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  1. Hi! So um… I’m looking for some two/three paragraphs back-and-forth goodness right now. I’m interested in the fantasy genre.

    On with the show. The characters I want to play are in Italics:

    Vampire x Human
    Unseelie King x Seelie Queen
    King of the Forest x Village Girl
    Ghost x Human

    I'd like to do something with the land of the dead, got some rough ideas.

    I’m open to plot and pairing suggestions too, if you’re craving something, we can discuss it and I’ll let you know if it’s something I’m interested in :D
    Other information:
    • I’m looking for a friendly, creative partner who doesn’t mind chatting for some hopefully long term roleplays! :D
    • I’m only interested in MxF pairings, and I’m only interested in playing females at this time. I prefer my partners are over 18.
    • I'd like someone who equally contributes to plot and craziness. Veeeery important! Someone who is not afraid to throw in those plot twists when inspiration takes them.
    • I am a regular poster, though if I feel pressured I lose my creativity. If I feel encouraged, it usually flairs up further.
    filled, for my reference:
    Witch x WhateverYouWant
    Princess x Demon:
    When the princess of a great kingdom starts having strange dreams of a far off plane, she doesn’t think anything of it. She even starts to enjoy adventuring with a mysterious man she meets there in that world. Little does she know she has befriended the Demon King, whom was sealed away there in ancient times. Now the magic that keeps him out of her world is growing weak, and he plans on tricking her into helping him escape to her world…

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Taking partners! ♥
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Not open for further replies.