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  1. Ok, I've kinda worked out what the problem is. The little facehugger icon that you click to give someone a you need a hug vote thing has become Elendra's profile pic... How do I change this?
  2. Ok, its fixed itself, but does anyone know what I did?
  3. Were messing with any kind of the coding?
    Because that looks like it would have to be something from Iwaku's end.
  4. I don't know. I just left my iPad and went for a bike ride (oh my gosh, I did exercise!) then when I came back it was like that, then it was fixed. I don't know...
  5. So it happened when you weren't even using the Ipad?

    I don't think that was from anything on your end then.
  6. Might have been cacheing error. On another site I'm on, errors of this type are fairly frequent. (Try hard refreshing the page or clearing the cache from browser settings; not sure how you hard refresh an Ipad, but on PC it is generally Ctrl+f5.)
  7. How on earth did you do that. O___O

    Shienvien is correct though, that was probably a weird caching error. If that ever happens again, if you clear your cache it should be fine!
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