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  1. Lately I've got a new routine; some context

    I'm a university student
    I live on campus
    I work in a nearby shopping centre

    So lately I've settled into a habit of finishing up my closing shift, stopping at a cafe on the way back to school and drinking a coffee on the way, then getting to the 24hour computer labs just in time to abide the 'no drinks' policy and drop my cup in the recycle bin. Late at night it's like, maybe 3 or 4 people in a respectable size of lab divided into many different rooms, so I can work in peace and quiet for as long as I need. I save all my work to servers or a flash drive so I can access it from anywhere, even my phone, and when I'm done, it's a five-minute walk home. All these places are arranged so that the entire journey from home to work and back happens in a circle, so I don't really have to go out of my way at all. The night security in the labs are all nice people, too, it's been neat getting to know them :)

    Does anyone else have any nice little routines like this?
  2. Does waking up to immediately make a Poutine/Chicken Wings/Pizza before getting to Roleplaying/Gaming/Modding/Streaming count?
  3. *Insert generic joke poking fun at your Canadianity*
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  4. All who are wise know the value of Poutine.
    Canadians just have an edge in that regard.
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  5. What the fuck is poutine?

    I don't really have much routines that I consistently stick to but I guess there is this one thing. When I go to bed, all ready to sleep, I almost always put on my earphones and listen to some music. At some random point, I decide I gotta sleep for reals and kill the music before tossing the earphones away. I just do this without even thinking about it nowadays.
  6. I currently have ZERO routines, which is really bad for me. O__O I'm kinda all over the place and unscheduled and chaotic and it's irritating. It's not BAD since I have a nice calm life to begin with, but routines are just a nice way to keep on track. D:

    my bedtime routine is pretty uh.. routine though. 8D I take my meds and then I curl up to read a little bit or to watch a show or two before I sleeps. It helps me switch my head in to daydream mode so I can fall asleep faster.
  7. Now that I'm a mommy my life is all about routine! In the morning we (Me and HopeSpawn) wake up at 4:30 to make my boyfriend lunch and brew some coffee. Then we cuddle on the couch while I drink some coffee. Snuggles continue as she falls back asleep for an hour or so before I begin the housework and what not. Best routine I've ever had ^^ <3<3<3
  8. I have a strict morning routine. I 'wake up' at 6, get up at 6:30, brush my teeth and do bathroom stuff, lay down until 7, get up and change/brush my hair/pack ny stuff, go to class. Other than that I just kinda do whatever.
  9. Poutine (open)

    It's my Poutine Routine... Hey, that rhymes! :3
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  10. I'm a ordered person. Most days are almost like a routine to me. Get up at 5.30-6AM, 30min light workout or jog outsyde, breakfast (usualy vhile checking up on my mail or looking at RPs, cant remember the last time I had breakfast in the kitchen hehe). Then go to work, if work day, or spend the morning having fun, if weekends. Noon or 1PM - lunch, something caloric and filling, to give me energy for vhat folows... mid-day workout, 1hour, high-intensity, then 2 or so hours reserved for gaming/RPing/movies, since I'm too exausted after the brutal hour to do much else XD . I have another light meal at about 5-5.30PM, after that its no longer fixed, I do vhat-ever strikes me that day, usualy hit the gym for a good spar or just hang out vith my friends or go out with my BF, until about 8PM dinner time. After that, another 30min late-evening light workout/yoga session, folowed by some more gaming/RPing, until about midnight. Then I hit the bed, vhether alone or in good company. :)
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