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    Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran academy.

    The Ouran host club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.

    Just think of it as Ouran academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.

    * * *​

    The Host Club, the outlandish playground for those with a prestigious family heritage that has inherited wealth and fame, along with the club's newest addition, a commoner with a brilliant mind, Haruhi Fujioka. Originally believed to have been a male, Haruhi caused quite a commotion among the club's members. Working her way from the Host Club's servant to an actual participation of the organization, Haruhi has gained not only respect from the other hosts, but has also established a purpose for herself among them.

    She may still perform duties as a Host under the guise of a male, but Haruhi has grown to accept her true gender and sometimes even dresses to flatter the adorable figure she was born with. Although, much to Tamaki's dismay, this is not a frequent occurrence.

    As per usual, the Host Club was getting itself prepared for the new year. Monday, the beginning of another term at Ouran, was not exactly Haruhi's favorite day. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and her father's late shifts at the bar would have her up most of the night. However, Haruhi is not the sort to complain. She'd manage to complete all the tasks required, somehow.

    "Kouya?" Haruhi called out to the dark-haired male standing idly by the opened doorway. "You seem..." The proper descriptive word seemed to escape Haruhi's vocabulary at the moment. "Distracted?"

    Considering Kouya and herself are the only people currently inside the Music Room, Haruhi wasn't exactly sure what could have the King of Darkness, as she has affectionately named him, so troubled. Something written inside Kouya's folder might have the answers, but due to her short height and lack of accessibility to the documents, Haruhi wouldn't know for sure.

    "Anyway, do you know where Tamaki is?"

    Tamaki Sou, the Host Club's king and original creator, also known as Haruhi's boyfriend (at least, within their group of trusted friends), wasn't usually the type to be late.

    "Tamaki said he'd be running late and asked me to relay the message," Kouya shrugged as he slammed the folder within his hands closed. A finger rose to balance his glasses, pushing them back into place.

    A nerve visibly twitched on Haruhi's brow, "You couldn't have told me sooner?"

    "I just told you now, didn't I?"

    Haruhi surrendered, accept defeat. Arguing with Kouya would serve no purpose. Not to mention, the last she wanted today was an angry Kouya. So instead of pestering him for answers, the twins would have to serve as substitutes. Considering she shares classes with them and they are the King's loyal lackeys, Haruhi figured they might have some answers.

    "Kaoru! Hikaru!" The only replies she received was her own voice echoed backwards. Haruhi continued searching the seemingly vacant Music Room for the troublesome twins.​
  2. Hitachiin.Twins.full.939451.jpg

    Here they were. It was another, normal, crazy filled day. The two gingers were sitting in a back room at a table next to one of the many, gigantic, pristine school windows overlooking the lush, cared for grounds. There was nothing to hear in the back room, especially with the door shut, except for various bird songs that floated through a few cracked open windows.

    Oddly enough, they heard their friend Haruhi's voice calling for them but didn't mind enough to move, each of them leaning against the table, chin resting in their hands. This was ridiculous. They moved their glittering eyes toward each other, staring at each other. Of course, if Haruhi actually located them, they wouldn't ignore her. Well, not too much. Two sighs escaped in unison. On top of there being very few club members there, the two inseparable twins couldn't seem to think up any mischievous plans. And even if they could, they'd only have the dark haired business member and the cross dresser to tease. Neither of them would show any interest. They'd see right through it, as they usually did.

    Their minds flitted to the time they'd faked a fight just to get the stubborn brunette to allow them to come over to her apartment. They'd even dyed their hair. Hikarou and Karou grin at each other at the thought before glancing toward the door as it opened, revealing Haruhi. They blinked slowly, before motioning with their free hand slightly, "Hey Haruhi," they said together.
  3. Finding the twins, predictably together as always, Haruhi quickly approached them and asked for Tamaki's whereabouts. They had to know something at least. Haruhi casually glanced to the clock on the wall, classes wouldn't begin for another two hours. Even so, Tamaki should have contacted her or someone else by now.

    "Hikaru, Kaoru," Haruhi brought her eyes back to the identical pair. "Can you go searching the campus for Tamaki?" She wasn't trying to be rude or demanding, but concern was starting to overwhelm her just a tad. Besides, it would give the twins something to do. "We all know how troublesome Tamaki can be when left alone for too long and I'll keep watch in the Music Room, alright?"

    * * *

    Ouran High School, Japan's world renowned educational center for the rich and famous. Nothing at all like the prior establishments of her schooling history back in England, yet impressive all the same. Walking alongside her parents, proper examples of the European high society, the younger heir of the Jordan's legacy idly continued chewing on the same exhausted mass of violet gum.

    "Mum?" English and heavily accented by her native language, the teen expressed her distaste for Ouran as they approached its front doorway. "Roger is the one getting married here in Japan, why did I have to come along?"

    "Darling," the elder woman scolded. "Your brother invited you to be in the wedding. Of course you had to come. Aren't you excited for your brother?"

    Honestly? Not really. Despite their relationship as siblings, Roger and herself couldn't be more different if they tried. Now, when they were children, the siblings used to get along famously. However, after Roger left England for his studies in Japan and fell in love with a beautiful woman, the friendship between brother and sister quickly deteriorated.

    "I don't understand why you're enrolling me at Ouran, though." At almost eighteen, rightfully she should be allowed to make her own decisions. Yet, when under the strict supervision of her parents, that's impossible.

    "Darling, you can't just roam the country without supervision and Ouran is a wonderful school. You won't be a registered student, but the board has agreed to let you enroll in whatever classes and extra circular activities you'd want."

    "Whatever," the disgruntled girl replied. She continued walking, but somehow got separated from her parents and began wandering the campus completely lost. Not to mention, her Japanese isn't that fluent. She just hoped that someone who spoke English would find her.
  4. The twins watched as Haruhi walked over. It didn't take them long to agree. There was nothing better to do. Besides, they could mess with the boss once they located him. Some fun would come out of it in the end. They stood up and left the backroom, moving through the abandoned music room and past Kyouya, out into the halls.

    Each step was taking in relative unison as they traveled through the halls of the gigantic, lavishly done school grounds, searching for the elusive blonde. They'd do relatively anything for Haruhi as long as she seriously needed it.

    Partially through their search, they started to pass by someone who they'd never seen before. Surely Kyouya already knew. And if he didn't...Well, then they knew something he didn't, a very rare occasion in deed. They paused, watching the girl and what appeared to be her mother walk toward them with bored expressions although their eyes glittered lightly with curiosity.
  5. "Mum?" No reply came at her call. Searching the school for her mother and turning up nothing but disappointment in her efforts, the young female sighed heavily and slumped back against a hallway wall. A few students passed by without paying her any attention, despite the rather casual style of her outfit. She clearly wasn't a student of Ouran.

    A black baseball hat was tipped forward and cast a shadow across her face, keeping her hidden from prying eyes. Still, while not exactly troubled by the silence and lack of company, she needed to relocate her parents before they staged a full on investigation into her disappearance.

    Thankfully, she managed to find a pair of identical twins happening to walk by. Reaching out an arm and managing to snag one of the brothers by their forearm, she firmly halted them from walking away. "Eigo o hanasemasu ka? (Do you speak English?)" Hopefully her Japanese classes would prove themselves useful for once.

    "Watashi wa edisu yo. (My name is Edith.)" She waited for their replies, dropping her hold on the one brother and stepped back. Her face still concealed by the shadow of her hat, Edith rocked back and fourth on, black and white, converse as she waited.
  6. The two twins stopped as Karou's arm was grabbed. Hikarou peers around his brother, looking at the girl who'd been bold enough to touch his companion. Karou blinks a bit before the two glance at each other, a grin appearing on each of their faces before looking back at her. "Yeah-" "-We do." "What do you need?" they say together at the last part.

    They couldn't see the girls features features, and it was obvious she was a foreigner. "Nice to meet you, Edith," Karou adds, both of them still bearing the grin.
  7. Apparently they could speak English and quite fluently, although their accent remained. Edith smirked, hidden by the shadow. "So, can either of you tell me where the main office is here?" She figured her parents would be there, at least it was a start.

    Edith had both hands stuffed in the pockets of her white, slightly baggy, jeans and her feet crossed at the heels. The brothers were quite a sight, she mused thoughtfully. Ginger-haired identical twins? That's not something you see everyday.

    Unlike Haruhi, her own gender physically ambiguous, Edith's isn't. She's most certainly female.
  8. "We can show you," Hikarou responds calmly. Their grins never wavered at the thought of a new student. Especially a foreigner. The glance at each other before looking back at her. Hikarou puts an elbow on his brothers shoulder, leaning against him casually.

    "So you're named Edith?" Karou asked curiously . Mostly because they'd want to mess with Kyouya later. If that was an option. Hikarou stands up from leaning on his twin and began walking with karou following along, starting toward the path to the main office.
  9. Edith followed behind the twins, not wanting to be seen walking at their side. The last thing she needed was to draw unwanted attention towards her. Even though, with her current outfit, she was going to be noticed regardless of her actions. Either way, Edith didn't want to assist in her own misfortune.

    "Yeah, I suppose you can shorten it to Eddie, if you'd like." Her own friends back home used to call her that as a joke. Finding humor in the fact that she appeared very tomboyish during her youth. Which, judging by the style of dress on her body now, wasn't exactly a phase she'd grown out of yet.

    The hallways were long and narrow, forcing students to occasionally brush shoulders with each other. Apparently the twins did not seem to have a personal space barrier between them. Edith quickly noticed how frequently the brothers would be touching one another, innocently enough, but slightly flirtatious if caught in just the right moment. Which happened to be whenever a female student would walk by.

    "So," Edith quickened her pace a tad and now was walking closer to their own speed. "I suppose you two are quite popular with the ladies, yeah?" Judging by the swoons and gasps of the passing by females, Edith assumed her guess to be correct.
  10. The girls observations were acute.

    They were in fact, rather flirtatious if you paid attention enough to notice. The twins glanced back as she spoke, holding each others hands lightly.

    "Of course," Hikarou spoke, although it wasn't easy to tell who was who.
    "We're in the host club," Karou continued. And then together, "We have to be."

    It was almost unnerving how in sync they were. Their grins matched and each set of eyes sparkled with the same glitter on the surface.

    In the end, they paid very little close attention to any of the girls they passed by. Of course, they'd glance and wave a bit at times or utter a hello or two but that was about it.
  11. Entertained by their actions, behavior and even their manner of speaking in unison, Edith allowed herself to giggle happily. It wasn't very loud, barely even noticeable in fact. "You two remind me of these characters from a favorite novel of mine back in England."

    Edith was amused as she continued along the hallway with the brothers. Silently thinking to herself just how much these Japanese lads reminded her of the British counterparts in a famous novel. Finally they arrived at the Main Office and this is where they were to part.

    "Well," Edith stepped forward and offered them a polite smile, although mostly hidden. "Thanks for the assistance, mates."

    "Edith, darling!" No mistaking that voice. It was Edith's mother. The elder woman happily engulfed her daughter into a warm embrace, leaving behind her husband to finish his conversation with the head of Ouran's board. "Sweetheart, where did you go? I looked for you and I..."

    Edith smirked, noticing her mother's emerald eyes drift in the direction of the twins. "Mum," she motioned to the brothers. "This is Hikaru and Kaoru. They helped guide me here."

    "Oh, how lovely." Mrs. Jordan clapped, her lightly painted, ruby, lips widened in a smile. "Thank you so much, gentlemen. Which of you is...Hikaru and Kaoru?"

    "I don't think they'll willingly tell us, mum."

    "Well, why not?"

    Edith chuckled, crossing her arms underneath her chest. "It wouldn't be any fun. What's the point of being an identical twin if you can't cause a bit of chaos and havoc? Not to mention fooling around with people that can't tell you apart? If I had a twin...I'd do the same."

    Seemingly convinced by her daughter's rambles, Mrs. Jordan decided to let the question go unanswered. "Oh," she suddenly remembered some very important and turned her attention back to Edith. "I have signed you up for a few classes, but you're free to make adjustments and I thought you could use a school uniform."

    The dress was disgusting. Nothing about it at all flattering to anyone's frame or build. A rancid shade of yellow with accents in white lace and puffy sleeves? Edith refused to wear something so hideous. "Can't I just wear my normal clothes?" She begged, motioning to the white and black clothing already on her body.

    Mrs. Jordan scoffed, "Darling, please. You're in Japan and women don't dress in such a manner. Now, here's the uniform, go get changed. Perhaps these nice young man can escort you?"
  12. The twins watched the interaction with amused gazes.

    Out of habit, hikarou leaned against karou's shoulder once more. They wouldn't mind telling who was who. No one would be able to figure it out a half hour later anyway. But the conversation moved on before they got the energy to bother.

    The two glanced at each other once more at the brief mini argument about clothing, grinning a bit more. Wear clothing like that to attend Ouran. It almost made them laugh, but then again...Their minds flitted to their first encounter with Haruhi. Perhaps it wasn't so crazy. But it would be better for her to wear the uniform.

    At the apparent mother's request, they turned their heads, focusing on the two once more.


    "We can escort her."

    "It'd be our pleasure."
  13. Reluctantly accepting her fate, Edith parted ways with her parents and left down the hallway with the twins acting as her guides once again. "Can't I just wear a boy's uniform?" She gestured to Hikaru and Kaoru's outfits. "At least you two don't have to wear a dress that makes you look like a deflated pear!"

    Obviously, Edith still was protesting the forced decision. Feminine clothing has never been her fancy. They continued down the hall, soon arriving at the changing rooms. Edith groaned, fidgeting with the dress hung over her arm. "I can't believe this nightmare."

    Stepping inside the room and setting down the dress, Edith peeked through the abandoned closet where she found a male's uniform that would fit her perfectly. Of course, she'd need to flatten her chest to make herself passable as a male. Tapping down her ample bosom with some medical wrap, her figure began to become more ambiguous.

    She also went the extra measure and tied her two long braids into a knot in the back of her hair and hid them underneath. The blue uniform fit her snugly, but it was more comfortable than a dress. Adjusting the sleeves just a tad and rolling them up to her elbows, Edith smirked happily at the mirror's reflection.

    "Huh?" She turned a few different angles. "I make an attractive man? Haha, wicked."

    Indeed, the look suited her quite well. Edith's hat was put into her bag, along with her casual clothing as well. Without the hat obstructing the view, Edith's face was fully visible. A delicate facial structure, slightly fuller than normal lips and dark-blond hair that hung the same length as the twin's without her braids. She stepped out of the room, doing a short twirl to the twins and laughed, hands on her vaguely noticeable hips (she'd used medical wraps and tape to disguise her curves).

    "Any feedback, boys?" Edith had a plan and knew it would work, she just needed a chance to speak with Ouran's head of the board.
  14. The two had escorted her without much complaint.

    As they waited outside the changing room , they leaned against each others shoulders, glancing around boredly before meeting each others eyes once more.

    The girl came out dressed as...a boy? They turned their attention immediately to her staring a bit. They were silent for a few moments with large grins.

    "The boss would love to have you meet Haruhi."

    "'Daddy's little girl needs a female companion to bring out her feminine side!'" Karou sung in a version of Tamaki's voice before they both laughed moving forward on either side of her, this time leaning against her shoulders.

    "Want to come with us to the Host club? If you're going to dress like a guy, you might as well make use of yourself."

    "Do you still need a club to join?" Karou added onto his brothers invite.
  15. Surprisingly with their thin frames, the brothers actually held some weight to themselves and Edith almost topple over from their leaning on her shoulders. "What in the world is a Host Club?" Such things do not exist in her own country, but she figured the Japanese would be different in more than just languages. She supposed this 'Host Club' was something strictly incorporated in Japanese culture and didn't want to accidentally offend the brothers.

    "Who's Haruhi?" Edith questioned, exchanging a puzzled glance to both twins. "Besides, I'm not exactly sure I can bring out anyone's feminine side, boys." She carefully escaped their presence, snickering in amusement as they fell off balance at her absence. "Come on, I'll just convince the head of Ouran that I'm a Transgender. Someone transition from a female to a male and that it makes me uncomfortable to be perceived a woman. It's not a big deal, people in Europe do it all the time. I'm not staying in Japan that long anyway." She shrugged, walking away slowly from the brothers.

    Before she had the chance to walk much further, Edith found her path blocked by a sudden mass of woman that appeared out of literally nowhere! Frightened, she cautiously stepped backwards and collided into the twins once again. Gulping thickly with discomfort, Edith reached behind herself and grabbed onto the twin's arms. She immediately turned away from the woman, nervously smiling crookedly to the twins. "Y-You mentioned something about a club, right?" Joining a club wasn't her ideal plan, but being surrounded by a gathering of giddy women was even worse.
  16. The twins fell inward slightly as she moved, hopping to regain their balance grabbing onto each other. They frowned briefly watching before she fell back against them once more. They hadn't had time to answer her questions. But they'd be answered soon enough most likely.

    The two stumbled for a moment once more when she ran back into them, catching her arms to stop her from falling on her butt. Their grins reappeared as she reconsidered the invite. "Oh we're not sure if the offer still stands.." Hikarou hums, finding the perfect opportunity to mess with the new student.

    "Yeah, we're not sure if you're...Host club material," Karou grins as they lean against her once more.

    "Give us a reason."
  17. Edith wasn't about to tolerate their childish games. If the twins wouldn't help her out, then she'd figure something on her own. Moving forward from the brothers, Edith approached the mass of blushing woman with an anxious feeling within her stomach.

    Immediately a few of the female students rushed to her, their Japanese getting cluttered among the various voices speaking and leaving Edith unable to translate anything properly. However, judging by their reactions, Edith began to contemplate a plan. Perhaps the girls would let her pass if she charmed them? After all, this method often had worked for her brother during his 'player' days at the Academy in England.

    Mustering up whatever courage possible, Edith set her plan into motion. Suddenly she curled a finger underneath another girl's chin, lifting the unknown female's face up enough to make eye contact. Edith recalled what little Japanese she could remember and leaned forward, whispering sweet terms of endearment in the student's ear.

    A squeal erupted from the girl's lips, a maddening blush spreading along both cheeks. She fell back against the wall, a hand on her heart and eyes closed with a blissful smile. Edith continued this act with a few other women, until finally succeeding in working her way through the crowd. Sparing only a moment's glance back at the twins, Edith smirked and winked playfully.

    "Later, boys!" She saluted teasingly and walked off.
  18. The twins watched with interest only to blink in surprise.

    "A natural born host..." Hikarou mumbled.
    "And she doesn't even know that much japanese..." Karou added under his breath as they watch her walk away with the girls. They turn their heads, staring at each other before grinning.

    "Let's find the boss."
  19. Haruhi and Kouya were soon joined with Hunny and Mori in the Music Room. Upon their arrival, they were questioned about Tamaki's whereabouts. Sadly, neither had anything to report for Haruhi. The disgruntled female was beginning to grow anxious and began pacing in a circle. Hunny noticed, taking sympathy on his stressed friend and offered her a slice of cake. Although touched by the sweet gesture, Haruhi refused.

    "I sent the twins after him, should I go looking as well?" Haruhi mused, glancing out the window which over viewed the gardens. "Maybe something happened to them?"

    Kouya smirked, adjusting his glasses. "You don't need to be so worried, Haruhi. I'm sure everything is fine."

    Hunny and Mori retired to a distant table, sharing a slice of cake and enjoying the peaceful interior of the club.

    Meanwhile, Edith had finally managed to ditch the crowd of giggling girls and found herself some privacy upstairs. "This place is insane." The exhausted teen was sulking, upset that she had needed to rely on such pathetic methods of flirtation just to get away from a mob. Edith dropped down to the floor, sitting with crossed legs and rested both elbows on her knees. She leaned forward, positioning her chin to set on top of her right palm. "I wanna go home," she mumbled with a pout.
  20. The twins were missing just like the puppy dog blonde club president. At least, for quite a while.


    Tamaki Suoh was lying against his desk in his last classroom of the day. The class had been dismissed quite a while before. He'd simply slept through the bell and all the commotion. And on top of it, somehow, he'd been overlooked by all the fangirls.

    He jerked slightly, sitting up quickly, looking around. He yawned slightly before his sapphire eyes landed on the time only to widen and he jumped up the chair almost falling back onto the floor as he grabbed his bag, running out the classroom door. Haruhi would probably give him the silent treatment. Oh god, he couldn't stand it when she did. He was so late.

    Quickly as he hurried down the halls, he attempted to straighten his golden head of hair. Even slightly disheveled, he was devilishly good looking. It could even be argued he was better looking, just a bit, disheveled than he was straightened. His footsteps faltered as he noticed what appeared to be a young man sitting on the floor ahead.

    It wasn't a hundred percent, but he swore he heard something to the affect of wanting to go home. In English. A foreigner? Exchange student? Visitor? He was wearing the school uniform so it was more likely he was a foreign exchange student.

    Tamaki was a kind hearted, sensitive person so it was only to be expected when he slowed down in front of the slouched figure, staring a bit only to hold his hand out. "Are you alright?" He asked brightly in perfect English, tilting his head good naturedly with a benevolent sparkle to his eyes.
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