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  1. So, when I was about ten, my vision blacked out for about ten seconds. My whole body went numb, and I had a tingling sensation and needed to sit down until my vision cleared and I found I could move without pain. I went to the doctor's and he told me it was nothing, that it would pass.

    Skip to now. It did pass until about two weeks ago. They came back with a vengeance, my vision blacking out for easily twenty seconds, the tingling spreading everywhere, and being forced to hold onto something until I could walk again. Then today came. This morning at about 530 I had gotten out of the shower and was putting acne medicine on, when my whole vision went black, the tingling was unbearable, and I held onto the counter until my strength left me. I sank to the floor and held my head in my hands for a good five minutes before the black out left me with a headache that could cut diamonds. All today, I've been fearing another attack like that will happen.

    I am on no medication, have no health issues, and live a perfectly healthy lifestyle: exercise, sleep, and eating properly. The attacks come randomly, and without cause, never from standing up too fast or something like that.

    Here's where you come in, dear reader. Have you had this same sort of experience? If so, have you gotten treatment or a diagnoses on it? If no to both of these, any advice you have would be appreciated.
  2. Yes! This has happened to me! I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which is nothing to be afraid about, and the symptoms you're describing sound exactly like what I went through so you will probably have complex partial seizures. There isn't really anything to worry about, just suggest this to your doctor and if he/she thinks that's what it could be then he will run some tests (EEG, MRIs, and possibly a CAT scan, nothing to be afraid of). But I would suggest getting a second referral if your first doctor doesn't think that you have epilepsy because it can become dangerous if not properly handled (like if you're driving and you have an attack or cooking with a stove) I know I could have seriously injured my arms because when I had an attack I was grabbing something from the cupboard above the stove and I lost sensation in my arms and they fell onto the stove top. If you have any questions/ want to know more, definitely PM me, ill be glad to help you out :) and if you're worried about it lasting your entire life, its possible for your body to grow out of it, that's what happened with me. :) so please PM me!

    Sometimes Doctors are bad Doctors and you need second and third opinions. Always get second opinions especially if a doctor says "it's nothing". .__.;

    To be honest, it usually is from low blood sugar levels, low blood pressure and or low iron.
    It also can come from dehydration, and undernourishment.
    I have actually low blood sugar levels AND low iron AND low blood pressure.
    It's so fun.

    What you should do is visit your doctor and tell them what happened. Every little detail. They will take your levels, most likely, and analyze them.
    When this has happened to me, it has been at random in the house, from cutting myself on accident because of blood loss, and from getting my blood sample taken in a nurse office place thing.
    When it happened there, they told me to breathe quick, deep breathes. That will calm down your body. Also, you will feel cold suddenly, and this is normal. Your eyes also might get very large for a moment, but you won't notice this. It's all the body responding to what the hell is going on. Your brain is like WTF STOPPIT STOPPIT! and you likely lose control of your limbs. I start to shake usually and my limbs give out. My mouth usually opens and my eyes get huge.
    My mom saw it once, cannot be unseen. T ^T''''

    Drink orange juice. <3
    After it happens, usually people shove it at me. I drink. It helps a lot.
    And sit down or lay down for a moment if it happens, to recollect yourself. And get up SLOWLY.
    Seeing black is common for a lot of people if they rise too quickly. By doing so, the blood rushes, and you lose vision for a moment or too. This is the blood settling along again. But, if you have issues like I do, it doesn't go away sometimes, and then you get nervous.
    Getting nervous makes it worse, but you can't help that. I hyperventilate, not on purpose, when it happens sometimes. So it makes it much worse.

    I don't know if this helped. I hope it did. You can talk to me if you want! :D PM me or anything. I'M HERE FOR YA, KIDDO.

    So, go to a doctor and tell him EVERYTHING about it. Mmkay? <3