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  1. Hey, guys. It's Kenny here. I had a nice RP idea for today. I need to fill in my time when my other two partners aren't available, so I wanted to pick up a new RP. Any characters and players who submit a character sheet in this thread must be female. This is a 1x1 RP.

    My basic idea was that my character was a half-dragon. He was chained up by a wealthy family, to be used as a trophy for killing his dragon-born mother. The role of the female character in the beginning ((Would you believe that I had to type 'beginning' five times to get it right? my keyboard was screwy for a minute)) would be to help my character escape his chained imprisonment. So, without further ado, here we go. P.S. This RP will take place in modern times, if not a little bit futuristic.

    Name: Drag'or "Drake" Ferrum
    Eyes: Bright green.
    Hair: Crimson Red.
    Skin: White/tTan
    Scales: Red and Black.
    Race: Half-Dragon
    Age: Twenty-Two years old.

    Drake was a small child when his mother was attacked and killed by the son of a wealthy merchant. He was chained up to the walls of the family's cellar. When he was 14, his scales became mature, hardening into diamond-hard scales. This gave the merchant an idea. He ripped off several of Drake's scales, fashioning them into the hilt of a sword. The sword immediately began to show signs of containing a dragon's powers. The merchant's son went to many battles with the sword, dispatching many foes. By the time Drake was 19, the merchant's son had hung the sword on the wall of the home, to further display his great pride in his accomplishments. Drake had only seen the other child of the merchant, a young girl, a few times, when the Son who slayed his mother would bring him food. Drake swore to himself that he'd be free one day, escaping with the sword made from his scales and slaughtering the entire merchant's family, getting his vengeance. Now, Drake was 22, and was growing restless of the chains that bound him. But he didn't worry too much. While a human's body would only weaken through captivity and limited movement, his dragon body kept getting stronger. He was preparing for freedom, with a long, fanged smile across his face.

    Hmm I think that's one of the best Character bios I've EVER written. So. Your role is to be the Merchant's daughter, who helps Drake escape the cellar. Once I decide on a partner, we will decide how we go about the escape. So what I want you to do, is write up a character sheet for the merchant's daughter. You can make up the family name, and even the names of the other family members. There's the Merchant, his wife, the son, and the daughter ((you)). I wi accepting the best character sheet I see there. Also, if you'd like, put a 'yes' or 'no' at the bottom of your post, regarding to whether you have skype, or are willing to make one, and are willing to use it for some of our interactions. Note: I am not advertising for Skype, nor am I saying that we can't RP if you don't use/have skype. So... Now that that's covered, get writing, my friends.

    Hey guys. I'm here to say that this is no longer a valid thread. It was moved from forum to forum so much that I'm almost positive nobody will even read it. I reposted it, in the proper forum this time. If you're interested in this, go to the new thread @ and leave your character sheet there. If a staff member sees this first, please remove this thread, so that the repost should be the only version of this thread.
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  2. And I'm not saying your character has to be entirely human. She can also be some sort of magical mix on her mother's side or something similar. Like a good way to explain it could be that her mother was her father's prize or an arranged marriage that he paid for so that his children would have strong genes. Whatever you do, just make it look good.
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