Please Love Me, Or I Will Explode

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  1. Hello Everyone, Ehb Here! For some reason I can't fall asleep until I throw this idea out here, so here I went and did it.

    Please Love Me, Or I Will Explode
    What is Love, But Truly Understanding Someone?

    What if, you built a character based on a single adjective? Please Love Me, Or I Will Explode delves into this question by putting an agglomeration of characters together in an RP with an objective and a deadline. The Objective is to have another character figure out the single world that represents your character the most. The EXACT one. All they have to go off of is the actions your character goes through throughout the RP. The RP has a defined Time Limit of one month, in reality. Meaning, once Midnight Hits on February 29th, if someone hasn't found your word already, then your character explodes, Kablooey.

    This RP is an experiment in seeing what happens when you put a real time limit on an Role-play. It's also an exercise in portraying a character who is true to a certain 'word' (Theme) that you build them off of. Despite what the title says, romance isn't necessarily as important as keeping yourself from exploding. It just kind of tries to make it Valentines Themey.

    Story Intro:

    Welcome Juvenile Purgatory!

    Oh boy, you have messed up big time kiddo. You died, and records say that it's YOUR OWN FAULT! You may think you have died in an accident, or you think you may have been an innocent killed unjustly, but rest assured, It's Definitely Your Own Fault. You may have noticed that there's a certain KEYWORD that seems to be stuck in your mind. That's your problem! You can blame that quality about you for being the thing that killed you off!

    So you want to 'pass on' now huh? Sure! We're a reasonable type. The keys to redemption right out of here are all yours! You just have to do one thing. In order for you to make up for your miscomings, you have to have someone else find out just what makes you so terrible. You need them to figure out Your Word. No need to rush, you have plenty of time to rot here while trying to figure it out. In fact, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you not to rush blindly; because, if you screw up 3 chances - or if you're really lazy and take too long, you will explode. Literally.

    At least you aren't in Adult Purgatory!

    The Governing Rules of the Word Game Are:
    • Your Character Can NEVER Say Their Keyword. You (The Poster) can Never Use That Keyword in any of your posts, save for the one that confirms it.
    • Being 'Saved' requires the player to say 'CHARACTERNAME, Your Word Is: KEYWORD'!
    • To prevent foul play, your character has to say In Character: "I ACCEPT YOUR WORD" (or some variation thereof) before the other player attempts to guess said word.
    • Your character cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of a word a player guesses before the attempt. The moment went someone attempts to guess your word is supposed be a figurative shot in the dark, their only guide being their own intuition and dedication. If anything that try to subvert this is noticed, the offending character may be exploded.
    • Your Character Gets 3 Tries From 3 Different People. If people fail to guess your word 3 times in a row, you will automatically Explode.
    • The theme keyword is something that you choose, and something only known between the GM and you. (Your complete character profile with the keyword will likely be sent to just me in a PM message before final acceptance.)

    Other Appealing Features:
    • The RP takes places in a purgatory known as 'Normalton'. A small town where everybody knows each other. In the RP, all the characters have this 'everyone knows each other' sort of familiarity by default. Even new ones characters who come in after the first wave.
    • Each RP 'day' is a holiday. Ranging from new years to 'talk like a pirate day'. All the characters live their day by day purgatories in this cycles of never-ending holidays as if it were completely normal.
    • This RP is definitely something that is supposed just be done with (regardless of outcome) in the span of a month after start!


    An RP with a peculiar premise which can be zany or serious in equal measure. For the participant, a practice in building a character based on a single 'theme' and a test of their ability to faithfully portray it through their role-playing. For me, an experiment to see how faithful/dedicated a player-base can be if there's an actual time-limit.

    Again, I welcome you to discuss how hopeless this is / what is unclear in what I've presented thus far, or even expressions of interest. That would be kind of nice. Even though I say the time limit is the end of February, I'm not in any real rush to actually release this RP, so the In Character Deadline for the story can be pushed back as needed at the RP's start.

    Additional Things Brought Up Thus Far

    Sign Up Where!?
    The 'Good To Go' for this rp is when 5 people express their interest/intent in joining. Allowing for a cast size of 6 at the start.
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  2. Oh boy, Exploding Kitte- Wait wrong game. Anyways, pretty sure I won't be joining, but just wanted to say this did catch my attention though and hopefully it goes well.
  3. Cool idea, but I'm getting pretty confused as to how this would actually play out. Do the characters know they're going to explode? Who does the guessing, the character or the player? Can discussion be done OOC on keywords?
  4. The Way I Saw The World and Story Playing Out Was:

    Each character who enters the world gets a variation of the story intro told to them upon entry. So at the start of the RP, all the characters are aware that they are in this world and that they need to get someone to figure out their keyword before the cut-off date. Expanding a bit on the setting - every 'day' in the RP is supposed be a type of holiday. For the Player Characters, they do have a sense that time seems to be skipping forward to each of those holidays. Sort of just imagine the players are only 'aware' during those holiday days, and all the useless days in between them leaves them on a sort of auto-pilot.

    All of this can be summed up as that the reality of this Purgatory mimics the small town America feel. There are npc characters in the world like everything is normal, but the player characters do have this sixth sense that makes them realize certain things about their situation from the beginning.

    They are aware that:
    • They have died, and they are aware of the Keyword Game that they have to play.
    • These holiday days are special, and are the only ones that count towards the time before they explode.
      • This is just a roundabout way of saying: "I wanted to try to avoid this turning into another high school rp, leaning more towards special things happening during these holidays than daily school life."
    • They act 'normal' like any other person in this 'town' in the time between, and do generate memories of the time between the holiday days. This normal time is only referenced in the IC through flashbacks or exposition. But we won't see a 'plain old normal school day' in this RP.

    Additionally, the RP does start with my character gathering up everyone in one place and bringing up the game. That way, the 'who's playing' is clear from the beginning. It also establishes the group as being knit together from the start. The rest of the RP 'story' comes from the group together encountering the situations that each holiday day brings about. It's in those situations that the rest of the cast do get their chances to express who they are. And it's from those experiences that the others will have to rely on when the time comes to figuring out keywords.

    OOC Discussions:

    I genuinely do want people to try figuring out your character's keyword just be what they see in the IC. So discussion on it will likely be banned for much of the start. If your character is on their second strike, or the RP's ending deadline starts to loom within a week, I may allow discussions on that to happen.
  5. A little bit confused but intrigued by the idea, do you pick the keyword or the player does?
  6. The last point on the 'governing rules' tells you that you do choose that keyword yourself.

    To expand upon this, this is what character submission would look like:

    Character Sheet Format and Submission

    Step 1 - Send Me a PM:
    A potential player sees the sign up thread and wants to join. They are instructed to come up with their own Character Keyword/Theme and to fill out the character sheet and to send a PM to me BEFORE POSTING IN THE OOC.

    For Example:
    Character Keyword: Love
    Name: Marie DuClaire
    Gender: Female

    Picture: [Picture (!anime) goes here]

    Personality: Unfailingly kind towards everyone. You could namecall Marie to the point of tears - and the next day over she'll bake you a pie to make you feel better.

    Bio and Death: Marie was a young girl who loved everyone. She was raised in a family that believed that everyone in the world was inherently good. That same belief was instilled into her from a young age. Tender and caring towards everyone, Marie was loved by everyone. However, that kind and trusting nature of her's got her tangled into a mess that took her life. She took care of a person who was entirely hopeless - but harmless on their own. Instead, Marie went to such exhausting lengths to care for them that she ended up being caught out in the night one evening. She ran into a person who would end her life in an instant.

    Step 2 - I send you back your Sheet:
    I look over the profile, take not of everything and send back the same character sheet. The difference is that this time, their bio is summed down into something that makes it seem like an entry for a character booklet. The point being that it's now devoid of much detail to draw a keyword from it alone. The idea is that I know that you know who this character is and have a solid guide on who they are. Ideally, everything you write above will be expressed / revealed in the IC, In Character.

    For Example:
    Name: Marie DuClaire
    Gender: Female
    Picture: [Ditto]

    Bio: A gentle and caring girl who's always looking out for everyone, regardless of whether they want it or not.

    Step 3 - Post that sheet in the OOC Thread:
    If you are okay with how I wrote the bio, then you can post it into the OOC thread. Allowing you to post in the IC when the RP begins.

  7. This thread idea reminds me alot of Angel Beats. I'll PM you in a moment, but I'm hoping there's more people who'll join up too.

  8. Yeah, in the end that is what it ended up gravitating towards. Anyway, thanks for showing interest. My 'Good To Go' Quota is optimistically hoping for 5 other people plus myself to make a cast size of 6. If I can get 4 more people in, then I'll commit to the RP and get it out. In the meantime, please let me know if there's anything confusing or blatantly unsound with what's been presented thus far so I can fill in/repair those holes.
  9. This alone could make a pretty interesting setting to play in. Might steal that :P

    Now, one worry I have is that there are potentially infinite keywords but only 3 chances for anyone to guess yours. As such, the probability anyone accurately guesses the exact word is very low, especially considering personal vocabularies, so I suggest that guessing a word that means roughly the same thing should still count. For example, a character whose keyword was 'pandemonium' would still get not-exploded if someone were to guess 'bedlam' or 'chaos'. A character with keyword 'Bliss' would get not-exploded by things like 'happiness'.

    Might need to explain this means 'not anime'. I don't know many people who are familiar with maths-y terms. Also, I won't be joining, since this is an RP that will require a lot of character depth, which I can't generate for people with real images.

  10. Sure, I'll think about what whether to give a measure of leeway to give. I do not want make it too easy though.

    While it is true that the ! = NOT. That wasn't what I meant here. In the original Hisakawa Koukou the Author used it to mean: (!Note, Please Use an Anime Picture). So actually this RP also is supposed use anime pictures for character profiles.
  11. Maybe have people pick several related keywords then? So for Pandemonium, you'd also pick Bedlam and Chaos. Then, if someone guesses any of the three words, you're clear, but words that still mean the same thing, such as 'mayhem', wouldn't count because they're not one of the three words.

    So then, it's still going to cause confusion, it'll just be maths-familiar people getting confused :D I'd probably just leave it out all together and have "[Picture (anime) goes here]"
  12. Yeah having a set of keywords is acceptable. So long as they avoid those words as well too.

    For the (!anime) thing, yeah I suppose it would clear it up for people who would think like that. Though to be fair, I haven't had anyone else think of it that way in all the time I've written it like that. I think my anime avatar usually gives it away.
  13. Nah, not always. I know sometimes I make realistic pictures a requirement if anime would be too out of place in the setting.
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