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    Name: Adrian Harris
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Homosexual
    Height: 178cm
    Personality: A bit shy but usually polite to most people, tends to get more tempered around people that he trusts, and always puts up a good appearance in front of his family. He's also scared of people knowing that he's gay.
    Short Bio: Adrian grew up in quite the household, starting with his first brother when he was 3. The next, two twin boys, were born when he was 10. And then... he got a sister when he was 18, and about to move out of the house. Adrian has always been the "big boy" in the family, and he still helps taking the smallest kids to school so that his younger brother Lucas, who still lives at home, isn't all alone with that responsibility. Adrian figured out that he was gay on his 18th birthday, when his littler brother Lucas (who is 18 and going to college) brought his best friend for the party and some... things happened between Adrian and him. After that, he began dating this best friend, though behind Lucas' back because of his irrational fears.

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    Name: Lucas Harris
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 183cm
    Personality: Lucas is usually a polite boy, but he has a very strong sense of responsibility. He is always seeking out the best outcome of everything, and he fights for people being fair. If he sees a bully, there's a pretty big chance he's going to try to stop them, even if that costs him a trip to the hospital. Thank god it hasn't gone that far yet, because he's quick on his feet and quite sneaky when it comes to avoiding fights.
    Bio: Lucas grew up in a rather large, and kind of rich, family. He has three smaller siblings, and one older who has moved out of the house. He has a little sister named Lily, who is only 3 years old, and a set of twin brothers, Ashley and Caden, who are 11. They're all very good kids and Lucas cares for them dearly. He also has an older brother named Adrian who is 21. They get along very well and usually go to places together. Out of all, Lucas was the troublesome child. He was different from others, especially with this strange tattoo-like birthmark that seemed to grow with him, and his jet black hair that turned grey as silver when he was small. They went to the doctor but never figured out the cause, and Lucas refused to have his hair dyed.

    ((Characters are in spoilers))

    Adrian was a very anxious person. He always got up early in the morning, and always made sure that everything went exactly as he planned. He had been like that his entire life, and he'd start stressing if things didn't go according to his head. It was a bit annoying but also not that bad. At least he never forgot stuff or anything of the like. He also hated surprises, he hated anything that he couldn't control, and therefore, it had taken him an amount of years to finally fall in love. He was scared of love, it was new, different, dangerous. It wasn't systematic like the rest of his life, there wasn't a schedule of a love life out there. He would have to figure it out without all of his punctuality, but how? In the end, he just settled with being lonely forever, and thought that it wouldn't harm him that he was lonely. He was happy with "just" his family and friends, nothing else was needed in his life, at least according to himself. He would find a way to be happy on his own, because he was certainly not ready to go marry some girl like his parents were suggesting that he did. They told him to go find a girl from a nice family, chat her up and make her his wife, but just the thought of having a wife made him dizzy. That meant kids, marrying, a wedding, a family, a whole new life-- way too much to take for him, control freak as he was.

    But of course, one day, he would have to face something that he wasn't ready for. Something that hadn't been planned. Something... something that would change his life as it was. It was something that he didn't know if he would honestly say he had been fond of, but it was something he could appreciate now when he looked back on the years he had spent in loneliness, thinking about what might happen if he fell in love. It had lived up to his expectations.
    It had been his 18th birthday. It wasn't supposed to be anything special, well, he had gotten into a college and how amazing and all those kinds of things, but it had just been a birthday. For the first time, he had met his brother's best friend. This "best friend" looked so much older than his brother, Lucas, but they turned out to be the same age. Just like Lucas had, Adrian was drawn in by this male. He was charming, happy, kind, and alluring... in a strange way that made Adrian's heart skip a beat. Lucas had of course been his usual self and played politely with the kids, but this best friend seemed to leave him alone to it. Instead, him and Adrian had begun talking, and Adrian found himself blushy and embarrassed the entire time. The guy took him to the back yard, where the rest of the people at the party wouldn't suspect they were, and they'd kissed. It had blown Adrian out of his rhythm and he didn't know if he felt scared or happy about it. He had gotten a confession the same night, and despite everything, him and this guy had started dating later on. But they hadn't said anything to Lucas. How could they do such a thing, anyways? Adrian was scared of how Lucas was going to react... would he be mad about it?

    Adrian was slammed out of his daydream about the odd, odd past when he heard the alarm clock, and his boyfriend who turned it off with a groan. Adrian rolled over in bed and wrapped his arms around the male, feeling his toned muscles. He wondered how they'd even managed to stay together. It was a weird relationship with how Lucas couldn't know about it, but they also had it nice. They lived in an apartment together, and they had even gone to the same college. It was nice and cozy to be them, and these kinds of weekend mornings were always nice. But it had been Friday the day before, and they'd accidentally set the alarm thinking they had to go to school again. Adrian chuckled at this though as he snuggled against the back of his boyfriend's neck. "D'you wanna get up yet?" He mumbled sleepily as he snuggled against the warmth. He loved to cuddle, it had become his favorite activity after meeting his boyfriend, and they had not long ago had their third anniversary, together with Adrian's birthday - of course no one knew that it was a double celebration to Adrian, but he was fine with it like this, just him, and his boyfriend, together and happy and gentle and calm. And he knew that they were going to last for long - probably longer than he initially had thought they would.
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    Name: Kain Roux
    Ethnicity: English | French
    Age: 18
    Orientation: Bisexual

    Height: 6'4"
    Build: Athletic
    Complexion: Fair


    Gentle | Optimistic | Outgoing | Kind | Understanding | Intelligent | Perceptive | Protective | Loyal | Blunt

    Kain is naturally full of smiles. He is notorious for doting on his friends, family, and loved ones, concerned for their welfare. Due to his caring, considerate personality, Kain often forgets about his own body. During his childhood, Kain developed a habit of hiding his eyes, keeping them closed. After he began dating Adrian, he revealed his true reason; Kain desires to hide his heritage. He is patient, resilient, and responsible. Based from his past, Kain rarely loses his composure, enduring several situations. He use to be short-tempered, threatening individuals. His destructive demeanor harmed his loved ones. As a result, Kain changed. He is extremely protective over his loved ones. He refuses to lose control again. Only a selective amount of people are aware of his true past.


    Kain descends from an incredibly wealthy family. He possesses a rare trait inherited from his mother; Heterochromia. Unfortunately, it created conflict in his childhood. Despite his wealth, Kain convinced his parents to enroll him in a public school. His mismatched eyes frightened most children, resulting isolation. A few claimed his left eye a sign of the devil, transitioning into a reign of bullying. However, Kain refused to endure. He developed violent outbursts, developing a short-temper. He answered several taunts with his fists, discovering an affinity for fighting. After his mother realized his recent behavior, she signed him up for Judo, hoping it would diminish his anger. Unfortunately, the dojo was corrupt. Underneath the honorable mask, the owner trained his subordinates and entered them in underground fights, scrounging up money from the dirty battles. A year later, at the age of 13, Kain participated in the fights. He gained the title, ‶Scarlet Angel″ based from his appearance. Due to his intellect, he became a prodigy. He won almost every single fight, creating a notorious reputation. Kain walked on this bloody path for four years. Unfortunately, his deflection came with a price. After Kain left, his dark past followed him. His younger siblings, two brothers, were murdered out of spite. The painful incident changed Kain completely. He regained control over his temper, becoming patient, calm, and laid-back. He masked his pain with a carefree mask, plastering a permanent smile on his face.

    At the tender age of 7, Kain met Lucas. Both of them became best friends. Kain accepted Lucas's mysterious birthmark. In return, Lucas accepted Kain's inherited trait. Fortunately, they attended the same school throughout their childhood. After Kain's behavior changed, Lucas stuck around. He never gave up on Kain. He is the only person that knew about Kain's dark past. One night, when he was 15, Kain attended a birthday party for Lucas's older brother, Adrian. For the first time in his life, Kain is speechless. He found himself falling for the cute, flustered guy. Before he knew it, both of them kissed. He acted on impulse, confessing the same night. Four months later, Kain convinced Adrian his feelings were real. As a result, they began dating. Kain desired to reveal his relationship to Lucas, but Adrian said otherwise. He reluctantly listened to Adrian's pleas, keeping their relationship a secret for three years. Due to his painful past, Kain moved in with Adrian. One year later, he became the second person that knew about Kain's dark past.

    E X T R A:

    ↳ Kain is fluent in English, French, Italian, German, and Japanese.
    ↳ Kain dyed his hair. [It use to be platinum blonde.]
    ↳ Eyes:
    ↠ Left Eye: Crimson Red
    ↠ Right Eye: Dark Blue

    ↳ Kain only reveals his eyes to his loved ones. When he's in public, he slips into his habit.

    ✒ Tattoo of large scarlet angelic wings adorns his entire back.
    ✒ Tattoo of a gardenia flower adorns his right inner wrist.
    ✒ One bullet scar is located on his left shoulder.

    ↳ Kain slips into a thick French accent when he is angered.
    ↳ Despite his dark past, Kain maintained his charming, kind personality. His persona alters only during his fights.
    ↳ His bullet scar stems from the incident.
    ↳ Kain changed his surname, taking his mother's maiden name.

    ↳ Antoni Frost ↠ Younger Brother ↠ 14 ↠ Deceased
    ↳ Daniel Frost ↠ Youngest Brother ↠ 10 ↠ Deceased

    It was early in the morning, 7'oclock to be exact. Kain is currently tucked in a warm king sized bed, curled against his lover's side. A loud, shrill sound ruined his moment of peace, waking him instantly. A loud groan escaped his lips. Kain rolled over and slammed his hand against the alarm clock, silencing it. He pressed his face against a pillow and drifted off. A pair of slender arms wrapped around his torso, a lithe physique pressed against his back. A face buried against the back of his neck.

    "D'you wanna get up yet?"

    His lips curved into a lazy smile. He rolled over, wrapping his arms around his lover. He pulled him closer, resting his chin on top of Adrian's head. A yawn escaped his lips. "What'd you suggest, love?" he mumbled sleepily. His French accent leaked through the British dialect he picked up after moving to England when he was 10. He pressed a chaste kiss against Adrian's temple. He opened his eyes, revealing his unique trait. His fiery hair framed his face in a disarray of wispy waves, falling to his shoulders. His fingers ran gingerly through Adrian's hair, tracing patterns on his skull. His eyes filled with mirth. Despite his lover's nature, he loved to cuddle. It was undeniably adorable.
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  3. So Adrian was a cuddler. He had always been so, wanting to make sure that his boyfriend felt comfortable around him. His entire demeanor based off of that he wanted to be close to the person he was worried about. Of course, when he had been told about Kain's past, he had been worried, but he hadn't been too shocked, partly because he didn't desire Kain to become too aware of what had happened. Adrian had let that stay in the past, and all that he wanted was to make Kain happy with him, which was also why he had suggested that they had moved in together.

    "What'd you suggest, love?"

    Adrian could almost hear the smile in his words even if he couldn't see Kain. When the other turned around, Adrian's fingers traced the lines of his chin and neck, of course, until he opened his eyes. Adrian had always been bullied for his girly features, and they were even more evident now when he had gotten older. He leaned in and brushed his lips against Kain's, a blush settling onto his cheeks. "Frankly, I'd like to stay here more or less forever, but there's no time for doing that, sadly." Adrian commented sleepily as he yawned, his head settling under Kain's chin, against his chest. He could feel the pounding of Kain's heart and that sound always calmed him down on the inside, made him feel safe. He felt hands running through his hair and a sigh of comfort escaped him.
  4. A pair of soft lips pressed against his in a subtle kiss. "My, my, you are quite bold this morning," he teased. Despite his playful nature, Kain cherished the moments when his lover is affectionate. However, he couldn't help pointing out facts that would make his lover flustered. He was too adorable. Kain accepted Adrian's androgynous appearance. He never cared about gender or certain requirements. Love is love, he concluded. He never regretted falling in love with a man. Adrian became his light after his brothers' death. Albeit, his lover is afraid of coming out of the closet, Kain supports him. Unfortunately, he wished his lover would indulge their secret to his best friend. He hated keeping secrets from Lucas. However, he wouldn't breathe a word until Adrian is ready.

    "Frankly, I'd like to stay here more or less forever, but there's no time for doing that, sadly."

    A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest. His lips curved into a wider smile. "It's Saturday, so we don't have classes, love. I wish we knew that earlier. Waking up to that bloody alarm clock is a killer," he replied. He continued running his fingers through Adrian's hair, noticing his lover's reaction. His gaze flickered towards the calender on a nearby wall. His eyes dimmed slightly, reading a despicable date; April 27th, the anniversary of his brothers' death. His bullet scar pulsed with pain, reminding him of the gruesome night. It has been one year since he deflected. One year since he revealed his secret to Adrian. One year since he moved out of his home and lived with Adrian. One year since he was shot.

    Kain is aware of his boyfriend's concern. He is more perceptive than he lets on. He is grateful for his lover. He wasn't alone when he mourned for his brothers' death. It brought the two closer.
  5. Adrian pouted as he glared up at his boyfriend with an embarrassed expression. "W-we've been dating for three years, how's a kiss bold?!" He asked still with the same deep blush on his cheeks. That was a part that would never change. Kain would make him feel embarrassed about himself by saying such things to his affectionate actions, and Adrian would be embarrassed over it. Sadly, he didn't know how to become less embarrassed because Kain always found a new way to make him embarrassed. Adrian had started with being scared over his appearance before they'd had their first night together. He had wondered if Kain only liked him because he looked like a girl, because he thought that maybe, Adrian wasn't a girl after all. He had cried over that all on his own for days and hadn't known what on earth he should do. Of course, Kain had proved that his feelings were very true and of course, Adrian could do nothing but love him back for his great personality. Albeit he was a bit scared that Kain would be angry when Adrian had asked to keep the relationship a secret from Lucas. But he was just so scared.

    He just didn't want to be hated by Lucas, his beloved younger brother. What if he wouldn't accept the relationship?

    Adrian could feel how the chuckle rumbled through his boyfriend and he couldn't hold back his smile as he moved closer to Kain.
    "I know that, but with your stomach you'll want to get up in 10 minutes, you're always so hungry... and I'm the one who has to make the food..." He muttered gently as he looked into Kain's eyes with a smile on his face. But he enjoyed the gentle fingers running through his hair, and he kept sighing until he felt a change in the demeanor of his boyfriend. Oh, right. He looked over at the calendar as he stroked Kain's hair, leaning up to kiss him again. He looked into his eyes and smiled gently. He had always been protective of Kain, even if he was smaller he'd always been protective because he was the oldest one, after all. He knew that Kain hadn't wanted to tell him, but he also knew that it was easier for him now when Adrian knew the truth about his past. And it made him calmer that Alain trusted him.

    "I'm sorry about that, Kain. Do you want to stay home today? You know I'll make you muffins and warm chocolate if you'd like that. I'd even walk around naked if that'll make you feel any better about it."
  6. "W-we've been dating for three years, how's a kiss bold?!"

    A laugh escaped his lips. His eyes glinted with mirth. He is aware of that concept, but his lover refrained from excessive touches. He couldn't help it. Teasing his lover is amusing. He is absolutely adorable. It amazed him how flustered his lover becomes. No matter what, he could make Adrian blush. It wasn't his fault his lover blushed at a subtle comment. He meant no harm. He couldn't resist. "Now, now, no need to get your pretty little head worked up," he mused. He tucked a strand of hair behind Adrian's ear, brushing his bangs away from his eyes.

    Unbeknownst to Adrian, Kain is aware of his fears. Despite information Adrian revealed, Kain realized there was more to it. He accepted his lover, nonetheless. He hated keeping secrets from Lucas, but he will listen to Adrian. If Lucas becomes angry, he will take the fall. He refused to ruin a relationship between two brothers. Siblings are sacred. A lump formed in his throat.

    If only he knew how much sacred that fateful night.

    "...I'd even walk around naked if that'll make you feel any better about it."

    Kain snapped out of his reverie. He blinked, a look of bewilderment plastering his face. A few seconds later, his expression softened. A gentle smile painted his lips. "Love, I think you will regret that if you followed through. You would probably die from embarrasment," he jested. He pressed his lips against his lover's forehead.

    "Lucas is probably going to stop by today. This is..." his throat constricted. "...the first anniversary. He may not show it much, but he will be worried. I don't think he would appreciate finding out about our relationship with you prancing around our aparment completely naked," he mused.
  7. Adrian was always so nervous around his boyfriend, and it just never changed.

    That was, of course, also why Kain would laugh like that. He thought that it was amusing how Adrian, at his age, could get embarrassed by innuendos, inappropriate jokes and teasing, but that was just what he was like. Of course Kain would find teasing him as an amusing thing, and he sometimes wanted to hit Kain but of course he didn't. It wouldn't hurt Kain anyways, Adrian was weak. He watched his boyfriend with a strange expression and smiled just slightly. Well, he didn't care about any of that. "You're so annoying, and partly because you know that I love you. Geez... I wish we could stay here forever."

    His fears had been irrational. He knew that he was just being overdramatic when he thought that Kain would reject him because he would turn out to be a boy in the end. But he had been fully accepted by his lover and it made him feel safe and loved. He was scared that Lucas would get angry if they told the truth, and yet he knew that Kain would take the fall for him if that were to happen in the end.

    Of course, siblings were scared ground, but he didn't want Kain to lose his friendship.

    He wondered how Kain felt on a day like this, especially with brothers around.

    He could see that Kain was a bit confused when he had said that, and he had really just attempted to lighten the mood up a little. He was collecting his own courage, he would have to tell Lucas and he had thought about doing it on a day like this.
    "Despite that, I'd at least die with your eyes eating my body up, I know you have a thing for my ass, you know." Adrian said with a smile on his face, though not planning to make any real action on his joke.

    "I know... Kain, you know... I just wanted to... well..." He crawled over to hug his boyfriend tightly, embracing him and kissing his neck just a little bit, ignoring the answer to the joke. "I-I want to make this the day. It's not fair for you to have to lie to my brother just because of me... I want to tell him, but... but I'm so scared... I don't want him to hate me... I mean, I know Lucas is the accepting type but I'm so scared..."
  8. "You're so annoying..."

    His grin widened. He knew his behavior annoyed Adrian, but it's part of his natural charm. Kain loved to tease his lover. He meant no harm in his words. Adrian is extremely adorable; he is Kain's ultimate weakness. However, he knew when to stop. Kain never wants to hurt his lover. The thought of Adrian hating him is crippling. He couldn't bare losing another loved one. It would kill him. He is willing to lose a precious friendship if it meant keeping Adrian happy. Lucas is understanding. He may be angry in the beginning, but Kain is certain he will accept their relationship.

    "...a thing for my ass, you know."

    A smirk painted his lips. His hand slipped down and squeezed Adrian's arse in response. Before he could respond, Adrian hugged him. His eyes widened slightly, startled by the sudden gesture. He laid there silently, listening to Adrian's explanation. His expression softened. He broke the hug, guiding Adrian's face towards his own. "Don't force yourself, Ian. If you're not ready, I'm willing to wait. Lucas will never hate you. He may become angry, but that's natural. He will eventually get over it and accept us. He could never hate you, love. He loves you too much to hate you. You're his big brother," he murmured gently, slipping his affectionate petname he used for Adrian. His warm hands cupped his lover's face. His thumbs gingerly brushed against Adrian's cheek.

    "Je t'aime, mon trésor," he whispered lovingly.

    [French Translation: I love you, my treasure.]
  9. Adrian knew that was true about Kain, of course he knew.

    He was well aware that Kain loved him. It was obvious with the way that those eyes were always focusing directly on him, giving him love and comfort in his actions whenever he was with his boyfriend. He also knew that those words were harmless, and that the last thing Kain wanted was to hurt him. Adrian could never hate his boyfriend, he didn't have the heart to do such a thing. And he didn't have the resolution, either. He loved Kain just that little bit too much to not be able to hate him no matter what happened between them. He knew that Kain was kind and loving despite his past and the scars adorning his body. Adrian knew exactly how loved he was, and how devastated Kain would be if they left each other. But Adrian wasn't forcing himself to stay with Kain, it was something he did by his free will, because he loved Kain more than anything in the world.

    That was his reason for trying to tease back lightly.

    Adrian couldn't help himself. Not only did he know that Kain had a thing for his ass, but he also had a thing for Kain touching his ass. He let out a sound of enjoyment but he had to focus. So he hugged Kain tightly and as he spoke, he knew that Kain listened to his every single word. He knew that those words had a large effect and he wanted for all in the world to make Kain understand. "I'm not forcing myself, I'm not. I need this to happen, I can't stop myself any longer, I'll go crazy if I keep it back any longer, I'm feeling so guilty... I know that he won't hate me, and I'm going to do my best to tell him today... I'll do all that's in my power to make it today, and I promise that I'll stay with my decision..."

    He smiled at the words in French and tried to make the mood a bit lighter. "I swear, your French makes me horny. You're going to make me go crazy if you keep on with that."
  10. "...I promise that I'll stay with my decision..."

    His eyes filled with understanding. He kissed Adrian gently. "Alright, love. I just want to make sure you're ready," he replied gently. A chuckle elicited from his throat, noting Adrian's squeak of approval. His lover's taste enticed him. His hand slipped away, resting on Adrian's hip. His thumb gingerly traced Adrian's skin, creating circular motions. His other hand slithered up and gripped the back of Adrian's neck.

    "...You're going to make me go crazy if you keep on with that."

    His lips transformed into a smirk. "I know five languages, love. I think I would make you go wild," he replied bluntly. He leaned closer, brushing his lips against Adrian's ear.

    "Je m'assurerai de rock votre monde," he whispered.

    Suddenly, a familiar ringtone blared, interrupting the moment. Kain rolled around, reaching for his cellphone. He plucked it from the nightstand, opened it, and pressed it against his ear. He conversed with the caller, which turned out to be Lucas.

    "Alright, see you then," he finished. He hung up and placed his cellphone back on the nightstand. A sigh escaped his lips. He leaned back and pressed his back against the mattress. He wrapped an arm around Adrian's shoulders.

    "It has been one year...since I visited their graves...Lucas wants me to go. I just..." his throat constricted painfully. He closed his eyes and pressed a hand against his face. He inhaled deeply, but exhaled shakily. A phantom pain crept inside him, surrounding his bullet scar. He instinctively clutched it, remembering the excruciating pain he felt after he protected Danny from the gunshot. Unfortunately, his youngest brother didn't survive from his wounds. He recalled a crippling sensation after the doctor informed him Danny's condition. His last shred of hope shattered. Antoni didn't make it to the hospital. He died in Kain's arms before Danny was admitted.

    "...I can still feel their blood on me, Ian. I am grateful...both of you weren't there that night. I don't think I could bare...losing you...or Luke," he admitted. Kain may of indulged Adrian and Lucas about his past, but not that night. He was too traumatized. All he wanted to do was forget. He grieved for a solid six months. It was painful for him bringing up that night. The wound was too fresh.

    [French Translation: I will make sure to rock your world]
  11. Adrian was determined about it, it was now or never.

    He looked stubbornly into Kain's eyes and watched as those eyes filled with understanding about his decision. He was so happy and he let out a happy little sound as he was kissed by Kain, Adrian's arms wrapping around Kain's neck. "As long as I'm with you, I'll be ready. I hope that you'll stay by my side no matter what." He gently whispered as he glanced into Kain's eyes. He loved when his boyfriend touched him and especially did he like when he was touched on the butt.

    Of course Kain knew about it, but Adrian had yet to admit it to himself.

    As Kain smirked, Adrian blushed an interesting shade of red and bit his lip, panting slightly just at the thought.
    "You know that you can't do that now... we don't really have the time for it, but do show me how crazy you can make me tonight."

    He let out a pant as there was a whisper into his ears again. "Seriously, Kain." He whined slightly.

    When the phone buzzed, Adrian almost fell out of Kain's embrace in surprise, but managed to stay on top of his boyfriend while he picked up the phone. Adrian had always been quiet and usually no one noticed he was there when he was present on the other side of the phone. He lied against Kain's chest, tracing circles over his skin.

    Adrian figured that it was Lucas when they greeted each other, and he could see from the frown on his boyfriend's face that he was being asked to do something he'd rather not do. But he knew that like with Adrian himself, Kain would do almost anything for Lucas. A trait that was both to his advantage and weakness.

    As Kain sighed, he smiled sadly and let himself be wrapped in the embrace of his lover. He stroked Kain's hair while looking into his eyes. He knew that it was horribly painful to go to the grave, but there was no point in waiting.
    "Of course he wants you to go, Kay, he's worried about you. Don't you see what this is doing to you? This pain is your fear for facing the truth. Denying it isn't going to get you anywhere. You're going to go there, pay your respects and you'll tell them what I can feel that you want to tell them. That you love them, that they better be happy in heaven or you'll beat up whoever is bothering them, that you found me and Lucas and how we're helping you out. Tell them what you've always wanted to, I'm sure they're worried about big brother up there." His words were kind and caring and he was holding Kain's hand, tears in his eyes. He wanted his boyfriend to be happy no matter what, and he was going to do more or less anything to make that happen.

    Adrian put his hands over Kain's chest and gently placed his lips against Kain's warm ones.
    "Staying away won't wash the blood away. It's guilt. If you don't go there and talk to them, it'll be there forever. It'll only do you good, and if you need to cry that's what you can do... I let you off the hook at first but now you need to face it. It's been a year, Kain. No one will die. No one will leave you alone. I'll be right there behind you with Lucas. We'll all dress up nicely and then we will make sure that your brothers know you're well and safe in your new life."

    ((Writing this made me sad T_T ))
  12. A slender hand draped on top of his own, fingers intertwining together. He opened his eyes, peering at his lover. His heart constricted in response. He hated seeing his lover cry. He returned the gentle kiss. Kain slipped away from Adrian. He rose into a sitting position. His large, tattooed wings imprinted on his back, prominent against his alabaster skin. He ran a hand through his fiery hair, tucking a strand behind his ear. "I stopped denying it a long time ago, Ian. I grieved for them and accepted it," he replied. His deep, baritone voice became gruff. He swung his legs towards the edge, resting his feet on the floor. He leaned forward, planting his forearms on his knees. He gripped his head with his hands.

    "That's the thing, Ian. I'm not safe. There's something that I didn't tell you," he murmured. He tilted his head back, peering at his lover through his half-lidded gaze. His eyes filled with pain. "The men responsible escaped, Ian. I wanted to kill them. I had a chance, but I ignored it. I had to get Danny to the hospital. I already lost Toni. Those men will most likely strike again someday. Leaving that dojo wasn't exactly easy, love. They murdered my brothers out of spite. I was a terrible older brother. I couldn't even protect them. They were kidnapped because of me. My selfishness costed them their lives," he admitted. He dropped his head, a curtain of hair concealing his face.

    "I don't feel worthy to visit their gaves, love. You never witnessed me fighting, Ian. I was a monster. You never seen me when I'm angered, trésor. My short-temper prevented me from saving them properly. I'm terrified, Adrian. It's too painful. I'm a bloody coward," he muttered bitterly.

    His kind, doting demeanor vanished, revealing a raw, unruly persona. Albeit, he retained his caring personality, Kain possessed a vulnerable, flawed side. His signature smiles weren't always genuine. He composed a mask to hide his pain, his suffering, and his anger. Lucas and Adrian were the only two people that knew about his other nature.
  13. Adrian knew that he was in a bad place to cry over Kain. He knew that his boyfriend hated more than anything to see him so sad, to see him actually crying over something. Adrian thought to suck it up but he knew that his tears weren't stopping, because compared to Kain he was weak and unable to hold back his feelings. Adrian wanted to levitate back to his boyfriend and hold him, but the way that Kain moved away from him made his limbs feel numb and he just couldn't move himself anymore. He hated what he was doing to his boyfriend, feeling as if everything was his fault. "You still need to go there, Kay, I can't just let you stay home. It's normal to go to the grave on the anniversary of their deaths, so you should try doing that too. Just to get a remotely normal life."

    Adrian's eyes widened as he listened to what Kain had to say. "What on earth do you mean by that you're not safe? Did something happen?" Adrian was so worried that he would probably burst as if he was a fragile bubble if he said anything, so instead he just stared at Kain with the saddest eyes he had ever put up in his life. he didn't even do it on purpose, he wasn't aware of the sadness showing on his face clear as day. "They got away... that was the good thing to do, Kay! At least you tried to save them... and I'm sure they appreciate that more than anything... and even if they did escape... you were a great brother. This situation was completely out of your hands, Kain, you couldn't have helped a thing like this. Don't even start thinking that you could, in the end this was the outcome but you couldn't have predicted it!"

    Adrian crawled over and lifted Kain's head, knowing that his younger lover had settled back into his bitterness. It wasn't something bad that Adrian thought in particular about him, he didn't see why it was a bad thing to be human, sometimes. "We're going, you can't guilt trip your brothers. They'll feel like you blame yourself as if you killed them, and that will make them feel bad. I know you're terrified, I know you're a coward..."

    He decided to keep a short break and smiled knowingly. "But in the end, aren't we all? I've been keeping this beautiful love I share with you a secret from my brother. Because I'm a coward. People lie, they're cowards. But that doesn't mean we aren't worth a life or the things we want. I want you to walk with me and Lucas to their grave today, and we'll be right there by your side. Then we'll tell Lucas the truth, and maybe... just maybe you can move on from this."
  14. A pair of slender hands cupped his face, lifting his head from his grip. His eyes averted towards his lover's face. His heart twisted at the broken expression his lover wore. It pained him to witness his boyfriend weep. Kain instinctively leaned forward, kissing away Adrian's tears. With a flick of his wrist, Kain tugged Adrian and deposited him on his (Kain's) lap. He wrapped his arms around his lover's lithe waist, burying his face in the crook of Adrian's neck.

    "Merci d'être avec moi, mon trésor. Merci de ne jamais abandonner. Merci d'aimer quelqu'un comme moi. Merci," he murmured. His voice wavered, a result from an onslaught of tears. He hugged Adrian closer, burrowing his nose in Adrian's neck. His broad shoulders trembled slightly, a shiver surging down his spine. A few minutes later, Kain removed his head and pressed his lips against Adrian's temple. He gently wiped away the tears evident on Adrian's neck. A watery smile painted his lips.

    "Vous me donnez la force, mon trésor. Je t'aime," he whispered. He brushed away his tears and repositioned Adrian, picking him up bridal style. He rose into a standing position, carrying his lover. A light chuckle elicited from his throat.

    "Let's take a shower. Luke is going to be here in an hour," he requested.

    Kain walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the bathroom, holding his lover close. He never voiced it out loud, but he was grateful for Adrian's words. It was never easy, but he was thankful for a sense of reassurance. However, he was serious about his warning. Those men may return. He refused to drag Adrian or Lucas in his dark past. He will protect both siblings, even if it costed him his life.

    [French Translation#1: Thank you for being with me, my treasure. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for loving someone like me. Thank you.]

    [French Translation#2: You give me strength, my treasure. I love you.]
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  15. Adrian was looking very sad when he had first moved his lover's face to look at him, but he was going to go through with this, and even more so when Kain looked back at him with those pained eyes. He knew that it was pain from watching how Adrian was weeping like that. Adrian's eyes fell close and he shuddered as his tears were kissed away, smiling a little as he looked at Kain. He was dragged into Kain's lap and wrapped both arms around Kain's neck as his eyes locked with his boyfriend's. When Kain's face buried in his neck, Adrian patted the golden locks of hair gently.

    "You're welcome..." After having been with Kain for so long, he had begun understanding French more or less because he knew that Kain expressed himself on French when he was emotional. He felt his lover's shoulders quiver as he began crying, and Adrian comfortingly ran both hands up and down his lover's back. When those few minutes had passed, he felt a kiss be pressed to his temple and he had to catch Kain's lips with his own for just a second before smiling at him. Even if Kain's smile was sad, it was thankful, and that was all that mattered to Adrian.

    "Love you too, Kain." He gently whispered back and he blushed as he was picked up bridal style. He was going to protest that he wasn't a girl but anything Kain did was more or less like this. Adrian wondered if Kain saw him as some sort of princess. The thought made him blush more.

    "Yeah... but if you tease me, I swear I'm going to knock you out." He muttered, though he didn't mean it that way. He was grateful for Kain being with him.

    He didn't protest as he was carried out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and he smiled as he nuzzled into Kain's neck. Adrian knew how much Kain thanked him for everything that had happened, and he knew that it was something Kain couldn't say. When he was put down inside the bathroom, he immediately lashed out and kissed Kain passionately, both arms wrapping around his neck. It was a bit annoying that Kain was that bit taller than him, it made him feel like he was the younger one of them. At some point in their relationship, that had been a problem for Adrian but he had accepted that he was the smaller one now.
  16. Kain stumbled a bit, caught off guard. His lips curved into a warm smile. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his lover's lithe waist. He returned the kiss, pouring all his passion, love, and emotion in a single lip lock. His half-lidded gaze fixated on Adrian's face, peering into his eyes. He pulled his lover closer, pressing his slender form against his broad frame. He broke the kiss and nipped at Adrian's neck.

    "Don't tempt me, amour. I won't be able to control myself if you attack me with kisses," he murmured against Adrian's skin. His thumbs traced circles against Adrian's hipbone. He trailed butterfly kisses up Adrian's neck before settling near his ear.

    "Do you wish to strip or should I have the honor?" He whispered huskily.
  17. Adrian knew that he was always the timid one, and when he suddenly came with outbursts of emotion, Kain would make fun of him for it for weeks. But at this moment, all that mattered to him was holding his boyfriend closer and closer until their bodies would simply melt into one. That way, he felt like he could save Kain. His emotion poured into the kiss and when he pulled back, he hugged himself closer to Kain when the other hugged him tightly. He smiled slightly at the comment.

    "Well, you're always the one who teases so I thought I'd give you payback for those times... just once." Adrian muttered gently as he smiled, knowing that his Kain had returned to his "normal" state again. He shuddered as the kisses went from his neck to his ear, and he couldn't help the pleasured little sound escaping his lips.

    "When you say it like that... I can't help but allow you to do it... after all, this shirt is a bit difficult to get off all on my own..." He whispered gently as his hands ran up Kain's shirt. He knew that he was teasing his boyfriend... but he somehow wanted what was going to come from that teasing.
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  18. "...I can't help but allow you to do it..."

    A smirk plastered on his face. His fingers grasped the end of Adrian's shirt. He beckoned for Adrian to raise his arms. He slowly pulled the shirt off and discarded it to the side. His mismatched eyes greedily soaked his lover's milky skin.

    "Beautiful," he murmured.

    Kain lifted his arms and pulled off his shirt, revealing his scarred body. Faint nicks littered his alabaster skin, but his prominent scar imprinted his left shoulder; the bullet wound. Despite the time that passed, Kain possesses difficulty moving his left shoulder and arm without lingering pain. He attended physical therapy, but this wound will need more time to heal completely.

    "Be warned, amour. Tease me and I will make sure you scream my name," he informed bluntly. A wolfish smirk painted his lips. His eyes glinted with a faint layer of lust.
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    Yes, of course Adrian was aware of just what he was doing to his boyfriend at this moment.

    Adrian's bright scarlet eyes glimmered as he smirked up at his boyfriend. He raised his arms and made sure that he slid those arms back down in the most provoking manner he could muster. He had gotten used to teasing his boyfriend like this, and he loved the reactions he got out of Kain.

    "I think you're more beautiful." He murmured back in a gentle voice.

    When Kain took off his shirt, Adrian's eyes went over his body. Of course, Adrian had seen it so many times already that he was used to it, but of course it stung in his heart when he saw it. He leaned forward and began kissing at the mark on Kain's left shoulder, making sure to lick it and kiss it to make Kain feel like it wasn't something to be ashamed of. When he pulled back, he heard what Kain had to say and a smirk plastered onto his lips.

    "Hmm.... I wouldn't protest against that proposal." He whispered as he licked his lips, running his hands down Kain's arms. "Hmm... but we do need that shower. Care to show me how exactly you're going to make that happen?"
  20. [[I accidentally hit dislike when I meant to hit like. My fingers derped. XD]]

    A pair of lips pressed against his bullet scar. A shiver surged down his spine in response. His scar is ultra sensitive. He bit the inside of his cheek, suppressing a shudder. His adorable boyfriend is a crafty vixen when his flustered nature evaporates. A chuckle rumbled through his chest. His mismatched orbs glittered with amusement. He easily perceived his lover's tactic. Two can play at this game. He lifted his hands and unbuttoned Adrian's pants.

    "Io vi porterà lungo e duro, mio tesoro. Io ti pulire accuratamente e mendicare per saperne di più," he murmured, slipping into Italian. His crimson eye darkened, resembling fresh blood. His bangs obscured his other eye from view. A languid smile plastered on his face.

    "Una volta che ho finito con te, non sarà in grado di sopportare," he whispered. With a flick of his wrists, Adrian's pants were pulled down, including boxers.
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