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  1. I am dying or boredom, all I want is to Rp Hetalia. Heck I'll go for any kind of interesting Rp at this point.
    Since the last site I was using shut down I came here thinking hey everyone here Rps this will be easy but boy was I wrong.
    I'm not picky with grammar (English is not my only language so I tend to make mistakes too) and I'm not too nitpicky when it comes to plots I just like to plan out the main idea (the rest can happen how it happens.)
    All I ask is for a little constancy and that you tell me if something is going on please don't leave me hanging. If you don't want to rp any more thats fine just let me know. Please don't just fall off the face of the earth and never tell me.

    I love original Rp's and my main fandom is Hetalia
    Generally I like to do OCxOC and for fandom is CanonxOc and OCxOC

    PM me if you're interested or comment here
  2. We may be able to work something out.
  3. !!
    Pm me and we can work out some details?
  4. I'd be interested in a rp. ^w^
  5. !! Cool!!
    Pm me and we can work something out! ^^
  6. Is Hetalia the only anime you're into?
  7. No it's just the one I Rp the most. I don't think I'd be able to make a coherent list of all the ones I like?
    Did you have a specific one in mind?
  8. Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan, DBZ?
  9. The only ones I don't know are Naruto and Psycho-Pass if that helps
  10. I can RP for two days.
  11. Well its more than one
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.