Please don't eat me.

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  1. H... hi, random strangers in the internet! I just made an account in this site, and it seems pretty cool!

    I can't say I'm completely new to RP, because it would be a lie. But I only know the basics of it, if you can call it like that.

    Anyway... I hope we can have lots of fun together! Ehm...

    Farewell, and may your jimmies remain unrustled.
  2. Welcome, what the hell is jimmies and I'm going to eat you.
  3. Ohhhhhh........
  4. Hello, and welcome to our wondrous fantastic world of RP! Here you should find many friends and people to write with that shall not rustle your jimmies! Head on over the the Jump In RP section for some quick RP fun, or to one of the plotting boards for more background development stuff! All in all, please enjoy your stay! Drop me a PM if you got any questions. I'm going to be here awhile it seems.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! If you're ever looking for someone to roleplay with, let me know, I'm almost always open to new rps =) Have fun and enjoy yourself here!
  6. Aww yiss. Thank you guys! This seems to be a wonderful place already. :D
  7. I was going to nom on yo face, but you're a Imma hide now..... Q _ Q

    Welcome though! :D I'm Mittens! You don't eat me okay?! D: Hope you enjoy Iwaku~!!