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  1. Just had an idea I wanted to see if anyone was interested in. I'm looking for a Male.

    MC is a young girl madly in love with an older man, this man is a friend of the family who is infatuated with MC's older sister. It has always been this way since she was young, in love with a man who sees her as nothing more than a child. One day it is announced that the man and her sister are going to get married, completely heart broken MC is vulnerable.

    This is where YC would come in. He is a close friend of the man MC is in love with, and he only just recently met MC's family. Seeing how heart broken MC is after the announcement, when no one else has ever seen her lonely eyes staring at the man, he offers her an escape.

    Let him be the substitute for the love that she can never show. So basically things get really sexual and very naughty as she lets this man turn her heart away from her sister's new fiance.

    I plan for them to eventually fall in love but it will be a hopeless physical relationship at the begging.

    We can spice it up as much as you want. It can be Historical, modern, futuristic. It can have supernatural, fantasy, magical twists as well. They can be shifters, vampires, angels, demons. Whatever sparks your interests. I just want the basic plot to be tied in. I'd like to have as much fun with this as possible.

    My only rule is that you be able to post more then just one paragraph. I understand certain situations and scenes will be shorter than others, and that life gets in the way. But if there isn't enough going on I'll get bored. Also if things get dull for you just let me know and we can add fire breathing dragons and wizards, ha-ha.

    Let me know your ideas! Thanks for reading all this ^.^
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  2. I'm interested in this
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