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  1. Okay, I've tried being patient, but almost all of my RP partners have abandoned me. Now I'm officially getting desperate. Please, someone RP with me! I have plenty of ideas, but I can't sort them out well enough at the moment, so expect this thread to be updated periodically with new ideas and such. Note that I play Ukes in Yaoi RPs, the submissive partner in Yuri, and prefer playing the female in hetero RPs. I also don't do "gross" stuff, like anything that normally involves a toilet, dismemberment, or disfigurement. I do, however, like dominant characters, sometimes bordering on rape, and am okay with actual rape, though I've never had the experience. I'm also open to ideas, so if you have a plot in mind, let me know and I'll take a look. Finally, I refuse to play a furry, though I have no problem partnering with one. Thanks, and please don't be hesitant to message me or reply to this.
  2. How about we two give it a try? I do have some lovely characters who are in need for love.

    I post 1-2 paragraphs, use proper grammar and punctuation, and all of my characters are dominant. You can check out my blog to see my best characters, but i do have a couple more if those aren't to your liking. I would like to try something with Raika, but that would be to you to decide.
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  3. Oh, thank you for reminding me. I am also a huge grammar and spelling OCD person, though thankfully I don't impose that on my partners. I also have a distaste for one-liners, but I understand the occasional need for it, and I like to match the same basic post length of my opponents. Anyway, I'll take a quick look and let you know, though we probably not be able to RP at the moment.
  4. Okay, I just got an interesting idea, so I'm posting it up. Please, if anyone's interested, let me know.

    It's Yaoi incest-based. The basic idea is that MC is YC's younger brother/step-brother. One day, while MC is home from school due to being sick, YC gets home early and finds him wearing panties and playing with himself. It comes out that MC does this regularly, and begs for the older sibling to keep it a secret. YC uses the blackmail to get off, but soon starts to fall in love with the younger man.

    This idea can be adapted into Shota, underage, or even adult. The idea is fairly fluid, so please, let me know if this appeals to you.

    Another idea that's similar to this one is where MC is YC's little sister/step-sister, and is caught giving head to a boy. YC then says he'll keep quiet if she starts sucking him off, too, and maybe a bit more. Fairly open, not quite there yet, but please, I'm desperate for RPs, so if either of these ideas work for you or even make you think of something, let me know.
  5. If you need more people to RP with, feel free to message me. I usually have plenty of free time.
  6. I'm interested. I'm fine with all the things you listed (the yes and no's) minus rape.
    We can plan something together, if you're still looking for partners.
    Feel free to PM me if you like, or I can start a planning thread.
  7. I'm interested in rping with you if you're still looking. If so let me know and maybe we can work something out. Pm me?~
  8. Posting a reply to keep this thread alive. Will be adding another plot here in the next few days, so be advised.
  9. Pm me too please,
  10. If your still looking for more people please PM I would love to hear your ideas~
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