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  1. i have like, 50 playlists ranging from very specific to very broad. My favourite at the moment is called 'Night Bus'. It has all of How To Save a Life, some Imagine Dragons and a bit of Coldplay. It's wistful, electric-type music that's good for watching city lights slide by after a long day

    Do you like making playlists? Do you have a favourite?
  2. I love to make playlists for characters and for roleplays. O__O And sometimes when I have nothing better to do, I make playlists for random moody things.

    I have a mushy mushy romance playlist I am fond of, chock full of cheesy romance songs. XD
  3. I've got my Biohazard playlist. Filled with industrial electronic and German underground techno. For when I'm feeling particularly edgy.
  4. I've got some playlists for various moods, plus some that are just all of my favorite songs from certain artists for when I don't feel like listening to their simply okay songs. My favorite playlists tend to be the ones I make for roleplay characters that I love playing. They end up being mixes of disparate genres and tones of songs because I'll just throw anything on there that reminds me of a certain aspect of the character, and that sort of eclectic mix is basically the same thing as throwing my music collection on shuffle which is how I usually listen to it when I'm not using a specific playlist, so it works for me.

    My current #1 favorite playlist is for my character Kasim in Brovo's Legend of Renalta roleplay, largely because he's been my favorite character to play for a long time now. It has some songs like this one and this one because he used to be an almost predatory manwhore and the tone and some lyrics of both songs fit that rather well, this song and a couple others for his recently developed actual feelings for a lady that go beyond 'I wanna bang her,' this one because he was a slave and freed himself by violently murdering his former owner in the midst of an attack on the city they were in and both the lyrics and sad tone suit that, and then this gem because his main goal in life used to be to become renowned across the world as a great hero. It's a fun mix of songs. :P
  5. I only have one playlist for one character. Not because those songs are what remind me of the shit he goes through but because that's the music HE would like listening too.

    My other playlists are literally just playlists dedicated to specific bands xD
  6. You can't sort by artist?
  7. I don't really have any playlists on my phone but I did make a playlist for all of the Disney songs I have :) Nothing like that to give ya a good pick-me-up!
  8. Yes you can. O.o;
  9. I have an angry playlist full of Hollywood Undead and Limp Bizkit and the sort for those days. Then I have a sexy sexy playlist just in case of, y'know, Mainly Marian Hill and Beyonce.

    I also have a nostalgic playlist which is basically Nsync and Britney. Then of course the future playlist which is basically Miami Drive and Daft Punk.

    Love me some playlists.
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  10. I usually let youtube take a guess as to what I'd like to be put together and I roll the dice. I probably should make a proper playlist one of these days but I'm just too darn lazy to actually sit down and get something rolling. That and I do like being surprised by new stuff; like this random polish electronic DJ who I stumbled upon the other day and have since forgotten his name...I think I subbed to his channel...oh dear.
  11. Shuffle > Playlists

    There are some things that are just more effort than it's worth. Putting together a playlist is one of those. Ever since I discovered Plex a few years back, I've simply taken all my music with me, instead of a small portion of my collection. :3

    For me, I want it to feel different every time I play something. Sure, you could possibly achieve that with a playlist, but only if it's a large enough playlist.

    But that's just me. As I said in the last playlist thread, I used to create playlists. Now when I'm in the mood for something different, I just toggle the shuffle button instead.
  12. I make playlists for very specific reasons, like roleplay-specific or character-specific playlists. Or I make them around a theme just for fun.

    I have a playlist called "More of Your Hipster Bullshit", one called "Yes, It's THAT Kind of Playlist", and another one called "Badass Bitch".
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  13. I kind of want to see those lol
  14. I have a playlist for random fan music, a couple for specific stories, one for drawing, and one for playing games to. :)
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