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  1. I need help desperately. Lately, I've been unable to participate in any active RPs. I was part of a Skyrim RP on a different site, but then it got flooded with people and I no longer had the ability to keep up. It wasn't phsyically possible for me. Now I'm here, and I have no clue what to do, where to start, or how to get into an RP I want to be part of. I don't want to do Jump-In RPs because those, in my past experience, have been ruined by randoms joining.

    I am worried I will be branded is a newbie because I haven't posted much on this forum, and if past experience applies here, I will be judged by this. What am I going to do?
  2. For starters you can calm down. =P

    Seriously though, no one is really worried about your post count. All you have to do is look around for an open rp you're interested in and ask if you can join. The worst you can hear is no. People aren't going to brandish you simply because you just joined. Everyone started off new at some point. And if you feel uncomfortable doing that, throw up a search for a 1 x 1 partner.
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    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Don't worry about that kind of elitism, I haven't encountered it on this site.
    3. Browse interest checks, RP ads, or even RP-threads (which will conventionally be labelled as closed, private or open)
    4. Pick something you fancy and apply for a spot.
    5. Realise that wasn't so bad.
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    *runs around screaming in the background*

  4. Surely you're being a bit dramatic. Horrifically maimed, perhaps, but dying? Please get a hold of yourself, ensign. This ship can't sink.

    Like everyone else said, you've come to a friendly land where khajiit feels warmness in your presence! Now, joining a game isn't tough here, I doubt anyone has told someone fresh out of the Imperial City dungeon that they can't play in their games because of a low post count. Just look around, see what catches your fancy and fill out a character sheet. You'll be roleplaying in no time at all!

    Myself and a large, crammed tuna can of others arrived from another site ourselves over the past few months, and it's been one of the most immediately warm and inclusive forums ever. You'll like it here, I promise!

    ...well, unless you steal Asmo's sweetroll. Then he'll wreck you for being a sneakthief.
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  5. Step 1: Go to genre you like.

    Step 2: Find roleplay you like, post character sheet.

    Step 3: Wait for GM to give thumbs up.

    Step 4: PROFITS!

    I didn't know some sites actually judge by post count. O__O That'd be terrible here, since the most active posters are Spamholes like Dr. Raz.
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  6. Yeah, a lot of places don't even see you as a member, let alone a human being, if your post count is too low, and the elite members are the ones with the biggest post count. It's like Invader Zim Tallest logic.
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  7. As an added suggestion, filling out your Roleplay Resumé—located somewhere on your profile—may be helpful. Though not required, it will help potential GMs to determine your compatibility with their roleplays.
  8. i am actually a living Spambot.
  9. I kinda miss that little plus sign that let's me drop it down without having to go to their page.

    Got the same problem, it's why I can't do group RPs no matter how much I desperately want to join.

    Edit: Post count shouldn't matter. I've RP'd with people that have had all of four posts, mostly in replies to 1x1 threads to take it to convo.

    I only don't RP with them if they're total trash.
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  10. Same here. I barely ever look at them now because it feels like way more of a hassle, even though it's really just two clicks instead of one.
  11. Sounds like we have the start of a rebellion on our hands. Let us charge forth and reclaim our positivity! To the help desk!

    Personally, I still check. But it would be useful to have the drop-down again.
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  12. I'm actually gonna go make a thread in the Help Desk if you aren't already doing so. :lol:
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  13. I was about to start class, so I was not-so-subtly trying to egg one of you on to making the thread for me. Mission success!
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  14. Epic troll for epic achievements

    I salute you!
  15. Welp, I suspected it was either that or you just making a joke and not really caring about it. I'm okay with being the instrument of your not-so-subtle manipulation.
  16. funny coming from the guy with Paetyr Baelish on his avatar
  17. Heh. I can appreciate someone else playing the game well, even if it means I'm manipulated as a pawn for that move.
  18. FOOL!


  19. I disagree. I have always sought to be the master of both.