Intertwined around her right arm is a swirling, deep green vine dotted with dark blue flowers. In between her shoulder blades is the simple outline of a star with a cross inside, a symbol of her former status as an angel warrior. On the back of her left calf is an intricate tattoo of a human skull with parted teeth.

    When in dragon form, Rhea measures eight feet tall to the top of her head when on all fours. Her whole body including her tail is 15 feet long. Small smooth triangular, midnight blue scales cover her body in a uniform pattern. Along her throat, chest, and stomach are slightly thicker and larger black plates that better protect her more vital parts. Rhea's body can be likened to that of a canine since she has paw like feet and walks on her toes. Also, her snout is more canine like with its length and general width. A pair of long, black, roughly textured horns protrude from the back of her head. They are arched and curve slightly and sort of resemble ram horns. A shaggy black mane grows from the top of her head and reaches back in between her horns and down the length of her curved neck. It is wild and unkempt, giving her a more feral appearance. Piercing blue eyes give her a more intense appearance especially since her pupils are slits.

    Rhea has large, bat like wings with black membrane and spines the same color as her scales. The points end in claws and her full wingspan is twenty feet. A sharp black spade is attached to the end of her flexible tail. Long claws protrude from her paws and offer grip and make her better equipped for attacking or defending. Around the base of her neck is a silver colored choker collar adorned with howlite gemstones.
    Astra Crowden
    A lot(pretty much all) of information on Astra can be found on Charahub by searching the full name, or just going to my Showcase thread, WRITING - Eternal War: Sin and Salvation |

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Taller than Rhea, Astra reaches a more impressive height of 5'8". More filled out than Rhea, one can note Astra's larger biceps and slightly wider shoulders. Although larger than Rhea, Astra is still relatively lean. Her body could be likened to that of a basketball player, long and lanky with the same muscle that came with athleticism. Due to a nasty fight, it is noticeable that Astra is missing her right eye. Where a bright green eye should be, there is just an eyelid that is sewn shut and four pale claw marks that run across it. Her face is more square shaped, but her soft nose and full pink lips prevent her from looking too masculine. Astra's skin is well tanned and a few scars run across her body. From her head grows thick black hair that hangs a few inches above her shoulders. It is crudely cut and parted on the right side so that it usually covers her missing eye.

    Although Astra is generally flat chested, a light hourglass figure can easily determine that she is female. Well muscled, one can assume Astra has done a lot of physical activity over the years and has maintained an athletic figure. Feathered wings attach near her shoulder blades. Her feathers are a solid grey color with white speckles and when fully extended can reach about 15 feet.

    When donning armor, Astra wears a suit of silver colored armor. Like Rhea's, her chest plate was fashioned purely for her use and therefore fits nicely. The design of golden crow with outstretched wings, the symbol of her family house, is fashioned upon her chest. The chest plate reaches up and protects her throat, though slightly limiting the movement of her neck. She wears a full suit of armor, meaning all over her body are silver plates. Astra's helmet is triangular and covers all but her eye. The eye holes are triangular. Metal pieces that look like wings protrude from each side and point backwards. A white plume of what appears to be horsehair runs down the middle of the top of the helmet, giving her a mohawk of sorts.

    When in casual clothing, Astra wears any sort of long pants and a long sleeved shirt. The long sleeved shirt is almost always a v-neck and a solid color. Her preferred colors are white or grey, although some of her shirts have different colored trim. Boots usually occupy her feet and are laced nicely.

    Maxine Amelia Dalley
    Name: Maxine Amelia Dalley

    Headshot Example:Dont Test Me |COMM

    Initials/Signature: M.A.D

    Nickname: Max

    Gender: Female

    Species: Genetically Altered Human

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Of about an average height, Max stands at 5’6” with a slender figure. She has evident female features, an average sized bust and of wider hips than male counterparts. Lean muscles give her a hard appearance. Her diamond shaped face is accentuated by a sharp jawline. Her fair skin is a bit pale. Emerald green, almond shaped eyes winged with mascara, Max often has a glimmer to them. This spark is brought out by amber flecks that dot her irises and catch in the glimmer of the sun. Max has deep black, fine hair that reaches just above her shoulders. It has been layered and it is parted in the middle. Often times Max keeps all of her hair up into a short, low pony tail. Well groom eyebrows of a color matching her hair wing upwards, narrow. Her lips are more on the thin side, yet still pink, soft, and bow shaped. A faint scar traces the right side of her upper lip. A light scar also interrupts her right eyebrow.

    Max refuses to wear pants other than jeans. With her jeans she wears a solid colored t-shirt, usually grey, black, or white. In the summer she will wear a black sleeveless jean jacket overtop while when it’s colder she wears a grey jacket that zips on one side, folding over her chest entirely. Worn combat boots and a studded belt are her accessories.

    Personality: Having always been a very fast learner, intelligence has always been one of Max’s main traits. She’s book smart and seems to be wise beyond her years, having a great awareness of what’s occurring in the world and what has in the past. Dabbling in a variety of subjects, one finds it wise to seek her for intellect or advice. Using her knowledge of social cues and speech patterns Max is quite charismatic. Speaking has always seemed to come naturally to her since she thinks on her feet. However, since she delves into such deep topics it appears she has little social boundaries.

    Another main trait of Max is her pessimism. Since day one she seemed to always see the negative aspects of things, helpful in some ways such as not being easily swayed, but harmful in others. Negative emotions have discouraged her from taking risks or from changing much. It also led to her diagnosis of acute depression in high school, battling her inner thoughts on a daily basis and having to find coping methods, avoiding medicine under her mother’s guidance. Her mother would say, “No child of mine is going to live off of some colorful pills. What happiness you gain will be through natural means.” Which is ironic considering the alcoholism.

    What humor Max has is dry and sarcastic. Often times it is vulgar and outright, never sugar coated. She has a macabre sense of what’s amusing and often points out the bitter irony of things.

    Since Max has seen what alcohol could do to people, she avoids it and other drugs. A strict moral code guides her. Max swears pretty often and can come across as recklessly immature and straight forwards. After the death of her mother Max broke her self promise and had hit the bar every night to drink herself into a stupor, also keeping a flask in the day time. When it affected her studies her friends stepped in and forced her into rehab where she corrected herself again. Still, she suffers with temptation.

    Max’s anger builds. She broods, at first handling anger in an icy fashion, speaking less and using only biting remarks or sarcasm when she does. Glares are not uncommon either. Then as time progresses or the situation escalates, her anger rises, her tone becomes harsher. Until finally she erupts into a blind rage and finds herself destroying anything in sight. It doesn’t take much to make her grumpy, phase one of her anger, but it does take quite a bit more to make her resort to breaking things.

    Emotion: If drawn, she usually has been known to have RBF, otherwise called, Resting Bitch Face. So she typically looks grumpy.

    Stance: If her whole body is drawn, she has great posture and often stands with ehr arms folded over her chest,


    Any artists up for some practice? I'd love to see my two main characters, Rhea Denholm and Astra Crowden, receive some more art because they mean the world to me. In return I can only offer borderline excessive 'thank you's and essentially my eternal gratitude. That having been said, let's take a look at my characters.

    Rhea(left) and Astra(Right), Art by Vermiciro

    I'll be happy with any art. Traditional or digital, halfbody, fullbody, or just a headshot. I'll adore it all. I'd especially love that IF any of the art is mild nsfw(partial nudity and suggestive themes, not full blown porn), that Astra is wearing a collar and leather harness and Rhea is wearing thigh high stockings and garters. (Btw, Rhea would be the dom, probably asserting her control over Astra)

    PM me if you're interested. Thanks for your interest!
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  2. When you say that you don't want an anime style, what exactly do you mean? My art can range from semi-realistic with a slight anime influence to cartoony, or 'chibi'
  3. My avatar is a watercolor piece of mine. That's how my usual style is like.
  4. When I mean anime, I think oversized eyes, a stick thin waist, apthe absence of a nose and so on. Your style looks fine!
  5. Ah great! I will draw digitally for your character if you don't mind, and I will post WIPs of the work here so you can tell me to alter certain things as I draw if you wish.

    What do you want me to do? A character design reference sheet (where you have the full body of the character and a couple of expression drawn. I will keep the coloring and shading minimal though) or a fully colored artwork?
  6. That sounds wonderful!

    A character reference sheet would be lovely, but feel free to do as you wish. You are the artist here and have creative liberty. I just provide a muse is all. :)
  7. If the character I have outlined isn't suitable, I have many others. Just feel free to ask if you don't feel Xena is do-able. :bsmile:
  8. Xena sounds fine! I will draw her later this afternoon :v Thanks for letting me draw her!
  9. Sounds great! I thank you highly for drawing her. :)
  10. quick question-- How long is her hair?
  11. Xena has loosely curled, black hair that reaches a few inches passed her shoulder blades. It sort of tapers to a point in the back, though it isn't too sharp or intense.
  12. First WIP! What do you think? Any changes before I clean up the sketch and add some color? Also you can choose 4 expression ^^

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  13. It looks amazing! You definitely followed the description well since that is certainly how I had envisioned her.

    As for expressions, I would choose angry, mischevious, flirty, and prideful. For anger, she would have her mouth open as if yelling and her eyebrows obviously at an angle. For mischievous, she'd crack a half grin. For flirty, she would have a casual smile and a glimmer in her eyes. As for prideful, she would be smiling wildely with her eyes closed. If any of these expressions are too difficult, I can supply new ones. Also, if they are unclear, feel free to ask questions.
  14. wip2.jpg Took a while sorry! But there's the next WIP. The line art is done. Any changes?
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  15. I'm going to apply shading and simple coloring next. What do you want the colors to be?
  16. I love it! The expressions look great! :heart:
  17. I apologize. I didn't see the question about a color preference. Her hair is black, eyes violet, skin fair, white shirt, black coat, black pants, and black boots and hat. Color doesn't have to be that in depth though since I know it's not easy. I can provide any other needed information, just ask.

    Again, I thank you for doing this. It looks nice!
  18. done! hope you like it ^^ wip.jpg
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  19. (The black appears as grey so the lineart underneath shows)
  20. The finished product looks amazing! The colors look nice and make her stand out even more and the overall design matches what I had in mind. Thank you! :heart:
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