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Alright, I'm going to be completely honest here. I haven't been in the best of places emotionally and mentally. I'm lonely and slowly losing interest in literally everything... except for roleplay. It's the only thing I enjoy nowadays, but nobody wants me or sticks around for very long for reasons I have no control over.

I want to keep roleplaying, so I'm asking whoever is out there for a bit of help. Give me a shot, and if you like me, please try to stick around. I miss my friends and my roleplays. That being said, I shouldn't be too clingy, if you tell me you want to stop, I won't pressure you into staying, I just want to be given a chance.

I'm a straight male furry, who generally plays Submissive position in ERP, it's what I know best, but I can also switch occasionally once I'm more comfortable with the pairing.

As for my partners, you can be whatever or whoever you want, outside of Canon characters in fandoms, but I'm totally open to OC's within fandoms, the only thing I really ask is that you play a female.

I have tons of pairings and quite a few themes I really enjoy, and a few themes I can take the lead on the majority of the plot, but I prefer to interract with someone else's world, learn it and change it through my characters, rather than creating one from scratch myself. I can be a whole lot more creative when I'm put into a new world and I can learn about it and make it grow with my own actions.

I am a smut roleplayer, but I'm not opposed to doing a more story based roleplay as long as the ERP isn't glossed over or rushed. The lowest percentage I've done to date on smut-plot is 30-70, and while I'd prefer to stay away from that, I'll gladly give it a shot.

For the Themes and Pairings below, these are ones I'm interested in, but I'm not limited to these. Themes with *asterisks* around them are themes I can create a majority of the plot for, but pairings below the themes surrounded with !exclamation points! are exceptions to the rule. Example: under *Post Apocalyptic*, most pairings will be listed normally, meaning I can make plots for those pairings, but a pairing under *Post Apocalyptic* with !'s around them is a pairing I cannot. Under Medieval, a pairing with !'s around them, I CAN make a plot for, because Medieval is usually one I cannot plotmaster. Most listed pairings are interchangeable. Pairings that are Italicized are not interchangeable and I can only play the first of the pair listed.

Themes & Pairings

(Note: All Themes are open to Suggestions in terms of pairings outside of those listed, etc.)

*Post Apocalyptic*

Village/City Dweller x Mercenary
Survivor w/ Family x Lone Survivor
!Cryo/Stasis Survivor x Experienced Late-Generation survivor!

Scavenger x Civil Hero/Mercenary


City Guard x Criminal
Knight/Merc x Dragoness/Shapeshifter
Mage x Nobleman/woman

!Caravan Guard x Caravan member!
Caravan Guard x Villager
Young Noble x Caretaker

(Note: This is more heavily centered around magics and fantasy creatures than medieval is)

Criminal x Bandit Leader
Noble Person x Experienced Adventurer
!Green Soldier x Mercenary/Experienced Captain!
Mage x Citizen/Soldier
Stubborn Adventurer x Druid/Nymph

(OC's only, listed below are fandom's I'm willing to do, most pairings are fine, extensive planning may be required.)

Monster Hunter
Final Fantasy
World of Warcraft
Dark Souls
Monster Musume
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Star Wars

PS: I know it's not too popular, but I am open to incest. Most, if not all, pairings are open to being incest if you want, just ask.

Any additional questions can be addressed in PM, toss me a message if you're interested!
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