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  1. Plot: A teenage boy has found an ancient necklace that has dark powers. The source of it's power is an evil spirit. The boy puts on this necklace not knowing that this spirit shares his body. The spirit takes control of the boy's body when the boy is in danger, it doesn't matter what the other person does the spirit kills them just for the thrill of it. The spirit becomes quite fond of the boy and wants to make the boy his. The spirit learns he can wake the boy up while he is his soul room (message me if you don't know what this is).

    My Form:
    Personality: he is a shy boy who trys to be the perfect son. He has trust issues thanks to his father. He is a straight A student, he is gay but his dad won't let him be. He always does what he's told.
    Looks:short black hair and green eyes. He is tall and skinny as heck. He of course wears the necklace, but he wears long sleeve shirts, jeans, and his school jacket.
    Other:he believes in God and is British.
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  2. I'd love to join if it's okay.
  3. (It's fine, create a form please)
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