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  1. My itunes capacity is now such that I cannot sync my entire music library, and must instead select playlists and a few albums.

    I'm pretty proud of this, and felt like you guys should know.

    For the record, I really don't store much besides music on my phone; I move photos I want to keep onto my computer whenever I sync, and then delete them from the phone. Same with notes, and I keep my apps pretty tight, too.

    Presently my phone is loaded with

    • Queens
      The best, most iconic songs from pop queens of every era

    • Girl Groups
      Only music from all-girl bands

    • Background Beats
      Songs with a steady rhythm that can blend into the background

    • Rain
      Gentle serenades for cold rain and hot tea

    • Rainstorm
      Rainy day music with a little more crash-boom to it

    • Wall-punchers
      Rap and hip-hop beats for venting

    • OTP
      Songs that remind me of favourite pairing

    • Retro Rock
      The best rock from the '90s and early '00s

    • Bounce Back Pop
      The best pop from the '90s and early '00s

    A few of those are relatively short lists; I'll probably have to cut a couple once they're filled to decent lengths
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  2. :D I love 90's and early 00's playlists. I have a few on my phone too. One for rock, one for pop, and another for hip-hop and rap
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  3. I used to do this. I also used to copy different music to my phone daily, and then feel bad for forgetting an album or artist I tried desperately to remember. My favorite playlists that I came up with included underground rap/hip-hop, metal, and classic rock. It's been over a year since I had to come up with playlists, though, so I can't remember any of them specifically. :|
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  4. I split my music into two categories: Vocaloid, and then literally everything else.

    One of them being about 20 times bigger than the other. Three guesses as to which one that is.
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