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  1. Name: Xavier
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Power: healing
    Appearance: (going to find a picture)
    Personality: WIP
    Other: he is a Christian and has a metal Cross he always wears

    Xavier walked through the waist land with his companion. Looking over at him he said "let's go home." Well as close to a home as we have....

    (Sorry for the short post I'm thinking an old warehouse could be there house, but where are we? City, country, middle of no where, suberbs? @justice hunt )
  2. Name: Stelios
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Power: Telepathy
    Personality: Smart, Good with a gun, and he has a good heart.
    Other: He carries a python pistol on his waist to fight rival gangs.

    Stelios walked down the broken road. He stood beside his fellow companion, he had his sunglasses on his head covering his eyes. "That's what you call it huh" Stelios watched the older male for any threats.

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  3. "Yeah what else can we call it?" Xavier asked looking at Desmond with a tired gaze. They had been exploring all day and Xavier was a wimp.

    ( I miss Stelly)
  4. changed it)

    "Hell..." Stelios slid his hand in his jean front pants. He looked around at the sandy roads and sidewalk.
  5. "Hey it's the best place we've got" Xavier said wrapping his arm around Stelios. "And we're kinda like superheroes now, got any cuts or bruises you need healed?"

    ( so where are we city, rural, or suberbs? And what do you think about the warehouse?)
  6. (I was thinking like a small suburbs like this but more damaged and abandoned: here)
    "No, i'm alright" Stelios sighed. He then walked to the ally and pulled down a red ladder. "I'll go first" Stelios climbed the window till he got to the window. He then put his arm under a slit in the window and pulled it up. Stelios then slid inside and opened the window fully.
  7. "Ok bro" Xavier said to the younger boy. Climbing up after him he looked around their home. There was a pile of blankets in one corner that the two boys slept in. There was a bathroom.....with sorta but not really running water. The cupboards had food in them though so at least they wouldn't starve. "You wanna stay up a little later or just go to bed?"
  8. "I'm tired, need sleep" Stelios took out his pistol in his jean pocket and put it in his bag. He then walked to the couch and laid down. "I'll sleep on this tonight" He then took off his jacket and shirt and through them on the floor. He then unbuttoned his jeans and laid in his boxers. "I'm sleeping naked tonight, too hot out"
  9. "Walk around naked I could really care less" Xavier said as he walked over to the pile of blankets he usually slept in, occasionally Stelios would join him, but not tonight. Xavier agreed it would be hot to tonight so he too took off his shoes, shirt, unzipped and pulled down his pants, and slid his boxers off leaving himself completely naked. I hope Stelios is ok with this.
  10. Stelios then stood up and slid his boxers to his ankles.He then heard a noise from the couch. it sounded like a... Two cockroaches come from the couch and stelios backs away. "Alright i am definatly not sleeping there, make room" Stelios went over to the pile of blankets.
  11. "Um....ok, why Stelios, you scared the boogie an will get you?" Xavier joked as he moved over making room for the younger boy. "I'll put my boxers back on so it won't be awkward, I don't care if you do, but one of us should" Xavier said grabbing them and slipping them on while still laying down. Stelios so dimes snuggled up to Xavier and if both of them were naked that could get weird.

    (So when is Stelios gonna use his awesome telepathy, I really wanna use Xavier's healing come on get hurt haha jk)
  12. Doesn't matter up to you' Stelios told a message to his head. He then slid in the blankets next to Xavier.
  13. Glancing at the boy next to him Xavier said "that's so cool you have telepathy." Xavier wondered what it would be like to have it, while he loved his healing powers and wouldn't trade them for any other power he still thought they were cool. "Can you read my thoughts?" Xavier said looking at the younger boy again there was still enough light out that he could see the boy.

    ( I'm thinking late duskish)
  14. "Yup every single one, every weird and disturbing thought in the brain of yours" Stelios stared at the roof.
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  15. " what is the weirdest thing you've caught me think about?" Xavier asked now worried that Stelios could always tell what he was thinking...

    ( just make something up haha, good night)
  16. "Nah, i'll keep you guessing, imagine what disturbing and creepy thought you got in that weird brain of yours, alright night" Stelios losed his eyes, his body facing the boy.
  17. Dang why won't he just tell me.....I guess you can hear this Stelios so tell me! Xavier thought. "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite......seriously don't let them bite" he said out loud.

    ( do you want to time shift now or is there more you want to do?)
  18. (sure lets time skip)
  19. Xavier woke up seeing the sun shine though the window of he and Stelios's home. Deciding he didn't want to get up yet he laid there waiting for Stelios to wake up.
  20. Stelios started to wake up. He heard noises in the room and knew his mind was doing it and that Xavier was up. Stelios stood up and stretched with the boy laying in the blankets.
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