Please choose all that apply.

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Choose all that apply!

  1. I have eaten food off the floor.

  2. I have eaten food off a public bathroom floor.

  3. I have eaten while sitting on the toilet to save time.

  4. I fart in public and leave quickly so people thing the guy next to them did it.

  5. I belch loudly any chance I get.

  6. I snore so loud I wake myself up in my sleep.

  7. I have drank my own urine.

  8. I have snacked on chips while gutting fish.

  9. I scratch my privates and never wash my hands before going to a buffet.

  10. I have saved food for periods over two years in my room.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Isabellas are trying to learn more about the behavior of other people!
  2. OKAY! That was an interesting poll! XD I'd love to hear the STORIES from a few people...
  3. Army induction. Urine drinking. Fun times.
  4. Not many people do the weird shit you like to do, Isafagget.
  5. I like how I've done everything on that list.. and more! If I ever become sexually active there is no tellin' what I might try...

  6. I've never had to do that one... Though I'm not above doing it if it comes to it. At least it is sterile.
  7. Done everything on that list except for two things.
  8. Diana may want to hear these stories...but I'll respectfully decline...I've lunch to get to sometime in the next year. @_@
  9. Hm, the only two I've done are Once I woke myself up snoring really loud, and I live in a one room apartment so yes, once I saved a pie in my fridge for over three years.
  10. I'm never eating at a buffet again.
  11. No doubt! That is sick!!!
  12. ...where'd the "I have snacked on chips while gutting fish." one come from?
  13. This is how it works

    after each page whoever has the most correct guesses gets to make a video request for me to to make (anime or manga wise or video game)

    3 clues per character
    you must state the characters name and anime their from
    have fun

    First guess:
    He is 23 at beginning of series
    he has a girl username in a chat
    he works as an info broker.

    who am i?
  14. I've been known for doing socially awkward things, but I've done only two things on that list.
  15. Wow I'm not sure why anyone would do anything but number one. Just goes to show the craziness of Iwaku!
  16. I haven't done anything on that list. x3
    Where did you come up with these Isaderp?

    Didn't you ever check your fridge ? Did it stink ? :P

    LOL. So what kinds of socially awkward things have YOU done ?
  17. Only one applies to me and that's the first one. I actually do eat food off the floor so long as it obeys the three or five second rule depending on where I am. To be purely honest, I don't really care what is on the food because without practice my immune system is worth shite. This makes floor food basically a dangerous vitamin and who doesn't like taking chances eh?
  18. *glows at Sakura* I get bored at work.. and think about stuff.. but i came up with the idea of posting this when I ate am M&M off the bathroom floor..
  19. Isabella is trying to blink blink us to death?
    I do believe in the 5 second rule.. ^_^
    I kind of might have eaten a Hershey's Kiss or two off the bathroom floor.... (WRAPPED, mind you), when I was a kid... >_<