Please Keep Sakura in your Prayers

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Our little mod girl and her family were in a car accident earlier this evening because of a tornado that hit the Queens section of NYC. From what I can tell via Facebook, it sounds like she's okay. I just wanted to make people aware.
Absolutely. What about her family? (I don't have FB or i'd check myself and not bother asking...)
This is so sad to hear! It's true, the weather was pretty frightening here in NYC today... All the best Saku, we miss you, come back soon!
Our Sakii-chan. I dearly hope her and her family are safe and unharmed.
Wow this is rather shocking, thanks for informing us.

Well I hope she and her family are ok, hopefully no serious injuries or anything.


The fuck?


I can't live without my rainbowsparkleypuppykissesmewmew Sakura!! Dear lord the humanity!!

*builds a safe zone for Sakura*

I hopes she's not too shaken
Oh wow, I had no idea, how terrible. I will definitely pray for her and her family's well-being.
Saku, you and your family are in my prayers! I hope everyone is okay.
Keep safe Sakura! Oh deary.... That girl is WAY too sweet and awesome to be hurt! HOW DARE THAT TORNADO!
*bans the Tornado from Iwaku*
I'll def put her at the top of my prayer list...and by that I mean actually pray for once.
Oh no!
I'm glad that she's okay though.
She and her family will be in my thoughts. :)
That NYC tornado is a bastard. I do hope everyone in Sakura's family is well and this is mostly a car issue, which sucks, but cars can be replaced!
She's at the front of my thoughts. *bans tornadoes from NYC altogether*