Please choose all that apply.

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Choose all that apply!

  1. I have eaten food off the floor.

  2. I have eaten food off a public bathroom floor.

  3. I have eaten while sitting on the toilet to save time.

  4. I fart in public and leave quickly so people thing the guy next to them did it.

  5. I belch loudly any chance I get.

  6. I snore so loud I wake myself up in my sleep.

  7. I have drank my own urine.

  8. I have snacked on chips while gutting fish.

  9. I scratch my privates and never wash my hands before going to a buffet.

  10. I have saved food for periods over two years in my room.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Isabellas are trying to learn more about the behavior of other people!
  2. ~ Goddess RP ~

    Name: Layla
    Age: 15
    Race: Tanuki/Raccoon girl
    Appearance: (open)
    Layla was a girl on the edge between innocence, and pure sexiness. No one could claim she was a woman when focusing on her facial features, or such details, but her perky small C cup breasts, and bubbly butt could not be overlooked either. Her hair was maybe not a exotic color, but it was still a lovely shade of brown, and it matched her gorgeous brown eyes. And her tail...her tail was so fluffy, and soft. Her usual outfit of a blouse or tank top with a skirt, and panyhoses did not really help keep her innocents either. She did wear panties and a bra with the panties being attached to her panyhoses.

    Layla was a virgin, and despite being a cheerful girl...well her kind were not very popular. Especially when it comes to dating. Everyone wants a fox girl, or maybe a doggy girl. No raccoon girls. Definitely a cat girl, but nope. Not raccoons. Her best friend was a real raccoon, and while Mr. Raco was a good listener he was not enough. She talked with others, but was not very close with them. Why would she be? They always put her last when it comes to hanging out, or activities. They basically favor the others. She wanted to be liked, no loved, by everyone! To have lots of freinds, and be able to date anyone she wanted!
    Bio: (open)
    Layla had a great childhood. She have loving parents, lived in a medium income family, and had ...great freinds? She really did not notice when she was younger, but racoons were not considered the coolest or cutest races. In fact, her own mother was describe as a 'happy mother' but not a 'sexy woman'. And her husband....well Layla's father was a racoon from another country. Yes, because they had trouble getting a date from another race. Especially the humans. If a female raccoon got some interest from another race it was usually because they lined up with some perverts fantasy. Or pure physical. No nekos were known for being the most 'fun' in bed. The other races had a personality trait was was typical of their kind, but racoons? They were just known for being the most loving. Preferring to cuddle than outright have sex all the time. Along with other examples of how they treat their lover. Mainly with their emotions, and how they act or treat their lover beyond bed.

    ~ Aspect of Life/Death RP ~

    Name: Sophia
    Age: 15
    Appearance: (open)
    Sophia was an early bloomer, and now that she had a few more years to develop she had a very appealing figure for boys to ogle. She liked to keep her hair short, and her black hair complimented her dark brown eyes great. Her breasts were perky large B cups or so, but she was not for sure as she never wore panties or bras. In fact, she normally went around the house naked. The only thing stopping her from going naked outside was the fear of someone attacking her, or the police arresting her. Although she does challenge this some by exploring her yard in the nude. She was a virgin due to being the aspect of death; she had a risk of killing someone when she orgasms as her control over her powers may slip.

    Sophia lived with her mother, and her mother knowing about her daughter ...problem. Knew that for her daughter to be happy they needed to get to know the aspect of life; the only person that could safely have a relationship with Sophia. Sophia was quite happy when her mother announced she managed to locate the girl, and they were moving there. Sophia started to have fantasies about how she would win her soulmate over. But when she was not seducing her fellow aspect, or going nude, she wears a school uniform with a dress shirt, white, a tie, and a skirt, and maybe some long socks or stockings. She still did not wear undergarments even with clothes she could ...surprise her girlfreind once she gets one. She did keep her pubic hair in the shape of a upside down heart above her clit with the rest removed.
    Bio: (open)
    Sophia had a pretty good childhood...well you know besides that day she accidentally killed her pet dog. But that just meant she had to train her powers harder, and her mother being a successful businesswoman had all the money she needed to help her daughter. Another great example was finding Reia was not as easy as calling someone, or a phonebook. It was not like they went around telling people what they were, and that was just a example of the connections her mother had to locate Reia. As rather it was by looking for stories about abnormal growth of flowers, or such. Or her mother paying to have a device built to find a source of energy like Sophia.
  3. Army induction. Urine drinking. Fun times.
  4. Not many people do the weird shit you like to do, Isafagget.
  5. I like how I've done everything on that list.. and more! If I ever become sexually active there is no tellin' what I might try...

  6. I've never had to do that one... Though I'm not above doing it if it comes to it. At least it is sterile.
  7. Done everything on that list except for two things.
  8. Diana may want to hear these stories...but I'll respectfully decline...I've lunch to get to sometime in the next year. @_@
  9. Hm, the only two I've done are Once I woke myself up snoring really loud, and I live in a one room apartment so yes, once I saved a pie in my fridge for over three years.
  10. I'm never eating at a buffet again.
  11. No doubt! That is sick!!!
  12. ...where'd the "I have snacked on chips while gutting fish." one come from?
  13. I just though up all sorts of nasty things I've done.. We'd all ways have chips while we fish.. so you know..
  14. I've been known for doing socially awkward things, but I've done only two things on that list.
  15. Wow I'm not sure why anyone would do anything but number one. Just goes to show the craziness of Iwaku!
  16. I haven't done anything on that list. x3
    Where did you come up with these Isaderp?

    Didn't you ever check your fridge ? Did it stink ? :P

    LOL. So what kinds of socially awkward things have YOU done ?
  17. Only one applies to me and that's the first one. I actually do eat food off the floor so long as it obeys the three or five second rule depending on where I am. To be purely honest, I don't really care what is on the food because without practice my immune system is worth shite. This makes floor food basically a dangerous vitamin and who doesn't like taking chances eh?
  18. *glows at Sakura* I get bored at work.. and think about stuff.. but i came up with the idea of posting this when I ate am M&M off the bathroom floor..
  19. Isabella is trying to blink blink us to death?
    I do believe in the 5 second rule.. ^_^
    I kind of might have eaten a Hershey's Kiss or two off the bathroom floor.... (WRAPPED, mind you), when I was a kid... >_<