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    Qualifications :writing:

    Frequent Posting!
    (At least once a day, even more is happily welcomed and encouraged!)

    Minimum Age Requirement of Eighteen! (Adult/Mature Warning)
    (I'm twenty-one and don't feel comfortable role playing with anyone below eighteen, sorry! Also, I do occasionally write mature scenes that can either be extremely descriptive or more emotionally-focused and less detailed. I prefer to have a partner that isn't uncomfortable with Adult/Mature Themes.)

    Adequate Grammar, Proper Spelling and Comprehensible Writing!
    (To the best of your abilities, please! The really simple mistakes are what annoy me: lack of capitalization, forgetting to separate paragraphs...etc. I won't get angry if you accidentally make a mistake, but if it's a frequent occurrence I'll call you out on it.)

    Communication is Key!
    (I like getting to know my partners! Don't like the rp? Let me know! Wanna drop out? Fine, just say so!)

    Willing to Double Characters!
    (Self explanatory. I don't mind if it's FxF or if I play the female role, but if you want me to play a male character OC or Canon, I'm going to ask that you do the same for me. Equality, y'know?)


    :fluffy: Interests & Cravings :fluffy:

    * If the character is written in bold - I prefer that character

    * If the pairing has a strike through it - I'm currently satisfied and don't need new partners

    * I will play ANY character from ANY fandom listed below!

    * Don't see a pairing you'd like? No problem, just ask me!

    - Air Gear -
    * OC x OC
    * OC x Agito/Akito/Lind
    * OC x Kazu
    * OC x Spitfire

    - Harry Potter -
    * OC x OC
    * OC x George Weasley
    * Luna Lovegood x George Weasley
    * Ginny Weasley x Harry Potter
    * Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy
    * Nymphodora Tonks x Remus Lupin
    * Luna Lovegood x Fred Weasley
    * OC x Draco Malfoy

    - Doctor Who -
    * Rose Tyler x Tenth Doctor
    * Ninth Doctor x OC
    * Rose Tyler x Ninth Doctor
    * OC x OC
    * Rose Tyler x Captain Jack Harkness

    - Fairy Tail -
    * OC x Loke
    * Juvia x Gray
    * Levy x Gajeel
    * OC x OC

    - Marvel -
    * OC x Tony
    (I'll NEVER turn down a partner willing to play Tony Stark, just sayin' :3 Even if this pairing is crossed out!)
    * OC x Loki
    * Darcy x Loki
    * Jane x Thor
    * Captain America x OC
    * Thor x OC
    * Hawkeye x OC
    * OC x Hulk
    * Black Widow x Hawkeye
    * Black Widow x Captain America

    - Ouran Host Club -
    * OC x Hikaru Hitachiin
    * OC x Kaoru Hitachiin
    * Haruhi x Tamaki
    * Kyoya x OC
    * Renge x Kyoya

    - Black Butler -
    * OC x Finnian
    * OC x OC
    * OC x Sebastian
    * OC x Ciel
    * OC x Undertaker
    * OC x Grell

    - House M.D -
    Greg House x Allison Cameron
    x Robert Chase
    OC x OC
    Greg House x OC

    - Law & Order: SVU -
    OC x OC
    Olivia Benson x Elliot Stabler
    OC x Fin
    Amanda Rollins x Amaro

    - Original -
    FxF - Female x Female Romance

    Between two women of different social statuses, perhaps one is royal and the other is a servant? The royal is engaged to be married and she confesses to having romantic feelings towards her servant. The servant, having been accused of corrupting the royal, is sentenced to death. Heartbroken, the royal decides to escape the kingdom and bring along her beloved. A royal guard is command to fetch them, bringing back the royal daughter without harming her and killing the servant upon sight.

    Strong sexual content (Mature - Rated)
    Multi-relationships (Possibly)
    Long Term Dedication

    - Currently Searching For Partners -

    Tony Stark x OC - Fandom
    The idea I have for this is that along with Yinsen and Tony, another individual is kidnapped and held hostage by the Ten Rings. The only daughter of a wealthy and influential family. While Tony refuses to build the Jericho Missile, the Ten Rings decide to mercilessly torture the three captives. The younger female gets the worse treatment. The role play will continue from there.

    Avengers x OC (Two)- Fandom
    After the Avengers successfully saved Earth from an invasion of the Chitari at Loki's command, they became a team that was feared by criminals of the universe and worshiped by the innocent that they protect. Captain America took his place as the team's leader, but he constantly struggles to keep that reign against the egotistic Iron Man. It's been a few months since the failed invasion and Captain America believes the Avengers would be more efficient if they had more members of the team. Now it's just a problem of searching for suitable recruits.
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