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  1. :cow: Mandatory, Please Read! :cow:
    - I can't list ALL my interests, so don't be afraid to ask! -

    What can you expect from me as a partner? :drunk:
    - Frequent posting
    (I'm online nearly everyday)

    - No one liners or short replies
    (I usually mimic the length supplied by my partner)

    - I play female & male characters, however, I prefer doubling

    - Adequate grammar, sentence structures, and spelling
    (I'm human, so I might have mistakes every now and then)

    - Communication through PM/conversation and warnings when I'll be absent or unable to reply

    - I'm comfortable writing mature content, however, I will not contribute to pure smut
    (I like plots!)

    - I prefer partners that are over eighteen, just because I'm twenty-one
    (I'd feel awkward role-playing with anyone younger)

    - While I favor MxF as the main pairing, I don't mind MxM or FxF

    - My favorite themes to include in plots are:
    Romance, Friendship, Family (& Kids), Drama & Violence

    - Fandoms are my guilty pleasure, but I'll occasionally consider a few original role-plays
    (I dislike having my ideas stolen, which normally happens with original themes. As a result of this, I usually stay within fandoms.)

    - Equal contribution to the plot and development of the RP
    (I work together with my partner to create a satisfying role-play for both of us)

    What I expect from a partner? :jump:
    - Frequent posting

    - No One Liners

    - Able to double roles, but not always required
    (ie. female & male)

    - Acceptable grammar, sentence structures and spelling
    (Mistakes are understandable)

    - Communication and warnings for absences

    - Able to write mature content without feeling uncomfortable

    - Equal contribution to the plot and development of the RP
    :heartbeat: - REALLY Interested
    :heart: - Craving
    :heartsmile: - Indifferent


    Doctor Who :heartbeat:
    Harry Potter :heart:
    Samurai Champloo :heartbeat:
    Black Butler :heart:
    Hellsing :heartsmile:
    Hetalia :heartsmile:
    Fruits Basket :heart:
    Ouran Host Club :heart:
    Fullmetal Alchemist :heartsmile:
    Trigun :heartbeat:
    Air Gear :heartbeat:
    Soul Eater :heartsmile:
    Inyuasha :heartsmile:
    Bleach :heartsmile:
    Death Note :heartbeat:
    Wolf's Rain :heartbeat:
    Elfen Lied :heart:
    Naruto :heartsmile:
    Disney-Related :heartbeat:
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  2. Snape x oc?
    Or if you've seen The Avengers/Thor, Loki/oc?
  3. I like oc, but i can play someone for you too, as long as it isnt sev.
  4. By any chance do you have any plot ideas for Naruto or Bleach, because I'm interested in those.
  5. Which original ideas are you most interested in right now?
  6. Popular Guy x Nerdy Girl
    Nerdy Guy x Popular Girl
    Master x Slave
    Mythological Creatures - Humanoids/Shape Shifters
    Gods x Goddess

    Ok I'm extremely interested in these and would love to do any two of them (for doubling purposes) :)
  7. I find myself wanting to play Tom Riddle Jr., is it still of interest to you?
    Oh! Maybe an HP x HG x TMR love triangle in a universe where Tom is Harry's paternal uncle?
  8. Hello! I would be interested in playing out your God X Goddess plot if you do not mind. I would like to play a war god or a god who frightens even the other divine beings; the point would be that he is a figure of terror to most. One thing, though, is that I usually do not reply to my threads more than once a day and I sometimes take multiple days to reply. I hope that is not too much of a problem.
  9. Heya, PM me if your still interested in doing a Pokemon or Bleach based rp?
  10. hey! are you still looking for something in the marvel'verse?
  11. just in avengers? or would you be open to crossing over avengers with another marvel movie ;)
  12. X men first class (Please)
    I just really want to play a character from that I could explain if you want I just really want to play him
  13. I'm interested in Naruto, Pokemon, Hellsing, any of the Demon and vamp pairings, and Student/student rps
  14. Hello :)

    Please send me a PM and we can discuss which of these you're more interested in. :)
  15. If you're still looking, I see werewolves that means I'm interested. Haha.
  16. Hello :) If you are still looking for something I have an original plot bunny that I have been dying to try out. Its AngelxDemon based and I'm sure that I could tweak it enough to double and hopefully be to your liking as well.
  17. Can take on a few more role plays. :)
  18. I'd like to double up for either a Harry Potter or a Doctor Who roleplay.
  19. I'd love a Doctor Who role play! :D
    What did you have in mind?
  20. I don't have anything specific in mind. Are there any pairings you're craving at the moment?
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