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  1. ...I'm a man of poverty and tackiness. And if that made no sense to you, you need to start listening to better music.

    I'm Screwface Romeo. You can call me by either, or both, I really don't care. I'm a reluctant transplant from RoleplayGateway, which was a fantastic website until about a week ago, when it decided it was going to shit 502, 522 and SQL errors all over my computer and then go offline. Having been forced to abandon a couple of RPs I had been quite excited about due to this unfortunate turn of events, I decided to find a new site to host them on, and a bit of searching turned up this one. I haven't quite made up my mind whether I like it or not, which leaves me with the option of simply trying it out.

    As you may have guessed, this is not my first rodeo. I've been a regular player on the Gateway for a couple of years now, under this name and others (which is apparently frowned upon around here), and before that I was primarily involved on other websites, like NationStates, which had large RP communities, but didn't focus on it entirely. I've tried chat RP, but find it annoying for the same reason that I despise Twitter: it seems to encourage illiteracy and shitty writing. Forums have always been, and will always be my one true love, as they suit my style far better. My style, you ask? Or, you don't ask? Whatever, you're getting it anyway: I like longform, advanced, well written form RP with multi-paragraph posts, lots of world building, and a cooperative writing approach. I don't post often (once or twice a day is about average), but when I do, I can pretty much guarantee you that I've proofread it and put some actual effort into creating it. Typically, I prefer the role of game master. Mostly because I spend 90% of my free time sitting on the back porch chain-smoking and dictating pages upon pages of sci-fi world building crap onto my iPad, and it's a shame to let all that go to waste.

    Personality wise, I'm a man of many contradictions. I love to spew vitriolic bile and hatred, but I'm also a pretty nice guy. I take an incredibly cynical and bitter view of humanity, but I approach life with a happy go lucky attitude. I will rip apart movies, television, books, and games with an unrelenting critical fury, but there's nothing I love more than ungodly cheesy 80s action and sci-fi movies. I'll be protesting a gay marriage ban one week, and an assault weapons ban the next. The key to understanding me is this: I live and breath humor, sarcasm and absurdity, I'm perfectly comfortable with ambiguity and contradiction, and I'm very rarely serious. In fact, I highly suggest you don't take anything I say seriously, unless I explicitly state that I am being serious. And even then, you should probably take it with a grain of salt. If you offend easily, buy into political correctness, see the world as being black and white, or think that the Internet is serious business, you're going to have a bad time. If you like to have fun, know how to laugh at the absurd, and understand the value of being able to not give a shit, we're probably going to get along.

    I'm a colossal nerd. Sci-Fi nerd, that is. Fantasy was never really my cup of tea. Too much magic, not enough boomsticks. If I'm not drunkenly yelling at my copy of Mass Effect 3, re-watching Firefly for the 30th time, or pumping out piles of lore for my long-running universe project, you may catch me enjoying other things as well, such as binge watching Trailer Park Boys, morning the loss of George Carlin, or burning the majority of my disposable income at the local pistol range. I love starships, aliens, guns, history, futurism, dark humor, ranting about shit most people would consider irrelevant, Sailor Jerry brand spiced naval rum, and the 80s. Some people call me an asshole. I call myself eccentric. You can take your pick.
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  2. A good taste in music, and a good taste in avatar. Welcome friend.
  3. Hey someone whom I recognise and I didn't (indirectly) drag here myself. Yeah, gateway does that sometimes without explaining why. Ironically it went up again not too long ago, but eh. Plenty reason to move. Check for the existence of a certain debate thread if you want another ;p

    Anyway, welcome. Iwaku is pretty chill, development is on-going and the staff actively communicates and interacts with it's userbase.
  4. Hey, somebody has to remove kebab Turian from the premises.

    Honestly, I was getting pretty fed up with the utter lack of response from the mods when it came to help tickets or explaining why the site was shitting its pants. That too. I mean, seriously. It's almost like they don't want actual debate on the debate forum.

    Hell, if the mods here do even half their job, it will be an improvement. The layout is taking a bit of getting used to though.
  5. The admins are rather detached from what happens on gateway, more concerned with the revenue than anything else after they've lost their drive to RP and for the community. There's very little screening on the new staff, which explains that. I may not agree with every decision here on Iwaku, but there has been no power abuse and all issues I've reported have been addressed.
  6. Firefly should have aired longer :c

    /Every nerd ever

    Too tired to respond to your intro thread properly, but welcome. The staff is helpful and the majority of the community is friendly, so there's that. Uh. Boo, Cerberus stinks.

    Well, okay. They're one of the better organizations in video games, but I couldn't personally get on board with their cause.
  7. Ello, mate. I see we have very much in common. First of all, as you may have noticed, We have the same custom title. But remember mate, I am Scottish. I can drink you under the table anytime. Don't get any ideas. I also love Mass Effect 3. And George Carlin is the best comedian, no doubt. I love humor and sarcasm, and I support gay marriage and definitely support gun rights. Feel free to message me and see how much more we may have in common. You seem like a great person. I would love to hear back from you. Welcome to the site, mate. Glad to have you here.
  8. People are saying too many nice things about Iwaku. D: You guys are going to build him up for massive disappointment!

    Haalloooo Mister Romeo, welcome to the site!
  9. R
    Well, at least Futurama ground up the Fox execs who did it into fine pink executive powder :P

    They were better in 2, before they decided to turn them into cardboard cutout Nazis.

    I'm an Irish, German and Norwegian mutt.
    I can mix whiskey with beer and chase it with enough schnapps to kill a large bear.

    I think we should get along nicely.

    Hey, the fact that an admin actually responded to a thread is enough to inspire my confidence.
  10. Aw man... now you're really gonna be disappointed. ;__;
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  11. Before I got my ulcer last year I could have drank anyone under the table without even so much as having to put in an effort I'm German, Irish, Scottish, Hebrew, and Cherokee! used to be able to drink five 32 oz. bottles of vodka straight out of the bottle in under five minutes and not even end up with a buzz! lol btw welcome to the site Romeo XD
  12. That sounds great, mate. I think we will get along perfect. What kinda music ye like, mate?
  13. I didn't get to see it while it aired, I just remember watching at my pal's place and being baffled by why such an excellent show had so few episodes when crap like Jersey Shore had like two or three full seasons already.

    Yeah, they were definitely better in the second game. Mass Effect 3 was an all around disappointment. Not horrible, but definitely not what it was built up to be. I forget, were Cerberus in the first Mass Effect at all? It's been so long since I played.
  14. Because they showed the episodes out of order and didn't show the pilot, so nobody knew what the fuck was going on.
    Sorta. They were there, but they were very different. Most of that was effectively retconned with two anyway.

    My taste in music is downright schizophrenic. Metal, Hard Rock, Irish Rock, Punk, Classic Rock, Alt Rock even some Dubstep and Rap. As long as it's not autotuned or otherwise super annoying to me, I'll probably listen to it.
  15. Cerberus was in ME1, they had a few sub-missions about them. They were essentially no more than thugs, and only had a few small bases. But it was a nice build up, and it made the reveal that they brought you back in ME2 all the better when you knew who they were.
  16. Welcome to the community, Screwface Romeo! Where'd that inspirational name come from? :D
  17. It involves rum and a Rasta name generator :p